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In this article, you will know about the best compounds in Shorouk City

An Overview of Shorouk Compounds

Shorouk city is a relatively new city that was built in Greater Cairo with great variety of units to suit as many people as it could. The city is located at 37 kilometers in Cairo Ismailia road and is 7 kilometers away from Cairo Suez road. It is also at the east of New Heliopolis city and is only 5 kilometers away from Al Rehab and Madinaty cities.

Shorouk City was established for the purpose of urban expansion and reduce population density. It is characterized by a strong transportation network, and there are a number of wonderful compounds, and the city of Shorouk is designed on an area of 11,000 feddans; where 6,000 feddans are allocated for population activities, and 1,500 feddans for service activities. In this article, you will know more about the best compounds in Shorouk City,


ALBA compound is one of the best compounds in Shorouk for many reasons including its excellent location in both Cairo Suez road and Cairo Ismailia road. The compound is also near the ring road and is only 5 kilometers away from Madinaty City and Carrefour Shorouk branch. Moreover, it is just 15 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.

ALBA offers its residential units as apartments and duplexes as it has a total of 190 apartment and 48 duplex. It offers residential, administrative and commercial units located on 5% of the land area, with more than 190 apartments and 48 duplexes.

El Patio 5 

El Patio 5 is one of the luxurious residential projects in Shorouk city and it offers various models for its units including townhouses, twin houses and villas. The project was built on an area of 35 feddans and has a perfect location near the third district of the city. El Patio 5 offers many services including entertainment and commercial ones.

Shorouk Springs 

One of the best residential compounds in Shorouk and it is located on Suez road, in front of Madinaty City gates and just minutes from New Cairo. The compound has wide green areas, social clubs and commercial activities while it offers various unit types: apartments, villas and townhouses.

Wadi El Rabea Shorouk 

Wadi El Rabea is a totally fenced compound in the city of Shorouk built on an area of 37 feddans near a number of vital landmarks including Hyper One and the International Medical Center. It offers many services and various units with areas ranging between 97 and 375 square meters.

Life Park Shorouk

Life Park Shorouk is one of the vital residential projects in the city built on an area of 25 feddans and located near the New Administrative Capital and the International Medical Center. The compound provides its residents with many services including playgrounds, a mosque, commercial areas and various restaurants and cafes. The areas of the units start at 80 square meters and fulfill various needs and styles.

Golden City

Golden City is a residential compound located in the heart of El Shorouk City, in a prime location right next to Carrefour El Shorouk.

Located in the heart of Shorouk city, Golden city compound is next to Carrefour El Shorouk and can be considered as one of the top compound in the city. It offers wide green areas, clubs, security, private garages and many other public and entertainment services. The units of the compound start at 95 square meters and up to 140 square meters.

El Patio Casa 

Also called La Vista Shorouk, the compound is only 700 meters away from the city’s entrance and it has an excellent location next to Hyper One, Heliopolis Club and Madinaty City. The compound was built on an area of 30 feddans and only 20 percent of this area is for buildings while the rest is green areas. El Patio Casa also offers many services for the residents.

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