Your Complete Guide to Live in Hadayek Al Ahram

Details about Hadayek Al Ahram 

Hadayek Al Ahram is one of the recently built districts in Giza governorate and lies near the Giza Pyramids near Al Haram and Faisal districts. It also lies near the new Grand Egyptian Museum that will soon open its doors. The city has various units with a wide range of prices that make it suitable for many people so it has been one of the rising names in the recent years. 

The district is divided into 16 sub districts named after letters and it has 4 gates named after 4 kings of Egypt which are Khofo, Khafraa, Mankaraa and Mina. Recently two cases were opened which are Ahmos and Houras.

Location of Hadayek Al Ahram 

One of the best features of the district is its location near the Giza Pyramids and it also lies in north of Fayoum road, East of Wahat road and south of the ring road. It is also 5 minutes from Remaya square and the new Grand Egyptian Museum while it is also 5 minutes from Mall of Egypt and 25 minutes from Downtown. 

Features and Services of District

The district has buildings with low heights that make it stand out in terms of the great atmosphere and the clean air. They also give better privacy and a better look. 

The fourth line of Cairo metro is expected to pass through the city which will increase the ability to reach it more easily and in less time to become a more vital district than ever. For this reason, many people consider it as a great investment. 

One of the greatest features is that 60% of the city are allocated for buildings while the rest is allocated for sidewalks and gardens. 

There is also a track alongside its biggest street, Al Gaish street so people can spend great times. Also, it has a number of mosques including Al Madina and Hadayek Al Janna alongside a number of international schools like Modern School, Hadabet Al Ahram and Rowad Al Mostaqbal.

There are also hypermarkets and malls that serve the residents and offer them all their everyday needs. The city perfect location also makes the district a perfect choice for tourists and residents as a vital place that is near the pyramids and the biggest museum in the world. 

Areas of Units in Hadayek Al Ahram 

There are many various units available in the district that suit different needs and styles. From apartments to villas, the units are available with full and half finishing. The villas available include models with 3 rooms, 3 parts reception, American kitchen, a roof, pergolas and pyramids view. 

Payment Plans for Units in Hadayek El Ahram

The price of the square meter for apartments has an average EGP 3,800 while the lowest price of a square meter for villas is EGP 4,500. 

*Please note that all prices mentioned in this article are for the first quarter of 2019 and subject to change, and we in Aqarmap try to update them regularly in our prices guide of districts.  Choose between different spaces and styles in the best Compounds in Giza governorate, you would find many payment plans that suit all.

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