5 Reasons You Should Invest in the New Capital, Today!

The wisest decision you will take this year

Real estate has always been the wisest investment all around the world and especially in Egypt, it’s always expanding, developing, and progressing which gives a great opportunity for profit. But only those who pay attention to the trends and foresee the possibilities can benefit the most.

What if I told you that you could hit the jackpot of the real estate investment when you buy a property today from the New Capital.

The New Capital will be home to the Egyptian governmental and administrative buildings and it’s proposed to relieve the pressure of Cairo. It also has a great diversity which will create a lot of jobs, not to mention its economic potential. It will create thousands of new chances to live, work and invest.

The New Capital is here to change the real estate market in Egypt, and here is why:

1- A city from the future

The New Capital is designed as a smart city, which operates on information and technologies to enhance the performance of everyday’s life. It’s evident in the carefully planned infrastructure, the smart streets, utilities, and buildings. The city is said to operate on renewable energy as well, which guarantees sustainable maintenance and development. Smart cities are the trend worldwide, to have such a city in Egypt will be exceptional.

2- Everything you need

the loft new capital

The New Capital is hosting the presidential palace, Egyptian ministries, the parliament, and the foreign embassies. It will also have an Egyptian media production city, a financial district, educational institutions, a technology and innovation park.


It’s designed to have 21 residential districts, the first phase of 165 km square is planned to be done by 2020. But, along with the residential buildings, the New Capital is will have plenty of services like mosques, churches, hospitals, schools, and international universities, simply it has all the amenities and services to tend to residents’ needs.

3- Easy access from and to the New Capital

The government is planning on connecting the New Capital with fast and affordable public transportations. The electric train is aimed to connect “Adly Mansour” Metro station with the New Capital with stops in Al Obour, Al Shorouk, and Badr cities in the middle. The monorail will also connect the New Capital with new Cairo, and finally, the New Capital is planned to have its own international airport.

new capital aerial

4- Great location

With a total area of 170,000 acres, the New Capital lies 35 km east of Cairo between the regional ring road, the Cairo-Suez road, and Cairo – Ain El Sokhna road.

5- Quality of life

midtown condo

The color green will give the New Capital life, with a central park which is designed to be double the size of Central Park of NYC. The neighborhoods around the city are nice, safe and walkable, especially with the refreshing artificial lakes all around the city. Finally, as for entertainment, the New Capital will have theaters, an opera house, a zoo and a theme park which is said to be 6 times the size of Disneyland.

Whether you decide to invest in your future or with your money, I assure you, this city will be the talk of generations to come, it’s something to make our ancestors proud.

Find your next property in New Capital today.

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