El Patio Zahraa Project in Sheikh Zayed by La Vista Developments


El Patio Zahraa is one of the residential compounds located in Sheikh Zayed City, which is characterized by luxury and sophistication and gives its customers an integrated modern life in which all the services they are looking for are available in their surroundings, as it is located in a strategic location far from the noise and hustle and bustle of random life, and at the same time.


It is vital because it is near multiple cities and residential areas, as well as roads and axes that make transportation to and from it easy; the surrounding area is also equipped with commercial services that customers feel that everything they need is in their vicinity.


El Patio Zahraa Compound was implemented by La Vista Developments Company, which is famous for being a leading company in the field of real estate and looking for the satisfaction of its customers and giving them the integration they are looking for, and this appears in its projects, starting from choosing the project site to the details that it works on in the project, which includes the external design, and the services and facilities it provides to the customers.


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Prime Location of El Patio Zahraa Project in Sheikh Zayed


La Vista Developments Company was keen on choosing a strategic location for El Patio Zahraa Compound, as it is located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City in a special place near the Sixth of October City, 5 minutes away from Hyper One.


The compound is characterized by being surrounded by several roads and main axes make transportation to and from it easy, most notably the 26th of July Corridor and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and the compound is approximately 4 kilometers from the Smart Village, as well as its proximity to the Al-Ahly Club in Sheikh Zayed City. In general, the distinctive location of the Compound Patio Al Zahraa is a major reason why customers have come to it and choose it as their place of residence.


More Information about Sheikh Zayed City


Sheikh Zayed City has become the choice of many customers who are looking for a high-end and luxurious life away from the noise and hustle and bustle of routine life and at the same time a vital area that gives them everything they are looking for.


It is one of the most important modern integrated residential cities, as it includes a range of educational services from schools and universities as well as a group of hospitals and medical units in Sheikh Zayed, in addition to malls and entertainment services.


In general, the residential compounds in Sheikh Zayed are elegant and distinct and are designed with the latest engineering methods that make customers feel satisfied with their residence there.


The Developer of the El Patio Zahraa Project


El Patio Zahraa Compound was established in Sheikh Zayed City, and it is one of the distinguished companies that have succeeded in the field of real estate investment for 25 years, as it was established in 1991.


During that period, the company granted its clients integration in its projects starting from the distinctive locations and the modern and engineering designs of the units from inside and outside, as well as giving their customers everything that serves them in terms of basic and entertainment facilities, and even maintenance services it was keen to provide to them.


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Previous Works of La Vista Investment and Real Estate Development


La Vista Company has succeeded in developing and implementing a large number of real estate projects in various regions of Egypt in general, including residential compounds and tourism products, and the most prominent of those projects that it has succeeded in are:



Features and Services in El Patio Zahraa Compound


La Vista Investment and Real Estate Development have granted its clients a set of features, basic and entertainment services that make life integrated and ideal in Patio Al Zahraa compound, and these services are:

  • A group of green spaces and landscapes that the units view
  • Landscapes of artificial lakes and waterfalls give an aesthetic appearance to the compound and delight customers
  • Swimming pools of various sizes for adults and children
  • Entertainment places for children, and entertainment places for young people
  • Commercial malls in Sheikh Zayed City
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Sports fields and fitness halls
  • Security and guard services around the clock


Types of Residential Units in Patio Al Zahraa


La Vista Developments Company is keen on satisfying all customers and providing what they are looking for at the prices and areas that suit them, and La Vista provided a wide variety of units in  Patio Al Zahraa Compound. 


It combines a group of residential apartments, twin houses, and townhouses, as well as a group of high-end villas in Patio Al Zahraa Compound.


Details of Areas and Design of Patio Al Zahraa Compound


The spaces in Patio Al Zahraa Compound vary according to the type of unit and its internal division, and in general, the units’ areas range from 195 square meters to 323 square meters, and despite the different spaces and types of real estate in the Patio Al Zahraa Compound.


All of them are distinguished by sophistication and luxury in their external design, as the developed company was keen on using the latest modern engineering design methods, and this was not limited to the external form only, but it is characterized by sophistication and interior beauty in terms of design and coordination of the units’ spaces from the inside.


Prices of Units in Patio Al Zahraa Compound 


La Vista Investment and Real Estate Development Company are still giving its customers advantages in the Patio Al Zahraa Compound, and therefore it was keen to offer competitive prices in Sheikh Zayed to customers for all units in it. 


So that everyone has the opportunity to find the right unit at the right price for them, as the highest price for residential units in the compound is about EGP 9,000,000 for the available villas there.

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