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If you started your university life, and you will reside near Cairo University away from your home residence, if you are looking for cheap apartments for rent instead of university’s dorms in order to have a convenience atmosphere and for your own privacy; Aqarmap will provide you with s a comprehensive guide to areas close to different universities in Cairo. So, if you are a student at Cairo University or any other university in Cairo, start looking for apartments for rent in each of:

Faisal area

Faisal is one of the largest residential neighborhoods in Giza. It is characterized by its commercial stores, in addition to the diversity of its services, which includes recreational services, such as: restaurants like, KFC, Hosni and Fawwaz Al-Suri; hospitals like, El Shorouk Specialized Hospital, Al Rawan, and Zahraa Al Ahram.

The neighborhood can be easily accessed via Cairo Metro, the Ring Road, or Al Haram Street. Moreover, the price of apartments in Faisal start from EGP 1,300 in the 20th street, and Masahah Square, while in El Matbaa, the prices start from EGP 3,000.

Bein Al Sarayat

This area is one of the best places for those looking for affordable apartments for rent, because of its proximity to Cairo University; therefore, you will not even need transportation, and you can walk to the university. Moreover, the area is distinguished by recreational services, such as: restaurants, like, Pizza King, and Ebad Al Rahman fish, as well as supermarkets, libraries of stationery necessary for students, and photocopying shops.

The prices for renting apartments in this area start from EGP 2,500, and it is considered one of the most expensive areas for rent due to its unique location near Cairo University.

On the other hand, if you are a student at Al-Azhar University, Ain Shams University, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, or the Open University, do not hesitate to rent your apartment in one of these areas:

Nasr City neighborhood

Nasr City is one of the most important neighborhoods in Cairo. It is an extension of Heliopolis and El Abbasiya neighborhoods. It includes many health services, such as: Saint Mary Hospital, in addition to various restaurants of different nationalities, like, Syrian, Italian, and Egyptian.

As for transportation, you can take a public transportation from Makram Ebeid Street to any place in Cairo, or take a microbus from the sixth district to Al Tayaran Street, then take a microbus to El Abbasiya neighborhood, near Ain Shams University.

Most important neighborhoods for rent at affordable prices

Seventh District:

It is Nasr City‘s oldest district and its main center. It is also near to Ain Shams University, the Open University, and Field Marshal Tantawi Axis, which links the district to New Cairo, Madinaty, and the Suez Road. Moreover, the prices for renting apartments in the district start from EGP 4,000.

Sixth District:

It is the destination for students who are looking for a neighborhood close to Down Town, City Stars and Hassabo International Hospital. Moreover, the prices for renting apartments in the district start from EGP 4,000. You can rent an apartment in Moustafa El Nahas Street starting from EGP 3,000.

El Abbasiya 

The neighborhood is one of the distinguished places in which you can rent apartments at affordable prices. The prices start from EGP 1,700. 

Also, it has various health services, such as: the Air Force Hospital and Dar Al-Shifa Hospital. Moreover, it also has different restaurants and supermarkets, such as: Khair Zaman, Family Market and Qased Karim.

As for transportation, you can use Cairo Metro, or take a bus from El Abbasiya bus station.

Shubra El Khaymah

Shubra El-Khaymah is one of the most suitable places in which you can rent an apartment at an affordable price. The price for a double room starts from EGP 850. On the other hand, the price for apartments start from EGP 1,000, and may reach EGP 3,000.

As for its transportation, you can take Cairo Metro, railway, or microbus to Ain Shams University or Al-Azhar University.

* It is worth mentioning that real estate prices are always changing, and we, in Aqarmap, are keen on updating the price list of neighborhoods to keep the consumer informed about the changes in the real estate market. We also measure the demand indicators through Aqarmap index.

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