Top Places For Renting Apartments in First Settlement 

In this article we will show you the best places for renting an apartment in the First Settlement, which is one of the most reputable districts in New Cairo, with top notch services like hotels such as JW Marriott, schools, supermarkets, cafes, sport clubs, restaurants, and other services that make the First Settlement an inclusive residential complex.

The most important neighborhoods in First Settlement

El Banafsag

El Kornfol

El Mogawrat

El Yasmeen

East of Academy

Northern Investors

Northern extension

Nakhil Village

Bait El Watan.

If you are looking for apartments to rent in First Settlement, Here are Aqarmap’s list of the top places.

Family Housing District

Family Housing (Bait El Watan) Location

One of the districts that offer apartments for rent is the Family Housing. it is located near New Capital and Helio Park and consists of several neighborhoods.

Units Spaces and Prices

Available spaces range between 100 and 110 square meters, with apartments that consist of: two bedrooms, living room, bathroom and a balcony. The district is part of the government’s social housing project allocated to citizens, and many owners offer their apartments for rent. The project is characterized by its moderate social standards, and consists of many apartments available for rent. The average rent is EGP 3,500.

If you are looking for medium-sized and affordable apartments, the project is suitable for you.

But if you are looking for apartments with high-level features in the Family Housing District, the Tenth Neighborhood is the place for that. It has top-notch finishing, bigger apartments with spaces between 200 to 230 square meters, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a reception. The average rent is EGP,7,300.

Northern Investors District and its Extension

District Location

The Northern Investors District and the Northern Extension are located in the north of First Settlement, bounded on the north by the most luxurious compound in the Fifth Settlement Al Rehab, in the south by El Narges and the Southern Investors, and in the east by Lotus district and the American University. 

Units Spaces and prices

Al Bustan Compound in Northern Investors District has a large number of residential units available for rent. Al Bustan consists of three types of buildings: (Narges, Dalia, and Asfour El Jannah). The compound was established in 2005, it offers various types of apartments that are available for rent, starting with ​​85 square meters, divided to three bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. Some are less than that down to 70 square meters and up to 90 square meters. The average rent is EGP 4,000.

El Mogawrat District

It is one of the most popular places to rent apartments in the First Settlement, with a variety of apartment designs in terms of space and extra appliances, which makes it very suitable for all customers. 

For those who want a small apartment, the Third Neighborhood is their first option, spaces start from 65 square meters, consisting of 2 rooms, reception, bathroom and kitchen. The average price of rent is EGP 3,000.

In the fourth neighborhood, there are a number of apartments for rent with an area of ​​about 96 square meters. It is divided into 3 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and a reception. The average rent is EGP 3,500.

The Fifth Neighborhood, on the other hand, offers apartments with spaces starting from 180 square meters, divided into 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3-piece reception, and the average selling price is around EGP 1,600,000. But if you want a villa, there are plenty in the Fifth Neighborhood, with spaces of ​​260 square meters, divided into 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a reception and a kitchen. The average selling price is EGP 3 million.

The Sixth Neighborhood where The Housing & Development Bank accommodations, you can find medium-sized apartments around ​​105 square meters, with 3 bedrooms and a 3-piece reception, bathroom and large kitchen. The average rent EGP 3,700.

Mirage Residence 

One of the best areas in First Settlement is Al Mirage Residence and its nearby areas, it offer a number of apartments for sale or rent that overlook an excellent garden, with large areas up to 300 square meters or even more, consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3-piece reception, and a living room. The selling price is around EGP 3 million.

As for Palm Resort, it offers apartments with an area of 280 square meters, divided into 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3-piece reception, a kitchen and a garden. The selling price is EGP 3,500,000. 

Thus, the First Settlement offers plenty of options ideal for those who are searching for an apartment to rent.

*Please keep in mind that all the prices in this article are subject to change. We at Aqarmap are constantly updating our districts prices guide to keep our customers informed about the latest updates in the real-estate market.

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