Your Guide for Resorts in Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, Ras Sidr, and  Sokhna

The region of the Red Sea represents a ratio of 1 to 8 of the total area of Egypt and it has many famous cities including Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, Safaga, Sokhna, Ras Sidr and Ras Gharib. Many tourists come from all over the world to enjoy the beautiful beaches, aquamarine and weather of these cities. 

Historical tourism also shines in the region which has a number of touristic locations belonging to the Roman and Pharaonic periods beside some Ottoman and Islamic locations. 

At the sea, many things can be done in those cities as the beautiful beaches are beside the diving centres that are more than 150 in this governorate, each offering an exquisite experience of diving into a new world. 

Religious tourism also exists as Christians come to see the oldest holy monastery in the world, Saint Antonius Monastery. Medical tourism is also perfect there especially in Safaga.

All of this makes it clear that the Red Sea has considerable significance in Egypt to tourists from all over the world and residents from all over Egypt. 

Resorts in Hurghada

Hurghada city hosts a number of luxurious compounds and resorts that suit many styles and activities of many people. Aquariums, sand museums, Gifton Island, El-Gouna and Sahl Hasheesh have contributed to making the city exceptional and more famous.

Sunrise Royal Makadi

At 4 kilometers on Makadi Gulf, the resort of Sunrise Royal Makadi is located only 30 minutes from Hurghada Airport. The design of the resort is inspired by our culture and it is very unique with many well designed open areas and much to do for water sports lovers. 

The resort has 6 restaurants from international companies and 24-hour services to give residents more comfort and peace of mind. All the units oversee the sea and all the wanted features and services, making every unit the best one. 

Jaz Makadina

The resort lies at 30 kilometers from Hurghada Airport and 4 kilometers from the centre of Makadi and it oversees the sea directly with a private beach for its residents. 

The resort offers services and features like various restaurants, modern gym and spa, horse riding track and water sports. It also offers private swimming pools and gardens in addition to wonderful sea sights all over the resort. 

Marriott Hurghada

The resort is only 10 minutes’ ride from Hurghada Marina, 8 kilometers from the centre of the town and 10 minutes from the airport, so it is in an excellent location. The compound offers enjoyable swimming pools with all units overlooking the Red Sea. 

Cleopatra Makadi Bay

Located on the Red Sea just 10 kilometers from Makadi beach, the resort has 8 swimming pools, stores and a diving centre. It is designed in a modern style to offer luxury and entertainment at every sight and it is only 30 kilometers from Hurghada Airport. 

Resorts in Sharm El-Sheikh 

Sharm El-Sheikh is one of the most famous vacation spots in Egypt and the entire world. The city has many resorts and hotels with world class services and features and it has some of the most beautiful diving locations in the world. 

Four Seasons Resort

The compound is located in Sharm El-Sheikh only 25 minutes away from Naama Bay, 40 minutes from Old Sharm El-Sheikh and 15 minutes from the airport. 

The resort encompasses 4 swimming pools, 5 restaurants and a gym and a spa. It offers a sitting area for entertainment and every unit has a balcony overlooking the sea.

Haya Regency

Located 10 minutes from Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport and 10 minutes from Naama Bay, the resort has many open parks in addition to a private beach, spa, gym, restaurants and commercial areas. 

Savoy Sharm El-Sheikh 

At the middle of SOHO Square and 8 minutes from Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport, the resort offers many services including a hotel, restaurants, gym, spa and many others. The resort units were designed to offer the maximum comfort with a beach seeing balcony, swimming pools and green areas on the other sides. 

Sunrise Arabian

The resort is located at Shark Bay in Sharm El-Sheikh on the opposite side of Tiran Island. It is 11 kilometers from Naama Bay, 8 kilometers from SOHO square and 9 kilometers from the airport. 

The compound has 6 international restaurants and many other services including gym, spa and playgrounds. The rooms are fully featured and all overlooking the sea. 

Resorts in Ras Sidr 

Ras Sidr is one of the coastal cities in South Sinai governorate and it is only 80 minutes from Cairo. The city is famous for its beautiful diving locations and its many touristic landmarks including medical and historical ones.

Mousa Coast

The resort lies 30 kilometers on Oyoun Mousa Road and it is 150 kilometers from Cairo and 26 kilometers from Martyr Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel. The resort comprises green areas, swimming pools, cafes and commercial areas. 


The resort lies 80 kilometers from Martyr Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel and 10 kilometers from the centre of Ras Sidr city. It offers units with all features needed with areas ranging between 53 and 115 square meters. It also has open and private swimming pools in addition to a mall, playgrounds, restaurants and an aqua park. 

Golden Beach 2

The resort is located 20 kilometers from Oyoun Moussa and 45 kilometers from Pharaoh’s Baths. It offers swimming pools, gyms, spa, cafes and a shopping mall. The areas of the units range between 75 and 280 square meters. 

Blue Lagoon

It is located 65 kilometers from Martyr Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel and on the Ras Matarma Bay directly. It is 10 kilometers away from the city of Ras Sidr and 90 minutes only from Cairo. The resort was built on an area of 38 acres with 20 percent only for buildings and the rest for green areas and swimming pools. It has restaurants, cafes and shopping areas. 

Sokhna Resorts

El Sokhna is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Egypt. It is located 55 kilometers from Suez city and it has many excellent resorts on the beautiful coast of the Red Sea. The city is blazed by a lot of entertainment and by its divine nature at every location. 

Stella Di Mare 

The resort is located 100 kilometers from Cairo and 46 kilometers from Suez. It offers many luxurious services to its residents including swimming pools, spas, golf courts and restaurants. 

Haya Resort

It is located 10 kilometers from Zaafarana and it has many services including a mall, restaurants, cafes, 7 swimming pools, gym and many other features and services. 

Cancun Sokhna 

Located on Sokhna Zaafarana Road at 102 kilometers, Cancun Sokhna is directly on the Red Sea. The resort hosts many swimming pools, gyms, restaurants and many other services. 

Al Wadi

The resort lies 60 minutes from Cairo, exactly on Cairo-Hurghada Road. The resort offers swimming pools, mall, green areas, security and other features and services. 

Romance El-Sokhna

The resort is located 102 kilometers on Suez-Hurghada Road and 180 kilometers from Cairo. It has many services including swimming pools, playgrounds, cafes, restaurants and commercial areas.

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