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About Masr El Gedida

Masr El Gedida (Heliopolis) is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Cairo. It was founded by the Belgian Baron “Empan”. In the beginning, It was one of the most important districts for foreigners in Egypt during the nineteenth century, where they founded their beautiful palaces and large houses in the elegant European style. Some of these palaces remain today, which gives the neighborhood a distinctive architectural character. The government has been keen to preserve this character through regular maintenance and care.

Features and Services

Heliopolis has distinctive government headquarters and important landmarks such as Presidential Palace, Cairo Airport, Maryland Park, Military College, and others. That’s why it’s distinguished with its well-organized streets and neighborhoods. Korba is one of the famous neighborhoods in Heliopolis, which is known for the presence of master doctors in Egypt. There are also many villas in Heliopolis district with a distinctive level suitable for corporate headquarters or as branches of international banks.

In addition to its historical and archaeological value, Heliopolis is a vital commercial and economic district; it features areas with a wide range of the most famous commercial shops and shopping centers; such as Korba and Roxy. It also contains a number of several companies and large banks. Thus, the demand for rental apartments and condominiums in Heliopolis is significantly high. 

Distinctive Places in Masr El Gedida

  • Presidential Palace
  • Maryland Park
  • Palace of Baron Empan
  • Cairo International Airport
  • Heliopolis Library
  • Military college

Here are the most important areas in Masr El Gedida

New Nozha

One of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Heliopolis, it is located near Cairo International Airport. New Nozha offers economic and medium housing solutions; that’s why it is suitable for limited budgets. It also has the new Saudi German Hospital in Taha Hussein Street. The average price* per meter for apartments is EGP 3,950.

Triumph Square

One of Heliopolis’s most famous squares, linking St. Fatima to Orouba Road; it is a relatively commercial street. Triumph Square features many facilities and services including, pharmacies, markets, schools, and kindergartens. Triumph Square offers medium and upper-medium housing solutions with an average price* EGP 8,900 per meter for apartments.


It is one of the most famous squares in Heliopolis and even all over Cairo; it is located near ​​Corba neighborhood, Maryland, the Baron Palace, and the Presidential Palace. Roxy is also one of the most famous commercial areas in Egypt; it contains a wide range of clothing stores of all kinds and different prices. Roxy also contains many commercial shops of famous brands, clinics, schools, and nurseries. Roxy offers medium and upper-medium housing solutions with an average price* EGP 8,100 per meter for apartments.*

* Please note that the prices in the Egyptian market are constantly changing, so you can check the updated prices continuously by visiting Aqarmap updating list of all neighborhoods, also you can see the measurement rate of buying and selling in Aqarmap index.

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