The Meaning of Luxury is Go Heliopolis

Go Heliopolis is one of the biggest projects in Heliopolis, with its wonderful view directly on El Nozha St, one of the most important roads in Heliopolis. Units inside are fully equipped with all the services that won’t leave you wanting. Despite it being in a hotspot location, it’s anything but noisy or busy, giving you luxury and leisure in one complete package.


Go Heliopolis is developed by Khuzam Real Estate, one of the big players in the development industry famous for its successes. It is established on an efficiently used area of total 18,000 square meters, divided to provide a variety of different residential spaces, plus the reserved areas for infrastructure and services. Therefore, it is an uncommon complex perfect for those who look for prestige and luxury in one place.


Prime Location of Go Heliopolis Compound


Located in the Heliopolis suburbs, between El Nozha St. & El Nasr Rd. close to City Stars mall, you can already get an idea of how lucrative is it’s location. Imagine a fully fledged compound close to New Cairo, Nasr City, Fifth Settlement, and the CAI, connected to what’s around it by Nasr Road, Salah Salem and 6th October Bridge. Neither affected by the city noise nor far from it, our opinion that this highly lucrative location is only fit for the best.


Available Services in Go Heliopolis Compound


Special services are the secret ingredient in Khuzam’s formula, they pay due attention to understand what clients want and to bring it to them. Their services include:


  • A wide selection of stores & shops, most working around the clock
  • Elevator service in all unit, and a special elevator for hauling furniture
  • Kids area, walkways & a cafe & Restaurant For Rent in Heliopolis on every building rooftop
  • Vast greenery spread throughout the compound
  • Full internal maintenance service
  • Medical & pharmaceutical service with ambulance & emergency
  • Multiple banking service branches
  • A 24/7 security service with on foot patrols
  • Car garage in every tower


Available Units in Go Heliopolis


Multiple options are offered regarding spaces by Kuhzam, divided between 5 residential units such as Apartments For Sale in Heliopolis with a total of 760 units, includes the following types of apartments:


  • 1 bedroom 75 square meters 
  • 2 bedroom 125, 127, 130, or 135 square meters 
  • 3 bedroom 155, 165, 170, 175, or 185 square meters


Whatever apartment type you may choose, they all guarantee the latest & greatest designs & finishes. Complemented by the assortment of commercial & administrative units for clients and investors.


Prices of Units in Go Heliopolis


Considering it’s location with the services & amenities it offers, we can consider the prices offered as very competitive indeed. Khuzam guarantees something for everyone, with a quote per metre of EGP 11,200 up to EGP 15,500 depending on the type, area, and location of the unit.


The developer offers its clients 2 options for paying for units. You can either:


  • Pay 5% to reserve the unit and pay the remaining over 4 years
  • Put 10% as downpayment to reserve and pay the rest over 5 years


All units are delivered after 3 years


The Real Estate Developer of Go Heliopolis Compound


Go heliopolis is provided to you by Khuzam Real Estate, an old name in the industry with a 50 year history in real estate development and investment. They managed to prove themselves in the market with their one of a kind projects. Their investments in Go Heliopolis alone add up to over EGP 12,250,000,000 , which proves their commitment to make Go Heliopolis one of the best, if not the best, residential compound in Heliopolis and apartment in Go Heliopolis Compound.


Go Heliopolis is also special in the fact that they worked on it from the ground up, this overarching supervision plus their collaboration with the Lebanese Shadad Constructions is entirely dedicated to seeing their vision applied in reality. While not focusing any less on their current endeavour, their eyes are pointed towards the new administrative capital for future projects.


Go Heliopolis Is Your Ideal Choice


By this point it should be clear why we would recommend Go Heliopolis to you, fully equipped from the most basic services to the most luxurious amenities, from the immaculate design of the towers to the details of your own unit. From its efficient spacing to the vast green spaces offered. You can see how it’s a world class compound in Go Heliopolis that competes head to head with even the luxurious european counterparts. All of its elements carefully picked to offer the best for the best.


Reasons to Reside in Heliopolis


It is a given fact that Heliopolis is a destination for those who desire luxury without leaving their roots in the big city, connected to major regions like: Nasr City, New Cairo, Fifth Settlement makes it not isolated in the slightest. It is surrounded by a network of direct routes like: Salah Salem, Nasr Road, 6th of October Bridge that can take you anywhere. Not to forget the destinations it provides without going far, landmarks like: International Park, City Stars Mall, El Sindbad Amusement Park, and Genena Mall. It is similar to living in the center of the city with the luxury of the resorts.

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