Benefits of spending a vacation in Paradise Matrouh

Own a chalet that overlooks the sea in Paradise – Matrouh village and get wonderful views and distinguished services, on one of the purest beaches in Matrouh, and with special prices and easy installment methods.

We will let you know all the details of Paradise village, which is owned by Al-Sedek Investment and Trading Group; starting from the village location, areas of units, and services in it, and ending with the average price per square meter and the methods of payment therein.

Paradise – Matrouh Village location

Paradise – Matrouh Village is located at kilo 66 in Matrouh, near Bella Beach Resort, Nice Fathallah Village, and other luxury villages whose residents enjoy the purity of the water in Marsa Matrouh.

The village is just 120 meters from the sea, which makes you very close to it.

Paradise Village is a full-service entertainment resort, like Matrouh’s Resorts in general.

The owner of the Village

Al-Sedek Investment and Trading Group owns Paradise Village in Matrouh. The company purchased it in 2013 from a group of local and Gulf investors. The most prominent of which was the Emarati company Salasal.

The Group has endeavored to provide the village with all recreational and basic service facilities, which contributes to providing distinctive service.

Area of ​​Paradise Matrouh Resort 

Paradise Village allocates a huge area, with a total area of ​​64 feddans. This huge area allowed the establishment of units of varying areas, in addition to the distinguished service facilities.

Services and features of Paradise – Matrouh Village 

  • Five-star hotel: The village is distinguished by the presence of a 5-star hotel that is established on an area of ​​7 feddans, and provides services at the highest quality.
  • Golf Club: Paradise has a private golf club, designed with world-class golf course construction.
  • Private beach: The village has a private beach for its residents.
  • Swimming pools: The village not only overlooks the sea but also has 6 swimming pools.
  • Aqua Park: To ensure a high level of entertainment, Al Sedek Group has supplied Paradise with an international Aqua Park.
  • Service area: Al Sedek company did not overlook the importance of allocating a large area to be a special area for providing basic services, as it contains shops and commercial malls, as well as restaurants and cafes.
  • Cinema: There is a summer cinema in Paradise-Matrouh village.
  • A rural village: You can also enjoy the rural village and its private lake for ducks, as well as a horse riding track.
  • Kids’ area: The village was also provided with a recreational area for children.
  • Gardens: Large areas of the landscape have been allocated, creating a balance between the blue and green colors on the village’s land, for more psychological comfort for its residents.
  • Private garages: There are secured garages especially for the residents.

Al-Sedek Group didn’t forget the importance of providing desalinated drinking water. This is to overcome the crisis experienced by most of Matrouh’s resorts and villages.

Units in Paradise Matrouh village

The units are diversified in Paradise Matrouh village, to serve different tastes. The types of units are as follows:

  • Chalets: up to 120 chalets.
  • Villas: up to 35 villas.

The units within the village are varied, starting from 98 m2 and reaching 120 m2, with special areas for villas.

Note that, The company delivers the units with a Super Lux Finishing System.

This diversity of areas contributed to the high demand for buying chalets in Paradise – Matrouh Village.

Payment systems

You can get many attractive offers that make it easy for you to buy a chalet at affordable prices. The payment systems in Paradise – Matrouh are as follows:

  • You can pay only 10% of the total unit price, with a full installment period of 5 years.
  • Moreover, you can pay 15% with a full payment period of 6 years.
  • Finally, you can install over 7 years if 25% of the total value of the housing unit is paid.

In general, you can see the average price per square meter in Matrouh in general through the price guide to be aware of the changes taking place in the real estate market, as well as you can see the demand indicators via the Aqarmap index.

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