About Administrative Capital malls and shopping centers 

Egypt is currently working hard to complete its plans for the New Administrative Capital, which is expected to become one of the most distinguished regions in Egypt.

Among these achievements at the service level in the new administrative capital is the planning and establishment of shopping centers and malls that attract investors, business owners and the public at the opening.

So, Aqarmap provides you with the latest information on the best malls under construction, which are expected to compete to develop and provide modern and distinctive entertainment shopping centers.

Paris Mall

Paris Mall is one of the best malls that were announced after Egypt’s intention to reconstruct the new administrative capital.

Pyramids Real Estate Development funds the project. In addition, Paris Mall will be the largest commercial mall in the New Administrative Capital. To clarify, it lies on an area of 4 feddans.

Overall, the recreational activities and attractions factors that the Mall of Paris will implement include:

  • Tropical jungle
  • Dolphin Shows
  • The first Aerial lift in the New Administrative Capital
  • Luxury cinema halls
  • Featured shops
  • Skiing
  • The largest children’s club in the New Administrative Capital

Champs Elysées Mall

One of the best malls in the New Administrative Capital. It is being built and developed by Pyramids Real Estate Company on an area of 8,500 square meters.

Moreover, the mall is located in the R7 area close to the cabinet. It will have a garden in front of the mall and a premium entertainment area. It will also include Aqua Park and a mobile theater.

The mall consists of 600 units including: shops, commercial units, administrative offices, medical clinics and private centers.

Inizio Mall

Karma deveploment announced its intention to implement it in the New Capital, to be one of the most important projects there.

The mall will have several administrative offices and medical clinics. Also, it will be completed in 2022. It consists of 7 floors and includes 188 units, and a garage for 120 cars.

The mall is well located next to the financial and business district, the ministries neighborhood, the Al Masah hotel and the cabinet.

The Pavilion Mall

ElAttal Holding Company for real estate development is the owner and executer of this project. Its design is inspired by the Parklin Walk in London.

The mall is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, within Parklin Hood Compound. It also includes many commercial units, including international brands of clothing, devices and various commodities. In addition to kids area, a large longue to receive VIP visitors, and other multi-space air-conditioned halls for meetings, seminars and similar purposes.

Commercial Mall

The mall is located inside Sarai Compound, 10 minutes away from Mostakbal city (Future City).

The mall offers a variety of commercial and entertainment services such as: restaurant complexes, cafes, clothing stores, electronics and various commodities. In addition to allocating area for administrative offices inside the mall.

Front Gate Mall

The mall is located at the main entrance to the New Administrative Capital, at Alamal axis, near the Green River.

The mall dedicates units for medical clinics and administrative offices, as well as various entertainment means, including branches for restaurant chains, famous cafes, and various shops.

Vinci Street Mall

The mall is well located in the 7th residential neighborhood R7. It lies near the cathedral church, fairground, the airport, and the Presidential Palace.

Also, the mall consists of several floors, including full floors dedicated to food and beverage services and various stores.

Other floors include administrative offices, specialized clinics, health and leisure centers (sauna and spa). In addition, they include gyms, fitness and beauty centers.

The mall is due to be opened to the public in April this year.

Aventra Mall

Lamar Global implements the mall with a huge cost. It consists of 2 buildings, each of them consisting of 10 floors.

Also, the mall offers 3 large halls for private and important meetings and seminars. In addition to many shops that offer different goods and a wide range of restaurants, cafes, health care clubs and administrative offices.

The Walk Mall

The Walk Mall is targeting New Cairo residents, the administrative capital, and their potential visitors.

The mall offers a variety of services, including: health clubs, sauna, steam, spa and care services for women. It also has various beauty centers. It encompasses entertaining services for its visitors by constructing an amusement park for children, a recreational area for adults, and a cinema complex.

Gardens, green areas and scenic landscapes surround the mall. It also has VIP visitors lounge that is held also for special seminars or family events.

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