Know more about most important opportunities for renting in Fifth Settlement

The Fifth Settlement is one of the districts of New Cairo. It is one of the most affluent districts of the city. It consists of several private neighborhoods, including the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth districts, in addition to Gharb El Golf, El Shouyfat, Diplomats, El Narges, Jasmine, Banafseg, and South Academy. The main street is 90th St, which extends along the central axis of New Cairo City, and is considered as a financial and administrative center. It houses most of the commercial activities that serve the city.

The Fifth Settlement is one of the fastest growing areas in terms of the rate of construction in Egypt, and is characterized by its villas, palaces and urban diversity, including Roman, Islamic, Pharaonic and Modern.

The 5th Settlement offers 15 districts with various architectural designs. Among the most famous of these districts are:


Lotus district is divided into North Lotus and South Lotus. It was named after the shape of Lotus flower and it is considered to be one of the most luxurious and beautiful districts of the 5th Settlement. 


El-Koronfel district is located near Platinum and Wadi Degla clubs. It contains villas overlooking the northern 90th Street.

Abu El Houl 

Most of the units in Abu Elhoul district are characterized by their location, spaces designated for families, low level of floors, and that all units are close to El Narges area, in addition of its proximity to Fatma El Sharbatly Mosque.

South Academy district

The district is characterized by having vast green areas overseeing 90th road, being near to a number of famous services, including: Downtown mall and Cairo Festival City, in addition to its proximity to Petrosport club and Hassan El Sharbatly Mosque.

Finally, there are many opportunities for renting in 5th Settlement district, as it offers many choices for those residents willing to move to the luxurious life, which contains several services, including: schools, local and international universities, companies, banks, restaurants and cafes.

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