Start Your Life in Anakaji Compound in the New Capital from Aqar Masr

Start Your Life in Anakaji Compound New Capital from Aqar Masr


The Anakaji housing project is inspired by the beauty of Nubian heritage.

Anakaji Compound is a distinguished residential project in the New Administrative Capital, which is inspired by Nubian architecture. It is developed by Aqar Masr for Real Estate Development Company. This company is considered one of the most important real estate companies in Egypt. Its residents enjoy many services of the highest standards, such as wide green spaces surrounded by facilities that ensure safety and comfort for them. It also provides a relaxing lifestyle that is suitable for families.

The compound is located in one of the most prestigious areas of the New Administrative Capital, which is in the Eighth Residential district, R8. This district is known for its merging between residential buildings and prominent landmarks in the New Administrative Capital. It enjoys a view of the Green River, which makes Anakaji Compound ideal for individuals who prefer a calm and comfortable lifestyle. 

The project includes 10 buildings, and each residential building has a private entrance and high-efficiency electric elevators to serve the population and easy access to all floors.


The Real Estate Developer of Anakji Compound

Aqar Masr Company for Real Estate Development is one of the most prominent real estate companies in Egypt, in the field of real estate development for communities with integrated services, facilities, and multi-purpose in all parts of the world.

Aqar Masr, which was able to occupy a high position within the real estate market in Egypt, seeks to provide modern residential experiences that provide a unique lifestyle to residents with its various projects. The company has succeeded in establishing many successful projects in various parts of Egypt, in Upper Egypt, Cairo, and the North Coast.

The company focuses in all its projects on quality, distinction and reviving the Egyptian architectural culture in its projects. This is particularly shown in the Anakaji project, which is characterized by the Nubian architectural style and its wonderful details.


Previous Works of the Real Estate Developer of the Anakaji project

Aqar Masr has implemented many distinguished projects and buildings, most notably:

Advantages of Residing in Anakaji Compound

Aqar Masr, the developer of the project, was keen on equipping the compound with an excellent infrastructure that provides all the residents’ needs in terms of basic services and facilities, stunning landscapes, and huge green spaces that take up about 80% of the total project area.

It provides ideal housing options for both families and individuals alike. Maintenance services, water and electricity services are available around the clock. The project buildings have fast elevators. Security and safety services are available 24 hours to ensure the safety of all residents.

Ample parking is available in the basement for each building. The project includes a swimming pool and gym. The project is characterized by the provision of a medical center in Anakaji Compound  that provides integrated medical care to residents. Besides, residents of the compound can easily access the nearby facilities due to its central location, and it is characterized by its safe and quiet environment.


Available Services and Luxuries of Anakaji Compound in the New Administrative Capital

The compound guarantees the provision of services at its highest standards, such as providing kids’ play areas equipped with facilities that ensure a safe environment for playing and spending the most enjoyable times near the house. In addition, residents can enjoy various activities in the facilities of Anakaji, such as the artificial lakes and the vast landscaped gardens, and there are safe paths for walking, running and cycling, and for those who love shopping. The compound includes a commercial area that meets the needs of the residents.


Areas and Prices of Units in Anakaji Compound

The units in Anakaji Compound vary between apartments with gardens, frequent floors, and duplexes, in addition to penthouses, town houses in Anakaji Compound . The apartments include one to 4 rooms. The areas of residential units start from 94 square meters up to 319 square meters.


Payment Systems for Units in Anakaji Compound

Anakaji Compound has more than one payment system to suit the various capabilities of customers, where the customer can pay the total amount in equal installments over 7 years. It is also possible to pay 5% down payment of the total unit value and install the remaining amount over 8 years. The company has also provided offers and discounts for cash payment.


Strategic Location of Anakaji Compound in the New Administrative Capital

Anakaji Compound is located in a privileged location in the Eighth Residential District, R8, in the New Administrative Capital. This district is one of the most prestigious and largest residential neighborhoods in the capital, with an area of ​​2,500 acres.

 It includes many residential projects and luxurious compounds, and a green space of up to 40,000 acres. The neighborhood is characterized by its inclusion of the finest hotels and a gym, in addition to a stunning view of the Green River.

Residents of the Eighth Residential neighborhood, R8, enjoy easy access to the most important areas and landmarks in the New Administrative Capital, as it is located near the diplomatic district and the government district that contains the headquarters of ministries and government agencies. It is also close to the Green River, Ain Sokhna Road, the Regional Ring Road, and the International Airport of the New Administrative Capital.


Design of Anakaji Compound in the New Administrative Capital 

Anakaji compound occupies an area of ​​20 acres, designed according to the popular Nubian architectural style, which is characterized by simplicity and elegance at the same time. It is characterized by colorful drawings on the walls of houses. There are various decorative shapes, and colorful drawings inspired by nature, such as flowers, plants, palms, and fruits. 

The area was divided so that the buildings are located on 20% of the total area of ​​the project, while the remaining space is allocated to green areas, industrial lakes and service areas, which guarantees residents the highest levels of comfort and luxury.

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