What You Need to Know About Compounds in New Heliopolis City

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New Heliopolis City is one of the most successful recently developed cities in Cairo, Egypt. Many people had the desire to buy and rent new units in such cities to enjoy their vibrant atmosphere, well-designed buildings, and nearby facilities and services. That’s why many developers start to develop and invest in new cities.

New Heliopolis City offers its residents a number of features including its strategic location near Suez Road, contains many commercial areas and public facilities, such as hospitals, schools, nursery, mosque, markets, pharmacies, and green landscapes.  

It contains a number of featured compounds including Medellin Compound as well as Jewels Compound which has a wide range of services such as private garages, gated communities, 24/7 security services, and lavish landscapes. Both compounds represent the most famous residential destination in New Heliopolis City. Also, they offer flexible payment facilities with installments for up to 7 years.

In addition to those premium compounds, New Heliopolis City includes many other prestigious projects, such as Al Masa, La Vida, SODIC East, and Future City.

Hereby, you will find the most important details and information about compounds in New Heliopolis City. 

Future City Compound

Future City Compound is located over an area of 25,000 m²; 10,000 m² of it is dedicated to the green landscapes and lavish gardens. It has a strategic location near to one of the most elegant neighborhoods of Heliopolis—The Fifth Settlement.

Future City Compound consists of 11 buildings, each of which is four stories high, while its apartment areas vary from 100 m² to 205 m². The compound offers many flexible payment facilities with installments for up to 10 years. The project also includes a swimming pool as well as a luxury banquet hall.

Al Masa New Heliopolis

Al Masa Compound is characterized by its small area, as it consists of only 5 buildings. The compound offers many great services and facilities including spacious gardens, gym, waterways, tracks, and central satellite, in addition to the 24/7 security services.

Midlion Compound

This compound is located in the Fourth District, Heliopolis City. It is designed in a style similar to the elegant Korba District of Heliopolis.

Similarly to the previous compounds, the number of buildings in Midlion Compound is not that big: it only consists of 13 buildings.

On the other side, apartment areas in Midlion Compound range from 200 m² to 330 m². You can buy a new apartment for sale in Midlion Compound, New Heliopolis City, with only 10% of the total amount as a deposit and the rest to be paid in installments according to your budget.   

Jewels Compound

This compound is slightly different from the previous ones; it features a large number of buildings, 28 residential buildings in three stages, and consistently each building consists of four floors and all have three entrances. The project is characterized by its massive lavish landscapes and the diversity of areas of apartments as well.

Advantages of New Heliopolis City for the Egyptian Real Estate Market

  • New Heliopolis City features a strategic location close to the Ring Road and the Suez Road, which keeps it away from the crowd and in the main time close to the vital places in Cairo
  • Besides, it is the perfect place for housing and work, as well as shopping and entertainment 
  • New Heliopolis City offers many services and facilities including schools, supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies, nurseries, gardens, health clubs, and gyms
  • Almost all the compounds in New Heliopolis City offer flexible payment plans and installment systems ranging from 7 years up to 10 years with a deposit starting from 10% of the total amount
  • New Heliopolis City is very proximate to New Administrative Capital, which will definitely increase its prices in the future, keeping in mind that the current property prices in New Heliopolis City are not originally that high

In a nutshell, according to many real estate experts, New Heliopolis City properties prices will increase over time. This makes it clear that New Heliopolis City is a golden opportunity for profitable long-term investments.

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