Find Out the Best Residential Compounds in New Alamein City

About New Alamein City

New Alamein City is a new version of the coastal cities located on the Mediterranean Sea. It offers both residential and tourist units designated for the summer resort, and it also has a set of distinctive services such as:

  • A large library (equivalent to the Library of Alexandria)
  • An international conference hall
  • A museum
  • Sports clubs, cinemas, and luxurious hotels.

The design of the city determines the existence of two types of housing units: social housing units with an area of ​​87 M², and distinctive housing units with an area of ​​95 M².

As for the residential sector of the city, as for the tourism sector, it contains many luxurious compounds and high towers.

In this article, we will address the best new compounds of New Alamein City and highlight the most important information about them.

Mazarine New Alamein

Total Area of the Compound 

The compound is about 72 acres and features spacious green landscapes, man-made lakes, swimming pools, and other distinguished services.

Available Services in Mazarine Compound 

Mazarine Compound offers a wide range of services and facilities such as:

  • Security and guards
  • Swimming pool
  • Man-made lakes
  • Shopping mall
  • Sports club
  • Hotels, schools, and places of worship

Types of Units and Available Areas

The units vary between villas, chalets, and twin houses.

The chalet area starts from 167 M², while the villas start from 359 M²to 576 M².


North Edge Towers Compound

Sea View Towers

New Alamein City is characterized by its high towers that decorate the land of Egypt for the first time.

North Edge Towers includes some of these 40-story towers and contains 230 housing units.

Available Services in Sea View Towers

North Edge Compound offers all services that provide a luxurious lifestyle you’re looking for, such as sports clubs, social clubs, schools, and medical centers.

In addition to the bike tracks, and many other international activities.

Areas ofUnits

The towers feature a wide range of units’ areas so that everyone could choose the right area for him/her.

The areas start from 90 M² to 351 M² and come with one bedroom (as for the small units), up to four rooms (in the large units).


The Gate Towers

The Highest Towers in Egypt

Another example of high-rise towers being built in New Alamein City to rival Dubai Towers. These towers are the highest up to 170 meters and a total of forty floors.

Areas of Units

Areas vary from 121 M² to 387M²  to suit every need and taste. 

It is distinguished from any other units by the high ceiling, as in the old designs, where the ceiling height reaches 3.6 meters, which makes it a combination of modernity and the luxury of previous eras.

Available Services in The Gate Towers 

The towers were built on platforms that rise to five floors and feature many services, including swimming pools, gyms, garages, and commercial units.

There is also a swimming pool above the top of each tower to ensure a unique experience for adventure lovers.

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