Best Properties for Rent in Makram Ebeid, Nasr City


Makram Ebeid Street

In this article you will know more about the available residential units for rent in Makram Ebeid; one of the best neighborhoods in Nasr City. The city that is known for its high-end residential neighborhoods, it also enjoys a great share of vitality, urbanism, and light population density, as well as the diversity of services and facilities including, entertainment centers, commercial shops, public services, and sports clubs. 

However, Nasr City features a number of important commercial streets, including Makram Ebeid Street, which is one of the most famous streets in Cairo. It also has a huge population density, as well as a variety of public services and facilities.

It is worth noting that the street was named after Makram Ebeid Pasha, the former Minister of Finance of Egypt in the 1940s. it also features a number of the most famous commercial shops in Egypt, as well as, a number of the major shopping malls and entertainment centers, such as City Center, City Stars, Al-Saraj Mall, and a number of the governmental entities, business companies, banks, hospitals, and schools as well.

Location of Makram Ebeid Street

The map of Makram Ebeid Street starts from the intersection of El Nasr Road to Mustafa Al Nahhas Street; it is also bordered by a number of the most vital streets in Cairo, such as Hassan El Mamoun Street, Ahmed Fakhry Street, Youssef Abbas Street, Abbas El Akkad Street, and El Tayaran Street, as well.

Makram Ebeid Street is located about only 15 minutes away from downtown, 10 minutes from New Cairo, and 5 minutes away from Heliopolis. You can reach it easily via El-Nasr Road, 6th of October Bridge, and El-Musheer Axis.

Best Properties for Rent in Makram Ebeid

Makram Ebeid Street features a wide range of vital places that offer distinctive commercial, residential, and administrative units for rent and for sale, as well. It is also surrounded by a number of important subsidiary streets, such as Abdul Razek El Sanhouri Street, Abu Dawoud El Zaheri Street, and Hafez Ramadan Street. Most of these nearby streets are characterized by calmness and low prices, compared to the units that overlook the main street – Makram Ebeid.

Some people prefer to search for apartments for rent in Abu Dawoud El Zaheri Street, because of the diversity of its commercial and residential units for rent. While others prefer searching for commercial units for rent in Makram Ebeid, which are more likely to be founded with areas ranging from 30 M² to 500 M². There are also a number of the distinctive residential compounds in Nasr City, which are located in Makram Ebeid, such as the Cleopatra Plaza compound.

The average rental rate of housing units in Makram Ebeid is EGP 5,000. While the average rental rate for commercial units is EGP 20,000.

Featured Facilities in Makram Ebeid

There are a number of vital landmarks in Makram Ebeid Street, such as: Dar Al Diafa, The Conference Hall, The Information Authority, Cairo Stadium, and The Exhibition Grounds. Alongside, a number of ministries, such as Petroleum Ministry, as well as, a group of the major hospitals including, Dar Al Fouad Hospital, in addition to a number of the large shopping malls, such as: City Stars, Al-Sarraj Mall, City Center, Tiba Mall, and Genena Mall.

 There are also a group of the most famous commercial shops, international restaurants, and cafes, such as: La Poire, Starbucks, and Food Court.

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