Choose your luxurious house in Rhodes Compound of New Administrative Capital

New Administrative Capital in brief

In 2014, the government announced her ambitious project for establishing a new Egyptian capital. It’s planned to embrace headquarters of all ministerial headquarters and governmental and administrative authorities, in addition to including foreign embassies, diplomatic representations, the Parliament, and presidency and governance headquarters; for the reason of relieving congestion in Cairo, which always suffers from traffic jams and overcrowding. 

An ambitious project for the future

The objective of establishing the new capital is building up a huge urban community, which is capable of accommodating the increasing population growth, without constituting an infringement of agricultural lands, or making extensive use of old city’s facilities. 

The government viewed the new capital, which is considered one of the fourth generation cities, as a chance for establishing a new economic center able to attract foreign investments. Moreover, it’s targeted to create intensive and various job opportunities within the construction stage of city facilities and projects, managing these facilities, and then working in its companies and major international banks.

New Administrative Capital has been divided into four main sectors as follows: 

  • The Residential District
  • The Governmental District
  • Money and Business District
  • Embassies District

all of which are on a huge area of 170.000 feddans

the executor has been keen on allocating most of this area to green areas, gardens, and artificial lakes; for creating a green and healthy environment for all city residents.

New Administrative Capital is not much far from Cairo; as you can cover the 60-km distance (the distance between the city and the heart of Cairo) in about half an hour; taking any of the fast roads which link the city to its surroundings; like the Regional Road or “Cairo- Suez” Road. 

Rhodes project Real Estate Developer

Kasr Baghdad for Development is the project’s real estate developer. It works in the field of real estate investment and purchasing and selling residential projects. 

Lately, the company has strongly grown in the field of construction; as it has carried out a number of projects and investments in New Cairo and The Fifth Settlement. Rhodes project is considered the best of company’s projects.  

Quick facts about Rhodes Compound

Rhodes residential compound is one of New Administrative Capital’s big compounds; as it occupies an area of 99 acres, most of this area (around 77%) is allocated for services, green areas, and gardens.

The compound has a privileged location higher than all around it.

Compound location

The compound is located in the Residential District on high ground, in one of the new capital’s most important areas, R7, which is known by the Seventh Area, near to Embassies District.

The compound is also near to new capital’s most important landmarks like opera house, the green river, Al Massa Hotel, and Olympic City.

Most significant privileges of Rhodes project 

Living in New Administrative Capital constitutes an investment for the future; as it guarantees the luxury of living in a well-planned and organized area. The new capital has also a comprehensive system of services and facilities, and it’s paid a considerable intention by the government. 

Here are some other privileges that make of living in Rhodes a unique experience:

  • The spread of green areas and gardens which creates a healthy atmosphere, privacy, and quietness for residents
  • A huge social club
  • Gym and sporting club
  • The compound is provided with electronic gates, 24-hours security guards, and a developed monitoring system for protecting residents and their properties 
  • Medical center
  • Cinema
  • A mall including most famous trademarks 
  • A hall for parties and different occasions 

More details about residential units and their sizes in Rhodes Compound 

The rate of construction in the compound is 23% of the whole area. Also, compound buildings consist of 7 floors in addition to the ground floor. 

Units types and sizes vary to include:

  • Apartments: with sizes starting from 90 M2 to 220 M2
  • Villas: with sizes starting from 240 M2 to 800 M2

Prices and payment facilities 

Rhodes Compound affords a list of prices that are considered the lowest in New Administrative Capital; as square meter price in the compound starts from EGP 7500 (according to the first quarter of 2019).

the price of the apartment attached to a swimming pool reaches EGP1.300.000. Besides, there are other smaller apartments with prices that suit your budget. 

The company affords a range of facilities for purchasers; as you can pay 20% of unit price, and the rest is paid in installments for 4 years without interest. 

*It’s worth mentioning that prices named above are changeable. We, in Aqarmap, are continually keen on updating prices list for keeping the client informed with the latest updates in real estate market, in addition to measuring demand indicators though Aqarmap Index.

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