Know about the Green River New Capital

About the Green River

It’s called the “Green River” as it is a simulation of the Nile River and its role in the middle of Cairo, but it is not running water like the Nile. It is an arterial garden that represents the natural lung of the new capital, adding a new feature to those looking for units within The New Administrative Capital.

The idea of establishing the Green River came from the Nile River that passes through the heart of Cairo, just as the Nile River brings together the outskirts of the city. The residential neighborhoods are on its sides. Thus, the Green River is planned to be the most important and largest gathering of central gardens in the whole world.

On the sides of the Green River, there are many services and residential gatherings, as well as its passage in the middle of the central business district, where the area of gardens exceeds 1,000 feddans, dividing The New Administrative Capital.

An environmentally friendly project that preserves resources

About the water sources that the project will supply, Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, stated that the water sources of the Green River are treated and used water from the water of purification plants, which means preserving an important resource such as drinking water.

to clarify, the basic idea is to recycle and use the water again.

Also, all the water was treated triple to use it to grow all the existing gardens, including the private gardens at  homes. The basis for irrigation of all green areas is the treated water.

Larger investments

The length of the Green River is 35 km, which is a distance that links The New Administrative Capital’s neighborhoods to each other, and the first stage is 10 km, with investments estimated at EGP 9,000,000,000, and starts from the middle ring road to the regional ring.

The garden is divided from east to west into 3 homogeneous planning sectors, each with a distinctive design, visual and urban character.

The first sector (CP 01) simulates the environment and is in harmony with natural factors. This part of the park includes more than 250 feddans of open areas for hiking.

The second sector (CP 02) is a major center for cultural and entertainment activities.

While the third sector (CP 03) embodies the nature and privacy of public parks, and its close connection with the immediate environment, which is the central business area.

The Green River features

  • Islamic garden
  • Covered garden
  •  Social club
  • Hospital garden
  • Integrated health center
  • Yards for celebrations
  • Lake for boats
  • A restaurant overlooking the lake
  • A garden of art works
  • A heritage garden
  • A recreational park, 
  • A lake of artwork
  • An open area
  • An open theater
  • Library and reading gardens amidst nature and greenery
  • Central plazas
  • Restaurant area
  • Sports and leisure club

Your housing unit will have a distinctive view.

Having a residential or commercial unit there is a good decision, as it is a city with a modern architecture, designed to comfort the residents and save their time and effort in assembling facilities, housing units and public services in one place.

It is also a great and promising place to invest in. Here is some information about the most important projects and compounds overlooking the river:

Green Avenue

Green Avenue is located in the seventh residential neighborhood, R7, on an area of 11.5 feddans, specifically in plot N6.

The compound is also located near: The Green River, Al Fattah Al Alim Mosque, the Cathedral, Opera, Al Massa Hotel, the Government District, the Presidential Palace, The New Administrative Capital Airport, the Diplomatic district and Expo City.

Green Avenue features

the characteristics of the compound, include:

  • Having green spaces
  • A service area with shops
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Kids area
  • A  dancing fountain
  • Theaters and cinemas
  • Various swimming pools
  • Medical clinics
  • Camera-controlled nursery
  • Security and guard
  • Electronic gates
  • Private underground garages to serve the pioneers of the compound
  • Artificial lakes

The compound has a very special location with distinctive views.

The square meter price in Green Avenue starts from EGP 8,500 to 10,750.

La Verde New Capital

La Verde New Capital is located in the heart of The New Administrative Capital, in the R8 area, next to Anakaji New Capital, near the Ring Road and Cairo-Suez road.

It also overlooks the Green River, the embassy district, the presidential residence, the ministries district, and the convention center.

Moreover, It lies near The New Administrative Capital Airport, and in front of the Opera House.

La Verde New Capital features

  • It has an administrative building and a commercial mall
  • An international nursery
  • Artificial lakes
  • Picnic paths with walking and cycling tracks
  • A social club and swimming pools
  • A medical center
  • Tennis and squash courts

The square meter price starts from EGP 9,000. Villa price starts from EGP 12,000,000.

Scenario New Capital

The compound has a waterfront due to its proximity to the Green River. It’s also  surrounded by green areas. Thus, Residents will feel the comfort and serenity of the ocean while you were inside the compound.

Scenario New Capital features

Scenario New Capital contains various entertainment and sports services, including: Swimming pool, cinemas and theaters, sports club, spa, educational facilities, amusement park, safe green spaces for children.

The company facilitates the payment process for customers, as it is not required in advance, and it provides payment facilities up to 10 years.

IL Bosco New Capital

The group chose the site of the compound carefully, to be close to the heart of the administrative capital, as it overlooks Mohammed Bin Zayed Axis. It is close to the presidential residence, the conference center, the airport, and the diplomatic area.

It also overlooks the green river, which gives it a wonderful waterfront alongside green areas.

IL Bosco New Capital features

IL Bosco New Capital is divided into separate apartments and villas, overlooking landscapes, swimming pools and green spaces which are safe for wandering.

The units and facilities are also equipped with security and guard services, which gives a sense of calm, comfort and safety.

Apartment prices start from EGP 18,000,000, and villas from EGP 6,000,000.

Midtown Sky New Cairo

The compound is close to the Green River, and minutes away from Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque, the Cathedral, and Al Massa Hotel; it is in the heart of The New Administrative capital.

Midtown Sky New Cairo is located in the seventh residential neighborhood, R7, on the central axis directly in front of the exhibition ground area. This neighborhood is quiet due to its low density.

Midtown Sky New Cairo features

The area of Midtown Sky New Cairo is 122 feddans, most of which are devoted to green areas, in order to provide a healthy, clean and comfortable environment for the residents, and contains artificial lakes and malls.

Apartment prices start from EGP 10,500 per meter, and villas prices start from EGP 4,300,000.

*Please note that the prices provided in the article are changeable. In Aqarmap, we are keen on updating the neighborhood price list  constantly to keep the consumer up to date in the Real Estate Market and measure demand indicators via Aqarmap Index.

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