Discover the privileges of 6th of October City… services and luxuries

6th of October City privileges…. Discover how it's different!

Before you purchase a property, it’s recommended to collect some data about privileges and services available in its area first. In this article, find out the privileges of 6th of October City, and reasons why you should own a unit in this beautiful place.

6th of October City is one of the famous and large cities, and consequently, it’s a preferable choice of residency by many people. It was established by a resolution of president Anwar Sadat 1979. Being part of Giza Governorate, it’s easily accessible from Cairo and Giza.

Location of 6th of October City and its accessibility

The city is advantaged by being easily accessible from numerous surrounding high ways; as it reachable from The Ring Road, Alexandria Sahrawi Road, and The Axis. Thus, the city is almost linked with all vital places.

Residential districts in 6th of October City

The city is divided into 12 districts, each of them is named by its sequence, starting from First District to Twelfth District. In addition, the city includes some distinguished residential areas, like Tourist Area and Distinctive Housing Lot. Each district is large enough to include several neighborhoods.

Different services afforded by 6th of October City

The city owns a vast space of 400 km2, and it sequentially affords all kinds of services that you may need.

Not only services are available, but they are also various; since you can find whatever you need and you can never feel isolated. However, the city is still away from the noise of city center.

Educational services

Regardless of your budget volume , or the type of education you are looking for, the city contains multi fold adequate schools. As there as there are 7 governmental schools for primary and preparatory stages, 4 high schools, 9 official schools, many private and language schools, distinguished international schools, and a number of special needs schools.

There are also multiple private universities including various theoretical and practical specializations; like 6th of October University, Misr University for Science and Technology, and Ahram Canadian University.

Health services

6th of October City encloses a considerable number of hospitals and health centers covering its huge space. There are governmental hospitals, like Central Hospital and Medical Insurance Hospital.

 Besides, there are many private hospitals, like Dar Al Fouad Hospital, and Al Zohour Hospital, in addition to 6th of October University and Misr University hospitals. 5 ambulatory care centers are also available and distributed along the city, and 5 health units for serving city’s residents.

Security and guard services

Security services in the city include police spots and fire stations. They are distributed along the whole area of the city to be near to any place. For police stations, the city has October First Police Station and October Second Police Station.

In addition, there is a police post in Al Motamayez District, and Facilities and Reconstruction Management Division.

Moreover, 6th of October City has a complex gathering Passport Office, Traffic Bureau, and Civil Registry to satisfy the needs of residents.

Furthermore, there are 5 fire stations distributed along the city.

Transportation services

6th of October City is reachable from many vital and famous areas in Cairo and Giza; like Al Asher Bus Station, Ramses Bus Station, and Al Haram Bus Station. Also, Mwasalat Misr company has launched a new path that links between 6th of October City and Abdel Moneim Ryad Square. In addition, various means of transportation are provided for facilitating the movement between the different districts of the city. 

Sporting services

There are multiple sporting clubs that use the huge space of the city for building landscaping and different playgrounds. As the city contains a branch of Egyptian Shooting Club and Wadi Degla Sporting Club. Also, you can find 6th of October Sporting Club, Engineers Union Sporting Club, and Lawyers Union Sporting Club.

Food supply services

Food supply services are available in the city, starting from food supply administrative office, malls, and consumer cooperative stores. In addition, there are 5 gas cylinders warehouses, and a huge number of bakeries that produce subsidized and unsubsidized bread.

It can be said that you are able to buy whatever you need without the need of going outside the city.

Houses of worship

It’s so easy to find a mosque or a church in 6th of October City, as they exist in all city’s districts. There are many famous mosques, like Al-Hosary, Al Madina, and Al Tahawy.

Furthermore, there is a number of Orthodox churches, like Patronage of The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mar Morcos, and El Malak Michael.

Commercial services

Commercial centers in 6th of October City enjoy a wide popularity, and witness visitors from outside the city. Such commercial centers, advantaged by their splendid designs, include multifold branches for international brands.

Thus, the city has Mall of Egypt, Mall of Arabia, Cityscape Mall, Dandy Mega Mall, Hyper One, and others.

Entertainment services

There are a lot of entertainment places in 6th of October City, most popular of them are Dream Park, which is visited by people from all over Egypt, Magic Land, and Aqua Park.

In addition, the city contains many movie houses; like Dream Land Cinema, Dandy Mega Cinema, and Imax Americana Plaza Cinema.

Thereby, 6th of October City has a plenty of various services, and includes a number of residential areas suitable for all people with their different budgets.

This is the reason why this city is one of adequate choices that you need to consider while selecting your property area.

If you prefer to live in another area, you shall find other distinctive choices. As Egypt has recently witnessed a huge expansion in the field of establishing residential projects, named by compounds, executed by major real estate developers. Consequently, real estate market witnesses a considerable variety in prices in different districts and areas.

We, in Aqarmap, are continually keen on updating prices list of districts, for keeping the client informed with the latest updates in real estate market, in addition to measuring demand indicators though Aqarmap Index.

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