Learn about the Baron Palace and Heliopolis after the development

Heliopolis is one of the most vital neighborhoods within the Greater Cairo. Its streets are distinguished by ancient monuments and modern building designs.

The neighborhood also combines social and cultural upscale for residents, in addition to the organized partition, which makes residing in it of high demand. The credit for this partition must go to the Belgian billionaire Baron Empain, the owner of the famous Baron Palace.

The opening date of the palace is in the pipeline, after almost four years of renovations at a cost of EGP 100 million. We will provide you with the most important and needed details about the Heliopolis neighborhood and the Baron Palace.

Features of residing in Heliopolis

The most important feature is the proximity to Cairo International Airport, and being easily accessible from all around the Greater Cairo. Besides, the infrastructure and street designs which make the neighborhood quite free of traffic congestion.

There are three subway stations within the neighborhood, such as Kuleit el-Banat (Girls College), Al-Ahram, and Haroon Rashid. Also, there are many commercial markets, such as the antiques market in Jamea Square, and many famous clothing stores in Roxy district.

The neighborhood has well-known hospitals, such as Cleopatra Hospital, Saudi German Hospital and Nozha International Hospital. It is also characterized by the availability of many international, public and private schools, such as: Saint Fatima Languages, Al-Tabari, Al-Hijaz Secondary Boys, Saint Joseph, Lycée El Horreya, Memphis American, Minis International, Notre Dame, Youssef Al-Sebaei Secondary Girls, and El Khalifa EL Mahmoun Secondary Boys.

You can spend a family day at one of the clubs within the neighborhood, such as Al-Shams club, Aviation Sporting Club, El-Ghaba Club, Al-Nasr Club and Heliopolis Club.

The most prominent landmarks in Heliopolis

The neighborhood has many important and distinctive landmarks, such as:

  • Maryland Park.
  • Heliopolis Palace.
  • Ibn Sender Garden.
  • The presidential palace in Heliopolis.
  • Egyptian Air Force Command, Joint Command.
  • Military College.
  • Cairo International Airport.
  • Heliopolis Court.
  • Heliopolis Library.

The most important residential areas surrounding Heliopolis

Heliopolis has many famous residential areas, such as: El Orouba, Roxy, El Korba, Jamea Square, Ard El Golf, New Nozha, and Gisr El Swis.

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 El Orouba

El Orouba district is the most important one, as it is a stretch of Salah Salem Road, and starts from El Orouba Tunnel to the airport bridge. Its most famous landmarks are the famous Baron Palace and the Military College. It has many famous hotels, such as: Marriott Airport, and Fairmont Heliopolis.

Prices of housing units vary in terms of their proximity to the Baron Palace and the main streets. The average price per square meter for apartments is about EGP 11,000.

Roxy Square

It is the most famous square in Heliopolis. It is located close by El Khalifa EL Mahmoun Street, El Korba district, Maryland park, Heliopolis Club and the Presidential Palace. It is one of the most famous commercial districts in Heliopolis, with many clothing, shoes and accessories stores.

The average price per square meter is nearly EGP 8,000.

El Korba

It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Heliopolis. It is characterized by a charming architectural style. The neighborhood is located between Salah Salem Street, Al Merghani, Federation Palace, and Al-Ahram Street.

It is worth noting that this district is characterized by a commercial nature, as there are many restaurants and cafes in the neighborhood, such as Grove, which is one of the oldest cafes there.

It is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Heliopolis, where the average price per square meter for apartments in El Korba is EGP 14,000.

Jamea Square

It is one of the most populated residential districts. It is connected to many important streets, such as Damascus Street in El Korba, Al-Hijaz Street and others.

The neighborhood is distinguished by good architectural organization of residential buildings, with diversity in designs, in order to satisfy all tastes and needs. It is called the “Heliopolis Bazaar” or “Heliopolis Market”, as it is famous for jewelry and diamond shops.

The average price per square meter for housing units in Jamea Square is EGP 12,000.

Ard El Golf

It is one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Heliopolis. It is characterized by its quiet strategic location between Nasr City and Heliopolis. Ard El Golf neighborhood is connected to El Nasr Road, El Nozha Street, El Merghany Street and El Thawra Street.

Housing units range from the above average to the luxurious, where the average price per square meter for properties in Ard El Golf is EGP 9,500.

New Nozha

This neighborhood is suitable for those with limited budgets who want to move to Heliopolis. It is located near Cairo International Airport. Recently, the new Saudi German Hospital, in Taha Hussein Street, was opened.

The average price per square meter for apartments in New Nozha is EGP 4,150. It is characterized by its proximity to Sun City Mall and City Center Almaza Shopping Mall.

Gisr El Swis 

It is one of the largest streets in Heliopolis. It stretches from Ibn Sender Street to the tenth of Ramadan parking lot. It is surrounded by many slum and ordinary areas, such as: Alf Maskan, Al Herafean, Badr Park, Al Tajneed, Kobry Al-Kobbah, Ain Shams, and Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Its most famous stretches: The 20th Street, The 40th Street, The 50th Street, and El Shahid Ahmed Esmat Street.

The most distinguishing feature of Gisr El Swis is the tremendous decline in real estate prices, compared to other ancient Heliopolis districts, where the average price per square meter is about EGP 2,600.

Learn about the New Heliopolis city

The New Heliopolis city is one of the fourth generation cities established under a presidential decree to reduce the overpopulation, but the responsible developer of the project is Heliopolis Housing and Development (HHD).

It is expected that the future of the new city would be promising, as it is a natural stretch of Heliopolis, and has become an ideal investment destination.

Location of the New Heliopolis city is characterized by being the nearest to most of the new cities in Egypt, because of its proximity to the regional ring road and its connection to the new subway line that will end at the New Administrative Capital and would pass through the cities of Badr, Al-Shorouk, Al-Obour and New Obour.

It is worth noting that the prices of housing units in New Heliopolis start from EGP 5,000 per meter. The Heliopolis Company has completed work of the first phase in the new city, and has established a department for finishing and decoration works, with high-end services at great prices.

Developing Heliopolis to get rid of crowdness

The Heliopolis development plan came as an effective solution to the overcrowding crisis witnessed in some vital squares, to re-paving some streets that suffer from cracks in pavements, to make bridges and roads, and to remove the tram line that used a large area of ​​the main streets to expand roads.

One of the most important stages in the development plan is the building of 5 bridges, which are:

  • Abridge over Al-Mirghani intersection with Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Street.
  • Abridge over Al-Mirghani intersection with the Seven Buildings.
  • Abridge over Nozha Street intersection with Salah Salem and above the Al-Galaa Bridge.
  • Abridge over Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq intersection with Othman Bin Affan.
  • Abridge over Al Mahkamah Square.

The primary role of these bridges is to reduce the severe traffic congestion within Heliopolis, while preserving the architectural character of the district, and keeping the environment free of pollution. The development process is based on 8 phases, five of which are currently being carried out, and the first phase includes the Almaza Triangle area and the Abu Bakr Al Siddik corridor.

Also in this phase, traffic has been transformed into free one with no intersections, road width increased, movement of mass transportation has been greatly facilitated, and the problem of waiting for transportation has been solved.

This plan is the first of its kind since the establishment of the Heliopolis neighborhood 114 years ago by Baron Empain.

Overview about the Baron Empain Palace and its most important architectural characteristics

The historic Baron Palace, located in the heart of Heliopolis, specifically on Al-Oruba Street in Salah Salem, is one of the most important architectural masterpieces constructed in the district.

The palace style is inspired by Indian architecture, which attracts the attention of anyone. It overlooks three of the richest streets in the district, namely Ibn Battuta, Ibn Jubair, and Hassan Al Sadaq.

The total area of ​​the palace is about 12,500,000 meters, and it was designed after the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, and Hindu temples in the Orissa state.

Despite the vast area of the palace, the interior space has two floors. The first consists of a large hall, two halls to receive guests, and one to play billiards. The second floor consists of four rooms, each with a separate bathroom.

The palace is surrounded by many Hindu, Indian, and Buddhist statues. There are many statues inside it, which are made of gold and butane, as well as a huge antique clock categorized by minutes, hours, days, months, years, and temperatures. There is only one other clock, found in Buckingham Palace in England.

The palace was designed in such a way that the sun never goes away from its rooms. The roof of the palace is a legendary park, which was used in many concerts by Baron Empain.

There are many plant and animal drawings painted on the surface walls. The only way to go to the surface of the palace is through the pink wooden staircase. The floor of the palace is made of marble and alabaster materials obtained from Italy and Belgium.

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