Zizinia Flowers, Unmatched Living Experience in El Shorouk City

Life in El Shorouk City is very convenient in many ways. Why do we think so?  Well, it’s a fairly modern city, which means it’s nicely facilitated. It’s also pretty far away from the hustle of Greater Cairo, making it one of the peaceful districts of the capital. Our busy lives can get much more comfortable living somewhere relaxing, and El Shorouk city offers you just that!

For the utmost living experience, compounds like Zizinia Flowers are where El Shorouk city thrives. So, are you ready for the opportunity of a lifetime?

The Developer Behind Zizinia Flowers

Zizinia Flowers is the project of ARDIC Developments, a company that has proved its excellence in architectural engineering. With great experience coming from the late 90’s, ARDIC has cooperated with many partners like the Ministry of State for Urban Renewal and Informal Settlements and ExxonMobil. The company has also organized a meaningful contest for young men and women named “Out Of The Box Youth”, where their ideas and plans were heard and awarded for. This was an approach to face the challenges Egypt has been facing by encouraging young creativity. 

Some of Their Residential Projects

  1.  Zizinia Flowers – El Shorouk
  2. Zizinia Gardens – New Cairo
  3. Zizinia El-Mostakbal – New Cairo
  4. Zizinia Mall – El Haram
  5. Zizinia Rose – New Cairo

 A Glimpse Inside Zizinia Flowers Compound

 Zizinia Flowers is perhaps the best and most important project made by ARDIC Development, with an investment cost reaching over EGP115 million! This luxurious compound includes a unique set of residential villas and twin houses, which take up only 20% of the compound’s total space. The rest of the compound is distributed into beautiful greenery, roads and services. It’s a truly unique place to live in!

Services Provided by Zizinia Flowers

Some of the services you’ll find in this compound include:

  1. A kindergarten to provide education for toddlers
  2. A social center
  3. Full security
  4. Vast landscapes and greenery

Features of Zizinia Flowers

You can’t promise luxury without a unique set of privileges, and Zizinia Flowers has plenty! Some of these privileges are:

  1. It includes a set of uniquely designed modern villas of varying spaces 
  2. Your privacy within the compound is guaranteed
  3. It’s located in a distinct area of El Shorouk,lying amid vital areas in the city.


 Zizinia Flowers stretches over 15 acres in the Fifth District of El Shorouk City. The Compound lies close to the British University in Egypt and Heliopolis Sporting Club. 

 Why This Location Is So Unique 

As mentioned above, Zizinia Flowers is located in the Fifth District of El Shorouk City. After all, living in El Shorouk is unique on its own, since it’s  only 20 years old. The city contains several districts and and neighborhoods, including: First District East, First District West, Second District East, Second District West, Third District East, Third District West, Fourth District, Fifth District, Seventh District, Eighteenth District, Areas from One to Nine, Investment Housing, Family Housing, El Nakheel, New Heliopolis, El Mostakbal Housing and many more. 

 The Privileges of Living in El Shorouk City

There’s obviously a reason why we love this city so much, and it’s because it’s always providing more to its residents. Here are some reasons why you’ll love El Shorouk:

  1. It’s very peaceful and quiet, considering it’s located far from Cairo’s busiest areas.
  2. El Shorouk is brilliantly planned and laid out, and includes so much greenery. 
  3. It includes many luxurious compounds to choose from, like El Maadi View, El Shorouk Gardens, Beverly Hills, Bronze Compound, and many others. 
  4. Several great shopping malls like Life Mall

Prices and Units Within The Compound

Zizinia Flowers provides 70  villas and twin houses of varying designs and spaces to suit everybody. Units come in spaces starting from 445 square meters, up to 650 and 700 square meters. 

Prices within the compound vary according to the unit’s space and type. However, the price of one square meters is about EGP4,000. Unit prices in Zizinia Flowers start at EGP3 million reaching over EGP6.5 million. 

*prices were last updated in January 2019. 

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