Advantages and Disadvantages of Energy Saving Lamps and LED Bulbs

After the rise in electricity prices, many people began to search for ideas that help in saving energy and reduce electricity bills. Many companies helped in this respect, so we can now find all electrical appliances are powered by the inverter technology. Now, air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves and other appliances are powered by such technology.

Apart from the energy-saving household appliances, people also head to purchasing energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs. So, if you are going to equip your new home, we will inform you about the differences, advantages and disadvantages of such lamps and bulbs in the following lines.


Advantages of Using Energy-Saving Lamps


  • Energy saving: LED bulbs consume up to 80% and sometimes 90% less energy than traditional bulbs
  • Energy saving lamps produce the same level of light as incandescent light bulbs
  • Energy saving lamps have a long life-span that lasts up to 20,000 hours, which is about 20 years. This life-span is equivalent to the life-span of 10 incandescent light bulbs, which is only 2,000 hours
  • You will not need to change energy saving lamps as often as the incandescent light bulbs
  • Saving expenses depends on reducing the consumption of light, reducing electricity bills, and also reducing purchasing of lamps


Disadvantages of Using Energy-Saving Lamps


During the few previous years, some studies elaborated on the danger of using energy saving lamps. So, the most important disadvantages that threaten human health and the lives of organisms are as follows:

  • Some energy saving lamps emit ultraviolet rays that affect the retina and the cornea. So, it is not recommended to approach them more than 30 cm from the eyes
  • Energy saving lamps contain mercury, which vapors in case the lamps are broken and might cause harms, especially to children
  • The price of energy saving lamps is higher than the price of the traditional lamps
  • The increase of artificial lights in the evening contributed to the light pollution. Accordingly, this caused physiological changes in the evening that threaten the life of plants and nocturnal organisms that depend on darkness

Some of these disadvantages have been addressed, most notably the mercury content that is reduced inside lamps. Also, some LED lamps of the newer generation are low or mercury free.


Differences Between Energy Saving Lamps and LED Saving Lamps


In the beginning, there was no competition in the light bulbs market, as there was only one type of lamps, which are traditional lamps or incandescent light bulbs. Then, Philips Company introduced ESL bulbs known for their spiral shape, which are characterized by saving electricity but contain mercury.

So, developments continued to tackle with the manufacturing defects until we are now have two types of energy saving lamps in the market, they are:


Compact Fluorescent Lamps

  • The most common type to be used in homes. It is called compact because of its small size and emits light from its entire surface
  • They save 78-85% of electricity consumption and have a lifespan of 8,000 hours longer than incandescent bulbs
  • They are provided in the form of long bulbs known as neon tubes, or spiral bulbs known as saving lamps. Also, they have different colors such as white, blue, red and others
  • They contain a low level of mercury

LED Saving Lamps

  • They are the best source of light. They save 80% to 90% of energy consumption and produce the same level of light as the traditional lamps
  • They are more durable, have a longer life span of up to 50 thousand hours and do not emit heat
  • They are environmentally friendly and do not contain mercury, tungsten filaments or harmful substances. Also, their components can be recycled
  • They are provided in multiple shapes and colors, so they might be widely used in modern decorations and designs to  avoid Most Common Design Mistakes
  • High price is their only disadvantage, but they often offer a guarantee for several years


Where Are Energy Saving Lamps Sold?

You can find LED bulbs in many places and markets, for example:

  • IKEA stores
  • El ARABY Stores
  • Shops and mobile sales vehicles of Venus Company
  • Most of the electrical stores and shops on Abdul Aziz Street
  • Electricity market at Al ‘Atabah
  • You can shop online on Souq, Jumia and Amazon websites


Prices of Energy Saving Lamps

Before talking about prices, here is the best brands of LED bulbs:

  • Philips LED bulbs with prices ranging from EGP 60 for a 9-watt bulb, to EGP 200 for a 30-watt bulb. They are offered in different types, shapes and colors
  • Tornado LED bulbs with prices starting from EGP 70 for a 7-watt bulb
  • Edison LED bulbs with prices ranging from EGP 45 to EGP 180. They are distinguished by modern shapes suitable for distinguished décor you apartment

Moreover, LED bulbs are available in popular markets at cheap prices, sometimes starting at 15 pounds, but certainly, their life span is short and their light is weak.


Ways to Help in Saving Energy At Home


In addition to using energy-saving lamps, you can adhere to a set of tips at home to maintain your home and reduce the consumption of electricity, as follows:

  • Buy energy-saving appliances, or known as inverter technology powered-appliances, to save electricity consumption
  • Make sure to turn off unused bulbs when leaving one room to another
  • Unplug the plugs of household appliances when you are finished using them, especially water boilers, electric ovens or washing machines
  • Periodically maintain the electrical appliances, as damaged appliances consume more electricity
  • Replace any appliance that works with electricity with another that works with gas if possible
  • Preserve the life span of electrical appliances by reading the user manual and following the instructions. For example, provide a suitable space around the refrigerator to reduce pressure on it, close doors and windows during the operation of the air conditioner and use hot water in the washing machine if clothes are so dirt

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