Sheikh Zayed compounds for newly married and small families

Sheikh Zayed is one of the most successful cities in Giza governorate and in Egypt. The city that belongs to Greater Cairo is reachable from all vital districts of Cairo and Giza easily through October bridge, Ring road and New Fayoum road. 

It is one of the districts that offer its luxurious residents with great features and services, and it has a perfect location as it lies near the 6th of October district. 

Sheikh Zayed City was developed firstly in 1995 on an area of an approximate 10 feddans. It offers full services and facilities so it turned quickly to be a perfect residence for Egyptian and Arabian families especially the gulf ones. The population of the city has passed 350,000 people as of now.

Location of Sheikh Zayed 

The city is located on 28 kilometers away from Downtown Cairo and it is directly reachable through the 26th of July corridor and also through Monib ring road. So to be able to choose between the many compounds available in Sheikh Zayed, Aqarmap compares between the best of them in this article  

Best compounds for small families in Sheikh Zayed 

Beta Egypt 

Beta Egypt is located behind Al Ashgar district and Zewail university and is 15 minutes only from Juhaina Square, one of the most famous squares in Giza. It offers a number of features including a sports club with free membership for residences, security, commercial areas and great restaurants and cafes.

The average price* of the square meter in the compound is EGP 6,500 and it offers up to 7 year installments.

Karma Residence 

One of the best compounds in Sheikh Zayed that offers a quiet environment and an excellent location near the Smart Village. It is only five minutes from Mall of Arabia and near some of the most luxurious compounds in the city including Beverly Hills Sodik, Westtown and Jasmine. It is also near the British school and the average price* of the square meter is EGP 6,900. 

The Core Residence 

The Core Residence Compound lies in Rivera district on 26th of July corridor near Royal City, Hyper One, Mall of Arabia, Misr Mall and Cairo Alexandria desert road. The perfect location is one of the greatest features of the compound. 

It also offers a range of services including artificial ponds, green areas, mall, club house, cycling lanes and private parkings. The price* of the square meter in the compound starts at EGP 8,500. 

Life Park 

Life Park compound was built on an area of 42 feddans on Cairo Alexandria desert road. It is near most of the landmarks of the city including Hyper One, Dandy Mall and Royal City Mall. 

It offers smart home automation were residents can control their homes with their smartphones, aqua park for all ages, Roman theatre, Horse riding school, mall, international school, playgrounds, swimming pools, artificial ponds and a medical centre. 

The price* of the square meter in the compound ranges between EGP 9,000 and 11,000 with allowance of 7 year installments payment. 

Al Rabwa 

Al Rabwa compound in Sheikh Zayed lies only 4 kilometers from 6th of October and 800 meters from Cairo Alexandria desert road. It offers a range of services including security, maintenance services, supermarket, mall and mosque. The average price* of the square meter in the compound is EGP 10,300. 


Jewar compound in Sheikh Zayed lies in the 13th district near Al Rabwa Club. It has an excellent location and a range of services that include green areas, swimming pools, tracks, playgrounds and others. The price* of the square meter in Jewar starts at EGP 10,000.

* Please note that all prices mentioned in this article are for the first quarter of 2019 and subject to change, and we in Aqarmap try to update them regularly in our prices guide of districts.  Choose between different spaces and styles in the best Compounds in Sheikh Zayed, you would find many payment plans that suit all.

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