Investing in New Alamein City


The New Alamein City is one of the cities that easily attracts all types of investment since it is currently one of the mega projects in Egypt. This is due to its location, vast area, and its smart design that allows the establishment of different residential, commercial, and entertainment services.


It is still expected to attract even more foregin investments that are estimated with billions of Egyptian pounds and this comes in the form of the government allowing many lands and projects in the market for tendering among investors with reasonable prices for young Egyptians.


Where is New Alamein City Located in Egypt?


The New Alamein City enjoys a strategic location within the administrative borders of Marsa Matrouh governorate, and it extends over 48 kilometers on the international road of Alexandria-Matrouh starting from the 93rd kilometer from the Wadi El-Natroun’s fork. Its entrance is 33 kilometers wide and its borders start from Wadi El-Natroun until El-Dab’a.


The city is divided into three main areas, the first Tourist Area on the Mediterranean coast, the second is on the south of Alexandria-Matrouh Road. While the third area includes the historical and archaeological area of El Alamein cemeteries. 


New Alamein City


Main Roads Near the New Alamein City


The government and developers have been keen on linking New Alamein City to other vital  cities and vibrant sites surrounding them through a network of main roads, with easy access to Cairo and Alexandria as well. Therefore, they established a network of roads which include:


  • You can reach the New Alamein City from Alexandria through the international road which is estimated to be a one-hour-and-a-half drive as it extends over 116 kilometers
  • You can also reach Alexandria using the railway of Alexandria-Matrouh that passes through New Alamein
  • New Alamein can be reached from Cairo through the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, then the new coastal road with a distance of 359 kilometers, which takes only 3 and a quarter hours
  • You can also reach New Alamein City through the Alamein Airport
  • It is expected to establish an express electric train with the velocity of 250 km/h that links between the 6th of October City to New Alamein City


What is the Total Area of the New Alamein City?


The total area of New Alamein is approximately 50,000 acres, and it includes many residential, investment, and touristic projects, which mainly aim to support the Egyptian economy. 

The establishment of the city was planned in cooperation with many parties, such as the New Urban Communities Authority, the Ministry of Housing and Construction, the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces, in addition to many private sector companies. This is due to the economic importance of that city in terms of the projects to be established there.


The Administrative Division of New Alamein City


  • The Residential Sector: It includes over 10,000 residential units
  • The Touristic Sector: It includes the Hotels’ District, the City Center, the conference center, the El Alamein Gardens District, the Fanara marina, the Entertainment District, the Tourist Housing, the Lake Residence District, and the Exhibition Grounds
  • The Archeological Site: It includes an open museum, an international park, an entertainment services
  • The Civil Area: It constitutes of one university and a regional service center
  • An international tourist center that is established on 20% of the City’s total area
  • 8 separate platforms enjoying a direct view of the sea
  • Towers established on each platforms with 35-meter height



Investment Opportunities in New Alamein City


The New Alamein City is currently considered a golden opportunity for investment, as the Egyptian government is working to encourage businessmen and investors from around the world to set up projects, provide more job opportunities for young people, and revive the Egyptian economy.


The government is investing in providing suitable opportunities for investment in New Alamein City, through offering lands to all investors at reasonable prices. In addition to offering many residential and commercial units are also available, whether for sale or rent, to set up various investment projects with specifications conforming to international standards.


How to Start Investing in New Alamein City?


The ideal type of investment in New Alamein City is in real estate since it amounts to tens of billion Egyptian pounds in this area. 


You can either plan to have a residential unit or a commercial unit in different projects in New Alamein City. The projects in New Alamein vary between national projects and residential projects, in addition to an integrated network of roads and bridges. The city includes many residential neighborhoods, most notably the North Edge Towers, Mazarin Compound, the Latin Quarter, and the Downtown.

New Alamein also includes many luxurious and international hotels on a total area of 296 acres, and the number of hotel rooms reaches 15,500 rooms. 

The City also offers all service facilities and educational institutions for different stages such as the new International University of El Alamein and international schools, as well as the International Medical Center for Healing and Physiotherapy, which is built on an area of 45 acres. 

Among the most important recreational facilities, which are among the main attractions in the city, are the Central Park, artificial lakes, commercial centers and much more.


What are the Types of Units Available in New Alamein City?


The types of units in New Alamein City varies between:


    • Economic Residential Apartments: These apartments are offered through a contract with the Ministry of Housing and Development or the Urban Communities Authority. Its area reaches 87 square meters, fully finished with priority reservation. It is characterized by its low prices, but the chances of reserving it may be less due to the large number of applicants.
    • Premium Residential Apartments: Its areas reach  95 meters, and they are available in different parts of the city, most of which have a distinctive view of the sea.
  • Luxurious Residential Apartments: They are located in North Edge Towers and are offered with integrated services with the latest international designs. They are also delivered fully finished with air conditioning. Their areas range from 90 square meters up to 351 square meters. The first and second floors of these towers are allocated for commercial and investment projects, with the remaining floors allocated to residential units.
  • Separate Villas: The separate villas in New Alamein are available as chalets, villas, or twin houses in Mazarin Compound. The areas of chalets start from 165 square meters, while the areas of villas start from 360 square meters up to 576 square meters.


Buying Lands in New Alamein City


The New Urban Communities Authority is offering plots of land in different areas with an established system to deal with investors’ requests. 


These lands are suitable for establishing various commercial, residential, and other investment projects. Also, the authority provides great facilities for investors to support and stimulate investment in the city. It also offers lands designated for service areas in the premium housing area to establish a number of services and vital facilities that ensure an integrated residential experience for the residents


Advantages of New Alamein City


The New Alamein City is the first one-million city of the fourth generation. It was established with the latest international techniques to include all services and facilities to provide a modern lifestyle for all residents and visitors, most notably:


  • International fairs
  • Arcades
  • International shopping centers
  • A cultural center
  • An opera house
  • A huge library
  • Open parks
  • A spacious mosque
  • International schools
  • Accredited university
  • Sports clubs
  • A historic city that extends over 259 acres
  • El-Alamein lake
  • Seawater desalination stations


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