The Vacation of Your Dreams in Sunterra Resort – Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh promises you the vacation you’ve been longing for. The beautiful Red Sea and the fun new thing you can experience are beyond refreshing, it’s amazing! The relaxing atmosphere in Sharm-El Sheikh will send you back to your home city feeling fresh, relaxed and ready for everything. But, with so many resorts to choose from, you might need a nice suggestion!

Sunterra in Sharm El-Sheikh is one of the top luxurious resorts around, and for many good reasons. Giving you the chance to enjoy everything this beautiful summer haven has, Sunterra is going to make your vacation unforgettable. So, are you ready for the summer of a lifetime?

The Developer Behind Sunterra Resort

Sunterra Resort in Sharm El-Sheikh was originally created by Al Arabia Real Estate and Development. But, it was later sold to Al Ahly For Real Estate Development in 2010. So, it’s safe to say that Sunterra was initially made by Al Arabia, while it’s now owned by Al Ahly for Real Estate Development. 

Al Arabia Real Estate and Development was founded back in 2004, delivering over 500 successful projects to more than 800 clients. The company always offers what suits their clients best, through understanding and carrying out their wishes precisely. 

As for Al Ahly for Real Estate Development, it was founded back in 1994 as an Egyptian joint-stock company. The firm’s creator and first CEO had been Hussein Sabbour. 

Initially, it was  Egypt’s first engineering consulting firm, later becoming one of the top real estate development firms in the country.  

You can find many of their administrative, residential, and tourist projects across Egypt in Greater Cairo, The North Coast and along the Red Sea

A Tour Inside Sunterra Resort

Sunterra is a beautiful haven in Sharm El-Sheikh directly overlooking the Red Sea and right next to Hurghada. With beautiful weather all year round, both Egyptian and tourists love it! The glorious sea gives everyone the chance to enjoy various water activities like diving and swimming. Sunterra was launched in 2008 with an area reaching 200 thousand square meters. Even though it includes 388 villas, they only take up about 12% of the resort’s total space, with 176 thousand square meters dedicated to beautiful gardens around the resort. If you’re looking for unique someplace, you’ve definitely found it! Sunterra offers you a breathtaking view over the Red Sea and the amazing mountains of South Sinai. 

Privileges You’ll Find in Sunterra Resort

A vacation in Sunterra matches no other, and that’s because of all the new and exclusive things it offers. Inside this compound, you’ll get to live the best of Sharm El-Sheikh’s amazing experiences and so much more. You’ll find yourself surrounded by many different restaurants, bars, and beautiful open cafes overlooking the sea. 

Besides that, there’s a nicely laid out sidewalk, along with a sports club and a diverse retail area. For your convenience and so that you won’t need to leave the resort, you’ll find a complete hypermarket (Carrefour).

The resort enjoys its own glorious private beach. And if you’re not into seawater, fear not! The resort includes 6 different adult swimming pools and likes them for children. Every unit inside the compound includes a satellite service, phone service, a TV, and internet access. 

After all, these services definitely do not ruin the beautiful layout of the resort. Through correct planning, every resident is able to enjoy all these amazing exclusive services, and still enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and the mountains unbothered. 


Sunterra lies in a very distinct location in Sharm El-Sheikh, only 15 minutes away from the Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport. Above that, it’s also only 2 kilometers away from Neama Bay, the city’s most vital area.

The Beautiful Designs in Sunterra

The resort was designed so that every unit enjoys its own beautiful view of the sea, besides providing it with many amazing services. With vast landscapes and eye-watering views of the mountains in South Sinai, you’re going to love Sunterra. 

Prices and Payment Methods

Al Ahly for Real Estate Development offers many different payment options to facilitate the process for their clients. 

Besides paying in cash, you can pay from 10% to 15% of your desired unit’s price as down payment and proceed to pay the rest over 5 to 7 years of installments. 

*prices were last updated January 2019. 

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