Best Choices For Your Company’s Headquarters in Fifth Settlement

The 5th Settlement: Continuous Business Development

The 5th Settlement has many financial and administrative centers, as well as continuous commercial activities that serve all residents, which made it the best choice in which you can establish your company’s headquarter. Among the most important features of the 5th Settlement is the 90th Street, which is considered as a headquarters for many major organizations and companies, as well as local and international banks, due to the high demand on units of New Cairo, which has been regarded as the most sought after real estate market in recent times.

It also includes Downtown area, which contains a large area for restaurants, in addition to a group of administrative headquarters for many companies, as well as a huge shopping center that is consist of several stores and shops. Moreover, Downtown area also contains an open area for restaurants area, and another area allocated for world famous hotels.

The 5th Settlement Hosts Many Headquarters For Different Companies and Banks

The 5th Settlement area, especially the 90th Street and Downtown area, includes a lot of administrative areas, in addition to an integrated small city project that includes many hotel housing units, villas, and buildings. Among the most important centers in 5th Settlement is Cairo Festival City, as well as many integrated services, whether administrative, commercial, recreational or educational. Moreover, its remote distance away from several elements of pollution, such as: factories and others made it have a wonderful atmosphere during most time of the year.

Location and Investment Opportunities to Help Your Company in the 5th settlement

The 5th Settlement is one of the fastest neighborhoods in terms of urban development in New Cairo, as it is characterized by its high-end villas, palaces, and residential apartments. It is also one of the best investment opportunities in New Cairo. Services of the 5th Settlement area are varied, as it includes all what residents may need.

Among the educational services in the 5th Settlement are Sayyid Tantawi Al-Azhari Institute, kindergarten for children, Ajyal Integrated Language Schools, New Cairo British International School, Manor House International School, Akhnaton International Language Schools, International Schools of Choueifat, Nile International Schools and Al-Kamal Language Institute.

The 5th Settlement also contains a group of government services, such as: Telecom Egypt, the post office, the New Cairo Educational Administration, petrol stations, the first police station of New Cairo, and the civil registry.

Most Famous Administrative Headquarters in the 5th Settlement

Cairo Business Park

Cairo Business Park is one of the best and largest malls in 5th Settlement and New Cairo. It has been designed according to the latest world-class styles. In addition to having several high-end residential projects, this luxurious commercial project includes a number of diverse services, because it is not only a mall, but a sophisticated project that is equivalent to most luxurious shopping centers in the world in terms of design.

As for the level of administrative unit prices within the Business Park project, it is considered one of the best levels according to the rates in New Cairo, when being compared to the advantages and multiple services, as you will find that 100% of the areas overlook the stunning landscapes and water bodies spread throughout the project, which creates an atmosphere of tranquility for employees.

Tycoon New Cairo project

Tycoon New Cairo project: is an administrative building, equipped with the latest international technology, in addition to the high-end designs of administrative units, and its distinctive soundproof glass windows.

The administrative project is located in Block 68-70, in the first sector situated at the banks area in one of the best locations of the 5th Settlement in New Cairo, next to all roads linking the project to Nasr City and Cairo’s Downtown.

The Tycoon project includes two administrative buildings, with a building area of ​​approximately 8,000 square meters.

Each building consists of 2 basements. It also consists of a ground floor, four identical floors, in addition to a closed roof, and an open roof covering the overall space of both buildings.

The project provides many administrative units for sale in the 5th settlement and New Cairo, which represents an opportunity for small and medium sized companies to start its first steps in business in the best areas of New Cairo.

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