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In this article, Aqarmap offers you more information about the latest compounds in 6th of October City.

6th of October City 

In this article, we review some of the latest compounds in 6th of October. The city of 6th of October, which was built decades back to relieve the high population density of Cairo, has 22 districts and 4 divisions. 

The city is one of the largest ones in terms of area. It is one of the longest compared to other cities, as well.

October .. a different city 

The population of 6th of October city is estimated at 3,000,000 and it has 12 residential districts named after numbers in addition to other districts like Al Ashgar. There are also many compounds in the city that suit various needs and styles. 

Moreover, the city has a number of services represented by shopping malls, various clubs in addition to wide green areas that cover the city. 

The city is 17 kilometers away from the famous Giza pyramids, 23 kilometers from Downtown Cairo and minutes from some of the main roads of Cairo including 26th of July Corridor, Fayoum road, Wahat road and the ring road. 

Here are some of the top most recent compounds in 6th of October. 

Iwan compound 

Iwan compound lies at the intersection of the central axis with Cairo Alexandria desert road. The project offers luxury and privacy. Moreover, it is one of the latest projects in 6th of October city.

It extends on an area of 25 feddans. It offers high quality services and integrated facilities like water, natural gas and electricity. 

The compound also offers a range of high quality services including entertainment ones. The services include: malls, security systems, medical services and others. The areas of the units start at 90 square meters and up to 290 square meters. Payment facilities are up to 8 year installments with just 10 percent down payment.

West Town Compound 

West Town compound in 6th of October city is one of the luxurious compounds located near Casa compound. The compound is one of Sodic company that is famous for its luxurious projects offering high quality of life and luxurious residential communities with the maximum privacy. 

The project offers swimming pools, public parks, ponds, clubs, social clubs, playgrounds and places for shopping and entertainment. 

It was built on an area of 1,000,000 square meters and it offers apartments as well as villas and twin houses.

It offers areas starting at 100 square meters and up to 700 square meters. The payments plans support up to 7 year installments with only 10 percent down payment.  

Up Ville Compound

The compound lies in the eighth district, which is one of the best and most luxurious districts in the city of October. The project offers many entertainment services in addition to wide green areas. 

The area of the compound is 86 feddans and it offers a variety of units including apartments, twin houses and duplexes. The units are surrounded by a mall, club, running tracks, security system and private garages. 

Units’ area  range between 150 and 500 square meters. Meanwhile, the payment plans support up to 7 year installments with 7 percent down payment. The project is one of Wadi El Nile project which is one of the major real estate development companies. 

Tiara Residence Compound

Tiara Residence compound in 6th of October is a project of Al Ard real estate development company. It is a luxurious compound offering a quiet environment and modern design. 

The compound lies 5 minutes from Juhaina square, 7 minutes from Sheikh Zayed and 15 minutes from Mohandeseen and Lebanon square. It is also reachable through Dahshour road and 26th of July corridor. 

The compound offers its residential units with great variety as the areas of the units range between 140 and 284 square meters. The compound also offers integrated services and facilities. Moreover, its payment methods support up to 20 year installments with a 30 percent down payment. 

O West Compound

Built on an area of more than 1,000 feddans,  O West is one of the largest compounds in the city of 6th of October. Its real estate developer, Orascom, is already well-known for its unique and successful projects including El Gouna resort in Hurghada

The compound is 2 kilometers from Misr mall and 6 kilometers from Juhaina square in the heart of the 6th of October. 

The project offers many services including a huge sports club built on an area of 35 feddans in addition to educational services including 4 schools and a university. There is also a 5 star hotel beside integrated facilities. 

The project offers 19,000 residential units with different models and areas ranging between 141 and 512 square meters and prices starting at EGP 2,000,000. The facilities offered include up to 7 year installments and a 10 percent down payment. 

It is worth mentioning that the prices mentioned in the article are subject to change. We constantly update the prices on Aqarmap to keep customers updated to the latest market changes. We also measure other indicators through Aqarmap Index

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