Iconic Tower Construction Details Using the Latest Engineering Techniques

Iconic Tower Construction Details Using the Latest Engineering Techniques


Egypt is witnessing a series of great developments in the real estate field due to what is currently happening in the New Administrative Capital and the huge projects that will soon be completed there. One of these projects is the Iconic Tower, which is considered a distinctive Egyptian monument and a tourist landmark in the Egyptian modern history.


The Iconic Tower: The Tallest Tower in Africa and the Middle East

The Iconic Tower is one of 20 giant towers in the New Administrative Capital. The tower is about 400 meters high. It is planned and designed to be the tallest in Africa, as it pulls the title from the Carlton Center tower in downtown Johannesburg, which has a height of 222.5 meters. It will be the second tallest tower in the Middle East after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


Total Area and Design of the Iconic Tower in the New Administrative Capital

The Iconic Tower, the tallest tower in Africa, consists of about 80 floors on an area of ​​240 square meters. The total area reaches 7 million square meters. 

It consists of 3 basic parts, the first part will be for buildings and administrative units in The Iconic Tower and it will consist of 50 floors and will include new headquarters for the Egyptian Stock Exchange, the Central Bank of Egypt and the Central Press, in addition to an administrative headquarters for the Capital Tower, in addition to the commercial units in the iconic tower. 

The second section will be for residential units of villas and apartments, and the third and final section will be a 6-star hotel group that provides all services to guests.

The Iconic Tower also includes a lot of services and facilities such as swimming pools, spas, and children’s play areas, in addition to various restaurants, commercial markets, cinemas, theaters, and a helipad as well.


Features of the Iconic Tower 

The features of the iconic tower in the New Capital, inspired by the ancient Egyptian civilization, will be in the form of a Pharaonic obelisk with glass facades. The design combines the nobility and originality of the Pharaonic civilization and the modernity of the existing buildings, and this shape was chosen to be the tower as a new Egyptian icon in the history of Egypt.


Prime Location of the Iconic Tower 

The location of the Iconic Tower has been chosen to be close to the most famous landmarks of the New Capital and vital facilities. The tower is located in the Financial and Business District, which is one of the distinct neighborhoods in the capital, as it is located between the Northern and Southern bin Zayed axes. Its area reaches 195 feddans, equivalent to 1,700,000 square meters. 

The tower overlooks the Capital Park, which is one of the largest and most important projects not only in the capital but in Egypt With an area of ​​1,000 feddans and a length of 10 meters and one of the largest parks in the world. It will be an integrated entertainment area for all Egyptians.

The Iconic Tower is also close to important establishments such as the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, the Cathedral Church in the capital, and the residential neighborhoods.


Building Techniques Used in the Iconic Tower 

Seven Egyptian companies, including the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, are participating in cooperation with the Chinese company CESC in building the Iconic Tower in the New Administrative Capital. There are also two laboratories for analyzing building concrete and conducting tests to achieve the latest safety and security methods and standards.

The Chinese company, CESC, is one of the largest companies in the field of construction and real estate, with projects in more than 100 countries, in addition to being ranked 21 for the best 50 companies in this field in the world.

Work began on the iconic tower project in the Administrative Capital in 2018, and work continues until the tower’s opening in 2022. Implementation of one floor of the tower takes about 6 continuous working days.

Before the start of the implementation of the project, Chief Engineer of the tower project, Tian Wei, presented about 18 proposals to improve the design and raise the efficiency of work in the construction of the tower, such as adjusting the calculation standards and choosing the steel horizontal struts, and other engineering proposals that saved the project implementation time and cost as well.


CESC Uses Sophisticated Methods in Construction

As for the modern technologies used by the Chinese company, including Liuzao technology, which is the technique of transferring water or building materials through horizontal tubes. The Chinese team transfers concrete through pipes and pumps, which reduced the degree of fluidity required for the concrete, and thus reduced the amount of water that would be consumed in the production of concrete. While the use of this technology did not lead to drying or shrinkage of the concrete. This method increased construction efficiency and cement was poured in a shorter time as 785 cubic meters of cement were being poured per hour.

The Chinese company said it used  strong, high-quality materials and high-stress concrete to build the tower, a form of concrete that is used in construction and is placed under pressure before it can withstand loads that exceed its weight. This is done by packing the concrete from the inside with high-strength strings in order to increase the efficiency of the concrete.

The company also used a certain type of the latest types of advanced cranes to transport building materials to the tower, because the traditional type of cranes is not suitable for such buildings.

The concrete has been tested and the best steel materials conform to all safety and quality standards based on several scientific and engineering studies. The length and area of ​​the iconic tower require all these measures to establish accurate calculations of winds, elevation, soil tolerance and foundation strength.

It is scheduled to inaugurate the tower on January 13, 2022, and it will be a distinguished architecture masterpiece. In addition to all the services and institutions in the tower. The 74th floor will be designated as a tourist attraction, where visitors can enjoy the restaurants, cafes and sessions on this floor, in addition to the ability to see the entire administrative capital from the tallest towers in Africa.

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