Your guide to rent in Sheikh Zayed City

In this article, we will summarize features of Sheikh Zayed City, as well as its most important neighborhoods, and best areas for renting in the city.

About Sheikh Zayed City

Sheikh Zayed City is a modern residential city that was established in the mid-nineties by a UAE grant, therefore, it was named after the founder of the UAE Sheikh Zayed. As the city becomes more active, people are searching for suitable apartment which is near their work places to rent in Sheikh Zayed City.

Compound Location

Sheikh Zayed City is located 20 km away from Mohandessin neighborhood, and is easily accessible via the 26th of July axis. It is also close to another new city; 6th of October City. Perhaps the most prominent characteristic of the city is its temperate atmosphere, especially in summer, as it rises 220 meters above sea level. Moreover, the city is characterized with its clean and healthy atmosphere, because of the lack of congestion in the city, as well as the spread of gardens and green spaces that cover about 40% of the total area of ​​the city.

The city covers an area of 50 km², while many of its areas are still waiting for construction. The city currently hosts only 150,000 people, while it is able to accommodate about 600,000 people.

Partitioning of the City and its Most Important Neighborhoods

The city is divided into neighborhoods, each neighborhood consists of residential blocks. Each neighborhood has its own market, school and medical center. One of the most important features of the city is that it includes areas suitable for all social classes, from the ordinary middle class to the upper class.

The Opportunities for Economic Growth in Sheikh Zayed City

As the city grows, services have steadily improved and its coverage has expanded, making it the focus of many business owners who want to set up their own companies and projects due to the city’s proximity to the industrial areas of 6th of October City. Therefore, there are many job opportunities in the area. Moreover, renting in Sheikh Zayed City became a good option for newlyweds who want to live near their work area.

Best areas for renting in Sheikh Zayed City

The city hosts many commercial projects and companies, as well as several distinctive private universities that attract many young people, especially expatriates coming from the Gulf countries. Therefore, there is a high demand on renting apartments in Sheikh Zayed. The city meets all their needs, as it has different neighborhoods with various levels and prices to suit all classes. Here is a list of the best areas for renting in Sheikh Zayed City:

Second Neighborhood:

The Second Neighborhood consists of three gated residential blocks. It is a quiet, low-traffic, and medium-level neighborhood. It is also characterized by its large number of apartments available for renting.

Fourth Neighborhood:

The neighborhood is one of the best rental areas in Sheikh Zayed City and is characterized by the availability of different types of real estate, such as ordinary apartments, villas and palaces. Interest in this area is high among private companies seeking to create a new inexpensive headquarters.

Fifth Neighborhood:

It is an active neighborhood hosting large number of service facilities, such as Al-Azhar Institute Complex and Sheikh Zayed Specialist Hospital. This neighborhood has several apartments available for renting in Shabab “Youth” projects at good prices, especially for newlyweds and expatriate students.

Fourteenth Neighborhood:

This neighborhood is characterized by green spaces. It also contains several high-end compounds, such as: El-Yasmine Compound, Opera City, and others, which make it a great choice to establish a private clinic or office that targets high class.

If you prefer to live in another area, you will find a lot of distinctive options, as Egypt is witnessing a recent expansion in the construction of housing projects known as compounds by leading real estate developers. This has made a good variety in prices, neighborhoods and options. We are keen, in Aqarmap, to track the real estate market movement through our index to get the customer updated about real estate market.

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