Features of Units in Paradise Compound in 6th of October

What You Need To Know About Paradise Compound in october gardens

Paradise Compound is one of the projects of El Batal Group in 6th of October city. It’s built over 25 acres of land where only 23% of it is occupied by buildings, leaving the whole rest of the compound filled with green landscapes, roads and all kinds of services. 

Details of Paradise Compound 6th Of October City

You may be wondering why Paradise Compound is considered one of the top compounds in 6th of October. It all comes down to its uniquely strategic location close to all the luxurious compounds in the city, DreamLand amusement park, the Mall of Egypt, Zamalek Sports Club branch in 6th of October, the Ring Road, the Egyptian Media Production City, and the New Fayoum Road. 

The Real Estate Developer of the Paradise Project

El Batal Group is the real estate development company behind the beautiful project that is Paradise Compound.

It is a pioneering Egyptian company with amazing efforts displayed in various other projects across Greater Cairo, where it has successfully developed over one thousand different units, from residential to administrative and commercial. 

Founded back in 2002, the company gained a mass popularity in the Egyptian Real Estate Market by gaining a great reputation for its immaculate projects. 

All across the board, El Batal Group is known for their great attention to detail and unique designs. 

The company aims to please all of its clients’ needs through providing them with only the top projects in Greater Cairo, complete with the most luxurious services and facilities, along with excellent payment plans. 

Previous Projects by El Batal Group

The company has successfully developed many different projects in less than 15 years, some of them are:

Features of Paradise Complex

Paradise Compound lies in an incredibly distinct area in 6th of October city, right by its most important central roads, and close to all services residents would definitely enjoy, from sports activities, to educational and medical services, and much more. 

Types of Units in Paradise Compound

Another great thing about Paradise Compound is that it offers various units with varying spaces. The project includes 74 residential properties offered for sale that come in 9 different models, where unit spaces range between 116 and 340 square meters per unit. This is to provide many different options to suit all customers and their needs. 

The design of the Paradise project is characterized by extreme precision and sophistication. 

There are different areas of apartments for sale suitable for middle-income people, and each building is surrounded by a garden with an area of approximately 60 square meters, in addition to corridors between the buildings for more privacy and security for all units.

Services in Paradise Compound

Paradise Compound includes its own shopping mall for all the residents to enjoy. Within the mall you’ll find 10 thousand square meters of only the top most luxurious shops and brands, along with many amazing restaurants and cafes. 

This is great news to all those looking for an apartment in Paradise Compound, because it means they won’t have to leave the premise of the project to get anything they need. 

Areas of Units in Paradise Compound

Besides the beautiful residential units within the project, Paradise Compound also offers different commercial and administrative units. 

Commercial units range between 42 and 737 square meters in space, where the developers of the project are keen on keeping unique and non-repetitive commercial activity within the compound.

As for the administrative units, there are special 2-story buildings that contain units starting from 32 square meters reaching 1200 square meters in space. 

Within Paradise Compound you’ll also find a building specifically made for all kinds of different services, including hospitals, day cares, and other facilitative activities that make this compound completely integrated. 

Unique Privileges of Living in Paradise Complex

The Paradise Compound project, in the gardens of October City, includes a distinguished group of high-quality services provided by Al-Batal Group in its wonderful project in the best locations on 6th of October City.

Some of the things residents of Paradise Compound enjoy are:

  • Green Areas among the buildings
  • Security Services
  • Garages
  • A Safe play area for children
  • A complete commercial area and many kinds of services 
  • A complete medical center
  • A walking and running track
  • A day care for children
  • An open area specifically made for BBQ parties and different activities

Besides all these amazing privileges, Paradise Compound also includes other features that make it one of the top residential compounds in 6th of October city. Some of these features are:

  • All kinds of different services
  • The unique location in 6th of October City close to the Mall of Egypt
  • A private 60 square meter garden for each building
  • A play area specifically made for children and a shopping mall
  • Various unit models that come in different spaces and designs 
  • Unit spaces ranging between 116 and 340 square meters

Payment Systems Offered by Paradise Compound

The developer of Paradise Compound offers its client great payment plans to facilitate their payment process, where clients get to enjoy the option of installing their down-payment. You have the option to pay 20% of your desired unit’s price for reservation then 15% after three months, another 15% after 6 months, and then you can instal the rest over 48 months. 

Location of Paradise Compound

One of the most important things about any residential compound is its location and what it lies close to. And accordingly, El Batal Group has chosen only the most strategic location for their beautiful residential project Paradise Compound in 6 October Gardens.

You’ll find yourself surrounded by the city’s most distinctive landmarks and services, such as the Egyptian Media Production City, Dreamland famous Amusement Park, the Mall of Egypt, and the Zewail City of Science and Technology. 

Besides that, it’s incredibly easy to get to and from the compound as it lies close to the city’s most important central roads,  such as the Ring Road, Fayoum Road, and Al Wahat Road. 

Enjoy Living in the Newest Areas of Cairo

Paradise Compound is only 30 kilometers away from Giza and Al Mohandeseen, and only 18 kilometers away from Al Haram. It’s also only 28 kilometers away from Sheikh Zayed City. 

Reasons to Live in the 6th of October City 

6th of October is one of those cities everybody dreams of living in. It’s a completely integrated city complete with the best services, wide streets and an overall peaceful environment. It’s especially great for families because it includes all kinds of schools, shopping malls, restaurants, transportation services and is very safe. 

Some of the places you’ll love living close to in 6th of October city include the 6th of October University, Al Ahram Canadian University, the Mall of Egypt, the Egyptian Media Production City, and Dreamland Amusement Park. 

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