Best places for rental apartments in Seventh District in Nasr City

The Seventh District.. Nasr City’s most vital district

Discover the best areas with apartments for rent in The Seventh District in Nasr City. It’s one of Nasr City’s most important and vital districts, and it’s a well-designed and perfectly planned district. 

The Seventh District has a significant and privileged location in the far south of Nasr City. Moreover, it’s generally surrounded by a number of remarkable streets and main areas and districts of Nasr City; as it’s bounded to the east by Abbas AL Akkad Street, to the west by The Sixth District, to the north by Al Fath City and Embassies District, and to the South by The First Area.

The district was established in 1969; which means that it’s relatively old. It includes a number of noteworthy and famous streets which witness a wide demand from those who look for apartments for sale in Nasr City.

The Seventh District has numerous landmarks and famous authorities, as: Al Tayaran Street, Zaker Hussein Street, and Youssef Abbas Street.

The district is also near most remarkable roads and main axes like: Ali Amin Street “Mostafa Al Nahas”, Al Werash Road, and  Al Wafa Wa Al Amal Road.

In addition, the district includes famous side roads like: Al-Fadl Ibn Al-Rapih, Gafar El Sadek, and Al Bukhari. 

The Seventh District is one of Nasr City’s most elegant districts, in addition to its nearness to a considerable number of Nasr City’s compounds, numerous services, and various entertaining and sporting activities. 

Location of The Seventh District Nasr City

The district is located in the south of Nasr City, precisely in the area which lies between Al Tayaran Street, Youssef Abbas Street, Zaker Hussein Street, Rabaa Al Adawiyah, Abbas AL Akkad extension form the east, The Sixth District from the west, and Al Fath City. 

The district is reachable through Al Nasr Road, 6th of October Bridge, and Al-Mosher Axis from New Cairo

Best places with apartments for rent in the District

The district grants a number of different residential units; in terms of apartments for sale in The Seventh district Nasr City or for rent. It witnesses a high demand for the reason of its location near most significant landmarks, like: Court House, Ministry of Education, Wonderland Amusement Park, The International Park, Al Azhar University, and others.

These units are available with different areas starting  from 90 M2 to 400 M2; most of them are for rent. There are also apartments for rent in Zaker Hussein Street, and units for rent in Al Tayaran Street. Moreover, you can find distinguished apartments for rent in Al Bukhari Street in the Seventh District; which is one of the largest streets which has many wide apartments and numerous green areas that create a splendid view. 

Most units consist of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,  reception, and a kitchen. It’s notable that searching for apartments for rent in Nasr City increased by 30% in the current year from the previous one, due to the district’s fame and the availability of various services which are near the residential units. 

Most remarkable landmarks and authorities 

The district is close to entertainment places like The International Park located at the end of Abbas AL Akkad Street, Wonderland Amusement Park, and Kids Park in Makram Ebeid Street.

It’s only minutes away from a number of authorities, like: Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority, Ministry of Higher Education,  House of Supply and Provision Authority of The Egyptian Armed Forces, and Family Court, in addition to a number of major banks, as: The National Bank of Egypt, Faisal Islamic Bank, Banque Misr, Nasser Social Bank, and Enppi Petroleum Company.

Moreover, the district is near a number of commercial activities, stores, and restaurants, as: El-Ogail store, Arabiata restaurant, and Ezz Elarab automotive company. 

Besides, the district includes a huge number of green areas and gardens, which create a healthy atmosphere suitable for all individuals, in addition to adding a touch of beauty and elegance to the district.   

Prices of apartments for rent in the District

Prices of apartments for rent in the district start from almost EGP4,000, while square meter price for residential apartments in general starts from EGP 7,800. Unit’s price may reach EGP2,000,000. These prices are valid according to the last quarter of this year, and price differs generally according to area, location, and view. 

 *It’s worth mentioning that prices named above are changeable. We, in Aqarmap, are continually keen on updating prices list of districts, for keeping the client informed with the latest updates in real estate market, in addition to measuring demand indicators though Aqarmap Index.

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