What to Know About Downtown in the New Capital?

Map of MU19 in New Capital
Map of MU19 in New Capital

Downtown District, or MU19, is located in the heart of the New Capital and is like Downtown Cairo. In a short time, Downtown will become the largest commercial area that includes various investments in the capital of the future. 

The district is characterized by its location near the most important landmarks and districts of the New Capital. It is adjacent to Al Masa Capital Hotel and north to the Government District, the Monorail train station, and the Opera House. It is also close to the main roads, such as the North Axis of Mohammed Bin Zayed.

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Details About Downtown District


Downtown is a huge investment district with ​​1,364 acres of area and is divided into 5 neighborhoods. It will include shopping centers, major commercial activities in various fields, administrative towers, headquarters of companies, gardens with various designs, and medical units.

Downtown is designed in an unparalleled detailed engineering way. You will find all the commercial centers or companies in one area. For example, you will find an area only for furniture stores, an area only for jewelry and gold stores, etc.

Prime Location of the Downtown District in the New Capital


The Downtown area is located in the heart of the New Capital and is surrounded by the most important landmarks in the Capital. To the north, it is bordered by the Government District, the Ministries District, the Parliament Building, the Opera House, and the Monorail Train Station. To the west, it is bordered by Al Masa Capital Hotel. To the south, it is bordered by the Green River, and the new museum. To the east, it is bordered by the second phase of the New Capital.

Furthermore, Downtown is easily accessible via the Regional Ring Road, the Axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, Al-Massa Axis, the Monorail Axis, and the Northern Axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.

Advantages of Residing in Downtown District


Downtown is divided into separate areas for every commercial activity and includes services that have never been seen before in Cairo or Egypt in general. You will find the following:

5 Main Neighborhoods in Downtown


  1. The Hotel Tourist Neighborhood, which covers an area of ​​138 acres and includes hotels, hotel apartments, administrative towers, and luxurious commercial units
  2. Fashion Neighborhood, which covers an area of ​​40 acres
  3. The Shopping and Strolling Neighborhood, which covers an area of ​​35 acres and includes commercial malls and strolling areas
  4. Properties of the New Administrative Neighborhood, which covers an area of ​​27 acres
  5. Heritage and Arts Neighborhood, which covers an area of ​​17 acres and includes artistic and creative products, art exhibitions, and musical areas

4 Areas for Institutions Within Downtown


  1. Area of petroleum companies
  2. Area of pharmaceutical companies
  3. Area of computer, electronics, and technology companies
  4. Area of insurance companies

Various Services Available in Downtown District


  • The eastern and the western gardens
  • Egypt Mosque with an area of ​​68 acres, which is the second-largest mosque after Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque
  • A medical area with clinics for sale
  • The Government Data Center
  • The gold market
  • Area of construction and building materials companies
  • Public service area

The Most Famous Malls in the Downtown Area


Downtown includes a large number of commercial malls, which in turn include administrative and commercial units and shops. The most famous of these malls are:

Types of Units in Downtown District


Downtown includes various units for sale within malls, towers, and commercial areas, such as:

  • Administrative units
  • Hotel apartments
  • Commercial units
  • Medical units

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Details of Areas and Designs of Units in Downtown District


  • Administrative units: areas start from 17 square meters for small offices and modern projects and reach more than 400 square meters for banks or large companies
  • Commercial units: areas of shops range from 30 to 30,000 square meters for large commercial mall projects There are also opportunities to own booths or partitions with small areas ranging from 4 to 17 square meters
  • Medical units: areas start from 17 square meters for medical clinics, and reach 200 square meters for a major pharmacy, laboratory, or radiology center

Prices of Units in the Downtown Area


Prices vary according to the design, finishes, and location of units. According to the currently announced prices for 2021, you will find the following:

  • The price per square meter in the administrative units starts from EGP 15,000
  • The price per square meter in the medical units starts from EGP 25,000
  • The price per square meter in the commercial units starts from EGP 30,000

Moreover, developers of malls and commercial establishments provide payment facilities and installment systems for up to 10 years.

Advantages of Owning A Project in the Downtown Area


Starting your project in the Downtown Area will facilitate many steps of success for you due to the following reasons:

  • Location: Downtown is characterized by its proximity to the main roads within the New Capital
  • Popularity: The name of the area has already spread and has been successfully promoted as the largest investment and commercial area in the New Capital
  • Designs: diversity of engineering designs and areas in units helps you make the perfect choice for your project
  • Proximity to the residential compounds in the New Capital guarantees you the purchasing density in the Downtown area
  • Having a project in a commercial mall or administrative tower guarantees you basic services, such as garages, mosques, supermarkets, and green areas

Advantages of Investing in the New Capital


Your project in the New Capital is undoubtedly in the true location of success. The New Capital is distinguished by its location and proximity to main roads, and the availability of all areas of basic, recreational and commercial services. It also includes the largest administrative towers and a good population density.

The New Capital is planned to accommodate 7,000,000 in the first phase only and still attracts more people due to the distinctive compounds it presents.

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