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El Shorouk City is one of the important and newest cities in Cairo that attracts those looking for tranquility and those who want to get away from overcrowding and traffic jams. It is also for those who want to enjoy some privacy, green spaces, fresh air, and all the features and services found in high-end cities, but at competitive prices that suit all classes.


El Shorouk City provides for all levels through economic, medium, above-average, and luxury housing units, as well as the presence of wide green spaces, basic facilities, and integrated services from universities and schools, to hospitals, banks, corporate headquarters, and various markets.


It attracts all owners of commercial and administrative projects and medical clinics, and those who are looking for headquarters for their companies or new branches. If you are one of them, we recommend you to invest in Value Mall Al Shorouk City, with all its commercial, administrative and medical units. 


It comes in a variety of spaces without finishing, and you can get your unit by paying its value in cash and immediate or in installments over several years. 


The project also enjoys a unique strategic location in front of the southern gate of Dar Misr Compound, in the nearest vital locations of El Shorouk City, and it is implemented by the reputable National Real Estate Company.


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Details of the Value Mall Project in El Shorouk City


The company that owns Value Mall in Al Shorouk City, Al Shorouk City Value Mall, has implemented the project on an area of ​​more than 6,000 square meters (6,665 square meters), provided that the mall will consist of 3 floors, including an underground floor, a ground floor, an upper first floor, and a second floor. The floors are as follows:


  • Underground is a huge car garage for visitors and owners.
  • The ground floor, first floor, and second floor are dedicated to selling furniture, appliances, and other stores.


Strategic Location of Value Mall in El Shorouk City


  • Value Mall Al Shorouk City Value Mall is located in one of the best unique locations in El Shorouk City, specifically in Mostafa El Nahas Street in the fourth district of the new city, and the project is close to the main and vital roads in the city, such as Al Shabab Road, Sadat Road, and Gamal Abdel Nasser Road


  •  It is only a few minutes away from the most important residential compounds in the city, such as El Patio 5 East Compound, Dar Misr El Shorouk, and near Green Hills Club, Al Nahda Park, and El Shorouk Sports Club, all of which makes access to the mall as easy as possible, and ensures the flow of customers all the time


The Real Estate Developer of the Value Mall Project in El Shorouk City


The National Real Estate Investment Company is considered among the important companies in the field of development and construction in Egypt. The company was established in 2000, and it has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate market. 


The company has provided many famous real estate projects, including residential, administrative, and commercial projects in El-Shorouk City. To meet all the different needs of customers.


The company is characterized by a good reputation in the field of real estate and is known for its good reputation and attention to planning its projects, relying on strong infrastructure, and implementing projects by the most skilled engineers and through the latest designs, providing the best materials and finishes and taking care of small and large details. 


Flexible payment plans and opportunities, cash and installment offers, and after-sales services to its customers.


Previous Works of the National Real Estate Investment Company


The National Real Estate Company was not satisfied with a distinguished project such as the Value Mall in Al Shorouk City, Al Shorouk City Value Mall, the company’s resume includes many distinguished projects such as:



Features of Value Mall in El Shorouk City


  • Value Mall in Al Shorouk City Value Mall is considered one of the best malls in the new city, and it has many advantages, the first of which is the unique location located in the fourth upscale neighborhood in the city, close to main roads such as Al Shabab Road, Sadat Road, and Gamal Abdel Nasser Road. 30 minutes from the Fifth Settlement
  • Good designs, strategic utilization of spaces 
  • The mall provides the best service at the best prices in the market 
  • The mall also overlooks wide paved streets, wide green spaces, and trees


Types of Units Available in Value Mall in Shorouk City


Al Shorouk City Value Mall offers commercial units and shops in Shorouk City without finishing and on red bricks, so that shop owners can choose the appropriate finishes for their taste and the commercial identity of the project. 


A down payment and the longest payment period, to suit all needs, where you can pay only 15% as a reservation down payment and pay the rest of the value of the commercial unit in installments divided over 6 years.


Areas of Units Available in the Value Mall Project in El Shorouk City


The developer of the Value Mall project in Al Shorouk City has provided commercial units and shops of various sizes without finishing, and you can receive your unit at the end of the year 2021, and the available areas are:


  • A commercial store on the ground floor with an area starting from 26 m² up to 114 m²
  • A commercial store on the first floor with an area starting from 15 square meters to 36 square meters
  • A commercial store on the second floor with an area starting from 16 m² up to 58 m²
  • And you can get your commercial unit at a good price plus the value of the car’s place in the garage attached to the project


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Available Services in Value Mall in El Shorouk City


The Value Mall project in Al Shorouk City has many services that are based on the convenience of the owners and their projects, as well as especially for visitors, and these services are:


  • Private garage for cars
  • Powerful generators in the event of a power outage
  • Gym equipped with the best equipment
  • Cleaning services
  • fire alarm system
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Granite entrances and private entrance
  • Kids area
  • 24/7 security, guarding, and surveillance cameras
  • Strong Wi-Fi and Internet Services


More Information about El Shorouk City and Its Services


  • El Shorouk City is located in the northeast of Cairo, specifically at kilo 37 on the Cairo-Ismailia road, and extends to the Cairo-Suez road, and it is very close to my cities, New Heliopolis, Badr City, and Al Rehab
  • El Shorouk City is divided into a group of areas, starting from Zone 1 to Zone 9, and the two family housing districts, in addition to the universities and institutes district. The city is characterized by a large number of green areas and distinguished urban planning
  • It has a number of the most important universities in Egypt such as the British University in Egypt (BUE) and the French University, in addition to sports clubs such as Heliopolis Club and Green Hills Club, hospitals, health centers, clinics, and pharmacies in the Value Mall project in El Shorouk City, such as the International Medical Center Hospital and El-Ezaby Pharmacy, as well as entertainment and shopping areas. Such as Galaxy Mall, City Plaza Mall, and Carrefour.

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