Discover the most significant types of floors

Your house’s floor is an important factor for the success of your house design; as it depends on some inputs and basics that help us choose what satisfies our needs, requirements, and also tastes. Choices are various, and each of them has pros and cons; therefore, we provide you with this simplified guide about the most significant types of floors that suit your house.

Wooden floor

It’s considered one of the most famous and oldest types of floors. It’s characterized by its elegance and high quality, and it suits classical, modern, and other decorative patterns. Wooden floors’ approximate life span is from 6 to 8 years. However, it’s affected by heat and humidity; the factors which lead to its decay and cracking. 

  • It’s distinguished by warmth and flexibility; so it’s recommended to be used for bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Its light colors are recommended to be used rather than dark ones; as light colors are easily cleaned. Find many ways to choose your house’s colors

Wooden floors include parquet; which is made of natural and high quality wood and HDF. There is another type of floors made of engineered wood which is cheaper than parquet. 

Marble floors

Marble is a floor type that is characterized by its endurance and long life span. It’s also famous for its elegance, material’s variety, and solidity. Therefore, it’s mostly used for entrances and stairs. 

Moreover; it’s very glistening and easily cleaned; hence, it gives your house a permanent glitter and a view that steals your visitors’ hearts.


  • Its high price and coldness makes it unsuitable for houses and interior rooms; especially bedrooms.
  • It’s easily scratched and interacted with cleaners; thus, you should deal with it very carefully.

It’s recommended to use soft marble in living rooms and guest rooms, and hard marble can be used for terraces and open areas. 

Vinyl floors 

Vinyl floors have become very famous and mostly used; as it’s cheap, various in shape and colour, and easily installed.

However, it has a short life span comparing to other types of floors.

Traditional tiles

Many people think that traditional tiles are now an old hat! But we’re surprised by its strong back and heading the newest decoration trends.

Traditional tiles are made of white cement, sand, and quartz; that’s why it is very cheap and commonly used for pavements and roads. Nevertheless, it has a distinctive beauty in old houses; especially in bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. 


It’s commonly used in Egypt; hence, Egyptian market includes various choices of ceramic to meet the needs and tastes of all users.

It’s recognized by marble’s elegance, tile’s solidity, and wood’s long life span; wherefore, it’s considered the best of all of them. Likewise, it has many designs similar and simulating all of the above floors’. As there are ceramic patterns with distinctive wooden and marble views, others are figured with brilliant colors same as tiles, and other patterns of designs.  

Glistening ceramic is recommended to be used for guest rooms and dining rooms. while hard ceramic is advisable to be used for kitchens and bathrooms. 

For bedrooms and living rooms, parquet ceramic is the perfect choice. 

Concrete floors for houses

Concrete floor is one of the most recent decor fashions; after it was only used for open areas with heavy usage; like pitches, garages, and open parks. But now, decorators have found out its beauty and efficiency inside houses. Moreover, it’s cheap, easily installed, and so solid that lengthens its approximate life span.

Carpet tiles 

The most distinguishing characteristic of this kind of floors is its ability of sound absorption, reducing noise, and exuding warmth and intimacy in houses. 

What is more, it’s cheap and easily changeable in a way that allows you to renew you house once in a while without the need of specialists or specialized labors.

Its frequently used for bedrooms, living rooms, and kids rooms; as it protects children from bumping on hard floors like ceramic and marble. 

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