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The Merits of living in Sheikh Zayed City

Do you think of buying a house in Sheikh Zayed City to experience a remarkable lifestyle? Are you looking to buy an apartment with payments facilities and installments that suit your budget in one of the best compounds in Sheikh Zayed City?

Then you’re in for a treat, keep reading this article to learn more about Sheikh Zayed City and its finest compounds’ services and prices.

Sheikh Zayed City is one of the major cities affiliated to the new Giza Governorate, and also considered as a part of Grand Cairo suburbs.

Established in 1995 over an area of about 10,000 feddans, the City is fully integrated with facilities and services which make it very attractive for those who are looking for a reliable city to buy their properties in. its population reached nearly 300,000.

The city is located near the 6th of October city, Pyramids Gardens, Alexandria Desert Road and 28 kilometers away from Central Cairo, and can be reached via the 26th of July axis.

Sheikh Zayed City encompasses huge number of successful projects. here are some of the most and finest projects offering apartments with payments facilities and installments.

The Core Residence

The Core Residence is a premium residential compound provided by MTIS Developments, and was built over 5 feddans in Riviera Sheikh Zayed City, near the 26th of July axis. It’s few minutes from Mall of Arabia, 10 minutes from Mall of Egypt and El Wahat Road. The Core Residence Compound offers a variety of services and features such as private garages, bicycle pathways, lakes, shopping mall and a Clubhouse.

It provides various payment facilities on apartments with areas ranging from 140 to 300 square meters. Prices start from EGP 1,190,00 to EGP 2,550,000.

The project owners provide payment facilities with a 25% down payment and the rest is over 7 years.

Evergreen Compound

Evergreen compound is established in Sheikh Zayed City over 100 feddans. It’s 6 minutes from 6th of October City. In addition, it is designed in many different styles to fit customer tastes. Many entertainment services are provided such as restaurants and cafés, Gyms, Service area, playgrounds and swimming pools.

The company’s developer offers installments for 250-square meter apartments at a price of EGP 1,900,000 in addition to providing payment facilities up to 4 years interest-free.

Tiara Residence

Tiara Residence is located on a strategic site in 6th of October City, 5 minutes away from Juhayna Square and 7 minutes from Sheikh Zayed City. The compound design comes in such an elegant style with high quality interfaces and luxurious entrances, applying the concept of welfare to fit all needs. It includes 24/7 active security, private garages and vast green areas.

The project owners provide installments for apartments with areas start from 140 to 284 square meters at prices starting from EGP723,253 to EGP1,174,253. In addition, it provides payment facilities by paying a30% down payment and the rest is over 20 years.

Linx Business Park

Linx Business Park lies in Smart Village near Sheikh Zayed City. Established specially for business and trading, it provides the finest comfort means on international levels to meet business men needs.

It creates a perfect environment for important businesses and meetings in order to be an entertainment and a business center for productive youth. It offers services and facilities such as conference rooms, security, entertainment, retailing areas, reception services and parking lots.

The developer provide offers and installments for apartments with areas start from 92 to 149 square meters at prices starting from EGP2,392,000 to EGP3,874,000. It also offers payment facilities up to 5 years.

* Please note that all prices mentioned in this article are for the first quarter of 2019 and subject to change, and we in Aqarmap try to update them regularly in our prices guide of districts.  Choose between different spaces and  styles in the best compounds in Sheikh Zayed City, you would find many payment plans that suit all.

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