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Prices guide is a service provided by Aqarmap website to know prices of neighborhoods and different regions of the Republic. We will give here a glimpse of prices in some villages of the North Coast, which includes dozens of tourist villages.

Porto Golf Marina

 Prices range from 800,000 EGP to 1200,000 EGP and there are some chalets at a price of 570,000 for the 47 sqm.


 which for a long time has been a village in the North Coast with prices ranging from one and a half million pounds to two and a quarter million pounds for chalets.


Prices are rising in this luxury village, ranging from 2.5 million to 5 million for chalets.

Diplomats Village Diplo 1

The average price of chalets with 170 sqm is about one and a half million Pounds

El Shorouq

Prices range from 450,000 pounds to one million pounds with an average space of ​​70 meters to 100 meters.


One of the first villages on the North Coast. Prices of some chalets currently on sale are ranging from 350,000 pounds to 1200,000 pounds. 

The prices of the villages in the North Coast vary from one village to another according to the rate of turnout and when they were established.

In addition to that, other factors such as services provided, and the number of recreational features and distinctive beaches play an important role in pricing.

Porto Marina Village

About Porto Marina: Porto Marina is located minutes away from El Alamein Airport. The village contains all the elements of life, activities, and entertainment.

 Price in the resort: The average price per meter in Porto Marina Village is about 23,000 pounds, ie for a chalet with a space of 80 meters, the price is close to 1,800,000 pounds.

Caribbean Village

About the village of Caribbean

It has a variety of spaces ranging from 40 sqm to 135 sqm. It also has a very privileged location in Kilo 78 Alex Matrouh Road,

  • 5 minutes from Zahran Mall
  • 7 minutes from the road of Alamein
  • 10 minutes from Marina
  • 30 minutes from Alexandria


This village is characterized by its prices which are also affordable, ranging between 400,000 and 700,000 pounds. You can own your property by paying 55,000 pounds in advance with installments period up to 60 months and the company offers a 15% discount on cash.

La Vista

About La Vista North Coast

La Vista North Coast is located on top of a million square meters along the stunning Mediterranean Sea and it boasts a white sandy beach of one kilometer.


For those who are looking for a luxurious chalet on North Coast, La Vista may be the destination, although the average price of a chalet is 4.5 million, there are different installment systems up to five years.


About the village

Malaaz is an extension of previous huge business for SODIC, one of the most important real estate developers in Egypt, which is seeking to develop the concept of real estate investment by creating new, distinctive and attractive urban communities and paying attention to detail in order to achieve that.

Fouka Bay

ِAِِbout the village

Tatweer Egypt offers Fouka Bay Ras Al Hikma Compound and Resort on about 194 acres which are divided into 4 stages. Fouka Bay North Coast Village lies directly on the sea at Kilo 211 Alexandria / Matruh Road at Ras al-Hikma Gulf, about 75 km away from Marsa Matrouh and 132 km from Alamein Road. 

Payment and delivery

With a 5% deposit and an 8-year installment, you can reserve your entire unit for finishing, at Foca Bay.

Siela North Coast

About Siela Resort

Siela Village North Coast is located in Kilo 57.5. and distinguished by its location where it lies in front of Heidi village and the area of Zahran Mall. As for the project, space is about 40.000 square meters, about 10 acres, and the village is built in 3 stages.

The prices of units in the North Coast are suitable for all levels of income and takes into consideration different tastes. There are units that start with less than half a million and units that reach tens of millions for large villas.

There are different installment systems besides the cash payment. North Coast is characterized by the fact that there are units available in the old villages and there are also different units in the new villages.

* Please note that all the prices mentioned in this article are for the first quarter of 2019 and subject to change, and we in Aqarmap try to update them regularly in our prices guide.

About the North Coast

North Coast literally means the strip located from the far east of Egypt in Rafah to the far west in Salloum. But this strip of length which is more than 1000 kilos is not the conventional North Coast. What we mean is Marriott Coast, which starts from the west of Alexandria to the crossing of Salloum.

Before the 1980s, North Coast was a barren desert inhabited only by some nomads from the tribes of Ali’s Sons, but its wonderful atmosphere in summer and its view of the Mediterranean with its charming blue waters encouraged investors to establish Tourist villages.

Marakia was the first village, and its success leads investors to build villages afterward. Many people may not know that the North Coast is divided into: 

Western North Coast: Its most famous resorts are Ras Al Hikma Bay, Cassia Village, and Caribbean Project.

The Eastern North Coast: extends from Port Said to Rafah in Sinai.

The Middle North Coast: among its most famous villages are Marina El Alamein as well as Borg El Arab City, and Sidi Kerir Village.

There is also the Delta North Coast: It has some famous Egyptian resorts such as Baltim, Gamsa, and Ras El- Bar. It is therefore clear that the North Coast concept is wider than the recreational villages.

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