Find Out the Top 9 Compounds in New Heliopolis

Live in the best compounds in new Heliopolis & enjoy the strategic location

When it comes to choosing a residential compound for your family, you are not just choosing a house but a whole lifestyle. New Heliopolis City has become one of the most prestigious new cities, which features a wide range of residential compounds. 

New Heliopolis City features a number of distinctive compounds including, Medallion Compound, which is characterized by its modern design and its lavish gardens, as well as, Jewels Compound that features a wide range of services such as parking buildings and spacious gardens, both offer payment facilities with flexible installment plans for up to 7 years. 

Also, you can consider The Prime Compound as one of the best choices, which has the same features as the previous ones. Also, it is a gated compound with 24/7 security services. Moreover, New Heliopolis City includes other prestigious projects such as Al Masa, La Vida, SODIC East, and Future City. We have compiled for you a list of the best compounds in New Heliopolis, so you can choose the home of your dreams.

What are the Best Compounds in New Heliopolis?

  1. Future City
  2. La Vida
  3. SODIC East
  4. Jewels
  5. The Prime
  6. Medallion
  7. Korba Heights
  8. The Prime
  9. Sheraton Homes

Brief about the Top Residential Projects in New Heliopolis

Almost all the residential compounds in New Heliopolis City offer the same features; spacious lavish gardens, flexible payment plans, and a variety of the offered residential units.  

Future City Compound

Future City spreads on 25.000 meters, including 10,000 meters of green gardens. It has a significant location in one of the most elegant neighborhoods of Heliopolis – The Fifth District. The compound consists of 11 buildings, with four floors each.

It offers a wide range of units’ areas; from 100m² to 205m², with flexible installment plans up to 10 years. The project also includes a swimming pool as well as a social hall.

Medallion Compound 

Unlike the previous ones, the Medallion Compound features modern designs. It’s located in the Fourth District and considered one of the finest neighborhoods in Heliopolis. It consists of 13 buildings with different areas that cater to all categories and needs. 

The areas vary from 200m² to 330m², and it offers many payment facilities: you can just pay 10% of the total amount as a deposit and installments up to 7 years.

Jewels Compound 

Unlike the previous ones, Jewels Compound is slightly different. It has a bigger number of buildings than others. It consists of 28 buildings /three stages. Consistently, each building consists of four floors, all of which have three entrances. The compound is characterized by its lavish gardens and diversity of units’ areas.

Korba Heights 

The project is the first milestone for HDG, which has focused its efforts and expansive experience, in cooperation with housing and planning experts, to set the architectural and civilization foundations of the project. The project envisions a self-sufficient city that combines the basic pillars of luxury living with practical and efficient planning that utilizes infrastructure to serve residents.


clinics – concert hall – garage – maintenance – solar Energy – supermarket – landscape – 24/7 security – GYM/Spa – kids area – nursery – waiting area – pharmacies – restaurants & cafés -electronic gates.


The compound is located in New Heliopolis City, Fifth Settlement, 15 minutes to New Cairo and Rehab, 15 minutes to Cairo International Airport, and10 minutes to the New Administrative Capital.

The Prime

Residential Complex consists of 20 buildings, each building has a ground floor and four floors with a total of 280 units of luxury units unique designs that reflect the classic character distinctively green areas.

Project Services:

  • Landscape
  • Security
  • Compound gates
  • Electric lifts
  • Parking spaces
  • Green Spaces

Payment Plans:

10% offer and installments up to 7 years.


The New City of Heliopolis, 10 minutes from the Suez road and the ring road and near my city and the new administrative capital

Sheraton Homes

Consists of 8 buildings each floor divided into three apartments. The spaces range from 140 square meters to 238 square meters.


  • Gardens
  • Parking spaces
  • Security and guarding
  • Green Spaces


10% offer and installments of 7 years


Located in the heart of Heliopolis in front of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and minutes from Cairo Airport and Sun City Mall.

Investment Highlights of New Heliopolis City

New Heliopolis City is distinguished with its strategic location, which added more advantages to it.  Although it is slightly far from the downtown, it is not an isolated district at all; as it is close to the ring road and the Suez Road, as well. Besides that, its location is suitable for housing, business, entertainment, and shopping. You can find many shopping malls and entertainment centers nearby, in addition to several public services including, schools, hospitals, nurseries, markets, entertainment centers, even parks, and gyms. 

Almost all New Heliopolis City compounds offer flexible payment plans ranging from 7 years to 10 years with 10% of the total amount as a deposit.

Moreover, New Heliopolis City is located near to The New Capital City of Egypt – the future of Egypt, which will add more value to its properties in the coming few years. It’s noticeable that the current prices in New Heliopolis are not that high. That’s why we consider it one of the greatest investment chances in Egypt right now. 

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