More about Features of Living in Go Heliopolis Compound

In this article, Aqarmap provides you with more information about Go Heliopolis including its location, features, and prices.

Egypt is full of new housing projects which present several architectural visions. The common link between those projects is the lack of good location and originality. However, one of the most important districts characterized by good location and originality is Heliopolis district or what is known as Masr El-Gedida (Heliopolis)district; it is one of the most important and prestigious districts in Egypt. Its closeness to Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, Downtown Cairo and Cornish al-Nile makes it a perfect location to live in. It includes one of the most significant shopping malls ‘City Stars Mall’. The district is considered as Cairo frontage in the eastern side, one of the capital entrances and the first place receiving tourists from all over the world coming through the International Cairo Airport. 

Real Estate Developers of Go Heliopolis 

‘Khuzam Real Estate Company is one of Khuzam group companies which has a long experience in the Egyptian market for about half a century. The long experienced company works in developing a distinctive real estate society.  It is anticipated that the company is going to invest nearly EGP 1,250,000,000 in such a project, to achieve an estimated revenues of about EGP 3,000,000,000.

The company chose Go Heliopolis to be its first real estate project, as the company believes in providing an outstanding residence with suitable price in the best and finest Cairo’s districts.  

About Go Heliopolis Compound

Khuzam Real Estate Company chose Masr El-Gedida to be the location of Go Heliopolis as a demonstration of its adherence to housing development in one of the best and finest Cairo’s districts in Egypt; which makes the compound combines between modern design and location originality.

Khuzam Real Estate Company has signed a contract with the Lebanese company Chaddad Group, one of the most important construction companies in Lebanon to be the project’s main contractor.   

Compound Location 

The project lies at Masr El-Gedida outskirts to be one of the first Heliopolis Compounds, as expressed by its name Go Heliopolis. It is located between Nozha Street in the west and Al- Nasr road in the south, Artillery buildings and City Stars in the east. It occupies 18,000 m2; 16,000 m2 of which are specified for construction, and the rest goes for green areas.

Compound Features and Services

The project offers many services, including security and escort services, parking lots (one parking space for each residential unit), business units, restaurants, supermarkets, kids area, medical clinics and administrative offices.

Available Areas and Units

On the 1st of October, the company launched 760 residential units with areas starting from 120m2 and up to 190m2.

Payment Systems  

The company provided a number of flats for sale in Go Heliopolis offering both super lux finishing flats and semi finishing ones, in addition to business and administrative units at an average price of about EGP 13,500 per square meter. It also offers payment facilities including paying a 10% down payment and the rest is in installments. Moreover, Khuzam Real Estate Company provided 10% discount offer for persons who wish to book, in the celebration of the lunch. To learn more, visit rates per square meter in Heliopolis.

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