A great winter holiday in Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis for a great winter holiday

In this article, you will learn about how to spend a great winter holiday in Siwa Oasis as the winter is a short and quick holiday.

You can visit the areas that you cannot visit in the summer holiday to enjoy, relax and have a rest; especially in areas having medical tourism programs or natural views and environments close to the natural quiet life.

You will find this and more in Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis as a part of the quiet life

Siwa Oasis is about 320 kilometers away from Marsa Matrouh and about 600 kilometers away from Cairo. You can take the train heading to Marsa Matrouh and from Marsa Matrouh to Siwa Oasis.

Siwa is characterized by having a warm winter by day, however it is very cold at night. So, the desert environment in Siwa gives you a great chance for making barbeques and many other activities to cope with such cold.

Furthermore, Siwa Oasis has a desert and sandy nature which allows having many other activities such as Safari and camels riding, so you can spend a great distinctive winter holiday in Siwa.

Things you can do during your journey

Siwa Oasis is famous for having an unspoiled nature and life derived from nature.

It is a natural protected area having a very unique wild, plant, water, and antique life as it is a sandy oasis covered by palm and oils trees.

The areas that you should enjoy in Siwa Oasis include:

Lakes; such as El Zayton Lake and Fatnis Island.

Freshwater springs and sulfuric water; such as Cleopatra Spring, Fatnis Spring in Fatnis Island and Wahed Spring located in the Great Sand Sea.

Amazing Nature

Siwa protected area of the endangered plants and animals, the Mountain of the Dead and the Shrine of Sidi Soliman.

Temple of Amun and Shali Citadel which is considered as the oldest monuments of the oasis and built with mudbrick.

Green environment above sandy lands

Agriculture areas in Siwa are surrounded by bare palm branches for being protected against the blowing of the soft sands which gives it a wonderful natural view.

However, these soft sands have another feature as they are mixed with salt and soil to build houses.

So, you can relax in a completely natural house, even the windows and doors are made of palm and olive trees.

Heritage gifts and natural holdings   

Siwa’s people are famous for having jobs compatible with its tourist nature; such as pottery, embroidery, carpets and textiles of a nature special to the oasis and having the heritage and the culture of the place and its people, so you can buy hand-made gifts and holdings made of nature and having a special cultural nature.

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