Al Karma 1 Compound in Sheikh Zayed by Al Karma Development 

El Karma 1 Compound


Al Karma 1 Compound is a residential project for villas only, implemented by Al Karma Real Estate Development Company, and Al Karma 1 Compound includes about 100 villas distributed over interior areas with modern designs and services that cover all residents’ needs.


The area of ​​Al Karma 1 Compound is about 45 acres, with a construction ratio that allows the presence of many green areas and gardens between the villas, and the villas and houses in it do not rise to more than 3 hours.


Karma 1 Compound is featured by its calmness, due to the low population density, as it is one of the premium housing areas within the Fourth District of Sheikh Zayed City.


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Location of  Al Karma 1 Project in Sheikh Zayed City


Al Karma 1 Compound is located on Al Zohour Road in the fourth district of Sheikh Zayed, next to the Urban Communities Authority and the Islamic Complex in Sheikh Zayed, between Future Square and Al Bustan Square.


There are many internal and external roads and axes that connect it to the neighborhoods and services around it, and the most important of these streets are:


  • Future Street: It starts from the properties of the first district in Sheikh Zayed and ends at the Al-Ahly Club at the end of the city near the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and passes through the middle of the city, and many neighborhoods and areas such as the second district, the seventh district, the tenth district, the sixth district, the twelfth district and the international park in Sheikh Zayed
  • Al Bustan Street: Al Bustan Street starts from the beginning of Al Nozha Road at the entrance to Sheikh Zayed City and ends at the Beverly Hills project and passes parallel to the Dahshur link road intersecting with Al Amal Road, and passes through the second district, the seventh district, the tenth district, the ninth district, the sixteenth district and up to the Beverly Hills area
  • Al-Shabab Street: It starts from Al-Rawda area in the first district and ends at the International Park in the middle of Sheikh Zayed City, and passes through the properties of the Sixth District, the Twelfth District, Al-Yasmeen district, the central axis area, and Al-Rabwa district


Prime Location of Karma 1 Complex in Sheikh Zayed City


Al Karma 1 Compound is one of the first projects of Al Karma Development Company in Sheikh Zayed City. It is a project dedicated to villas only, and it includes 100 luxury villas in Sheikh Zayed City and provides all services to residents.


Al Karma 1 Compound is close to all the main roads in Sheikh Zayed. It is also close to the central axis, the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and the Dahshur Link Road.


Al Karma 1 Compound is located in the fourth district of Sheikh Zayed City within 6 large projects, near the central services area at Sheikh Zayed entrance, Cairo University branch, Hyper One, and other recreational services.


The Real Estate Developer of Al Karma 1 Compound and Its Previous Works


The developer of Al Karma 1 Compound is Al Karma Real Estate Development Company, a large Egyptian company established in 1996, and during more than 25 years it has been able to provide the best real estate services through residential, commercial, and tourism projects in many Egyptian cities.


Al Karma Real Estate Development Company launched its first projects in 1996 AD, which is Al Karma 1 in Sheikh Zayed City, then Al Karma 2 in the same city in 2004, then Al Karma Heights in 2005, then Al Karma Residence in 2007, then Al Karma 4 in 2008, then the establishment of Smash Al Karma Sports Club.


Features of Karma Compound 1 and Its Services


  • One of the most important features of Al Karma 1 Compound is its location at the entrance to Sheikh Zayed City, next to the properties of the second district and the first district, and close to the entrance to Sheikh Zayed City and its central service area, so you will not need a long time to reach commercial centers, schools, universities, main roads and other services that concern the family and its adult members And the little ones
  • Al Karma 1  Compound is a project for villas only, which means that it is a very sophisticated community in terms of population and social class, and on the other hand, the low population density makes the quality of services always excellent and available to everyone in the best way
  • Al Karma 1 Compound also provides suitable options for all those looking for luxury villas and houses for sale in Sheikh Zayed or rent, as it is located between a group of large projects for villas only in the fourth district, famous for its sophistication, luxury, and distinguished units


Types of Units in Karma 1 Compound


There are a group of luxury villas in Karma 1 compound and houses with distinctive design externally and internally and with large areas suitable for families and large families, with a range of services that are always available near the compound.


Many customers prefer villas in Sheikh Zayed City over any city because it is an integrated city that includes all the recreational and necessary services available all the time, as there are schools, universities, hospitals, parks, and everything the family needs.


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Details of Areas and Designs in Karma 1 Compound


  • The number of villas in the Al Karma compound reaches 100 villas of varying design and area, which represents a great advantage for the project as it provides what suits all tastes and what all families need in terms of home interior designs and the number of rooms


  • Within Al Karma Compound, there are 1 independent villa consisting of a ground floor and a flat first floor, with an area starting from 350 m² up to 700 m², and there is a twin house with a garden starting from 300 m² up to 500 m², with a garden, a ground floor, and two repeating floors


  • Large families can choose spaces that allow a larger number of rooms within the units, such as villas that start from 400 square meters and up to 1000 square meters, which come with a large garden of up to 250 square meters, swimming pool, ground floor, first floor, and rooftop


Prices of Units in Karma 1 Compound 


Prices of properties in Sheikh Zayed City in Al Karma 1 Compound vary according to the area, the neighborhood, the services around it, the level of finishing, and the area, as each area has the appropriate price and the level of its services.


Prices in Sheikh Zayed City increased over the past year, to become the real estate price


The square meter in residential apartments is EGP 10,300, and the price per square meter in standalone villas starts from EGP 19,500.


The price per square meter in the Karma 1 compound starts from EGP 21,000 and reaches EGP 25,000, as the level of purchase increases and decreases according to the demand of customers to buy or not. It is noted, according to Aqrab Map, that the demand for villas is more than the demand for apartments in Sheikh Zayed.


Advantages of Buying A Unit in Karma 1 Compound in Sheikh Zayed


  • Buying a villa from Sheikh Zayed villas is one of the best decisions you will make in your life, as it will guarantee you a distinguished life within a sophisticated and sophisticated community with a package of wonderful services that cover all areas of the compound
  • It will also be near the best entertainment areas, parks, and restaurants in the city, as the compound is located at the entrance to the city and next to Hyper One and Cairo University
  • And buying a residential unit in Sheikh Zayed City is the most important step for a safe investment experience for each and your family, as the demand rises month after month for the units, especially the distinguished ones, such as the villas in Karma 1

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