A Close Look at Residential Compounds in Maadi

Life in the Heart of Cairo: Life in Maadi

Your Guide to Neighborhoods in Maadi 


Maadi is one of the most famous and prestigious neighborhoods in Egypt; an old neighborhood with a long history dating back to the era of Khedive Ismail. Maadi is located in the south of Cairo; it is one of the finest neighborhoods of Egypt and the preferred neighborhood of foreigners and elegant lovers.

By the time, ​​Maadi neighborhood is increased and more developed to be bordered by Corniche El Nile Street from the west, and from the east by the Highway Road. Maadi is divided into Maadi, Sakanat El Maadi, and Zahra El Maadi.

These three main areas are called Old Maadi, the most aristocratic neighborhood in Maadi, and New Maadi, which is divided into Arab Maadi and Hadayek El Maadi. Moreover, it contains a number of significant places including, Wadi Degla Protected Area, Fossilized Trees Area, as well as, Street 9 which is considered one of the finest and largest streets of Maadi and contains a huge number of shops, markets, cafes, and restaurants. Hereby, we will review a number of the best residential compounds in Maadi. Stay tuned!


Maadi Heights Compound


It is located directly close to the Ring Road, next to the British School and Maadi City Center – Carrefour. The compound expands over 12 acres or more than 53,000 m². It is a significant residential project that features 115 fully- equipped villas with the latest technologies and modern designs. Maadi Heights Compound offers residential areas ranging from 220 m² up to 880 m². Buildings expand over only 25% of the total area of the whole project. Yet, the project offers a number of distinguished services and facilities.


Tijan Maadi Compound


Tijan Compound is a gated residential compound, located in a very distinctive location. It is only 15 minutes away from City Center and expands over an area of 18,000 m².

The compound features distinctive architectural designs and styles to meet all the needs and budgets. It also offers a variety of services that cater to all segments of society. The compound also provides sports and leisure services as well as educational and healthcare services.


Mirage Park Compound


Mirage Park Compound is one of the finest residential compounds, it is located in a strategic location next to the Carrefour and the Ring Road directly. It is just a few minutes from Modern Academy.

The project offers many services and facilities represented in green lavish landscapes, garages, security cameras, intercoms, and 24/7 security services. The compound offers different areas of units ranging from 120 m² up to 210 m².


Maadi Gardens Compound


The compound is 20 acres of luxury and pleasure in the heart of Maadi, Cairo; it is a modern gated residential compound located next to Kattamia Fishing Club, which gives it an amazing view. The compound offers a range of services and facilities including, Carrefour Maadi and the Academic Academy.

It’s located near a number of famous neighborhoods including, New Cairo, Nasr City, and Heliopolis. The compound features 67 residential buildings that offer areas ranging from 100 m² up to 200 m², each building consisting of 9 floors to 11 floors and 2 elevators for more comfort.


Rihana Residence Compound


Rihana Residence, a significant residential compound and is considered as one of the gems of Maadi. It is designed to the highest levels of elegance and world-class modern styles; it is designed with the most luxurious facades, wide streets, and green lavish landscapes.

The compound offers more than 216 residential units ranging from 185 m² to 370 m². The project offers an extensive retail area of 10,500 m² and a modern administrative area of 6,600 m².


Ashgar Darna Compound


Ashgar Darna Compound is characterized by its strategic location directly close to the Ring Road, as well as near to the Egyptian fishing club and Katameya Gardens Club. Moreover, it is surrounded by a number of international schools and universities. Ashgar Darna Compound offers different models of housing options varied in areas, designs, and views. The areas of units start from 108 m² up to 222 m².


Rihana Avenue Compound


Rihana Avenue is the latest project of Memaar Al Morshedy Group. The project is located in the heart of the city and directly overlooks Wadi Degla Club. It expands over an area of ​​approximately 13 km².

The project consists of a number of residential towers with 11 floors each; the total number of residential units in Rihana Avenue Compound is 891 units, ranging from 73 m² to 234 m².

Furthermore, the project is designed at the latest technologies and architectural styles to provide a complete luxury lifestyle.

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