Explore elements of perfection in New Alamein project

In this article, know why the project of New Alamein is considered an urban and residential leap. The project has been established in the North Coast to provide the highest level of excellence and luxury, and to be a developing step of Egyptian tourist cities.

It’s one of fourth-generation cities, where developed technology is used for managing the infrastructure at the highest level of quality, and the recycling system is included.

New Alamein is planned to be no less than New Administrative Capital in its huge space and projects; as It’s targeted to transfer the area of North Coast from a seasonal spot for spending vacations, to a sustainable residential area.

New Alamein shall be provided with what should be included in a luxurious city; like hotels, hospitals, major trade centers, residential towers, tourist areas, schools, international universities, and more.

Location of New Alamein project

New Alamein is administratively part of Matrouh Governorate, with the length of 48 km of (Alexandria – Matrouh) International Road. It’s about 2 hours far from Cairo.

Particularly, the city is located on North Coast, at Kilo 34 of the west of Alexandria to western borders of Egypt. It includes various tourist, residential, and historic segments.

New Alamein is located on Wadi Al Natrun- Al Dabaa Road, as Alexandria—Matrouh Road, starting from Kilo 93, has been twisted to Alamein—Wadi Al Natrun Crossway, representing the new entry of the city with the length of 33 km.

New Alamein project lies on an area close to 50,000 feddans, and occupies 60 km of coast line.

The city has been designed to accommodate more than 3 millions of populations, and it’s planned to be delivered into stages.

New Alamein privileges and services

New Alamein is characterized by the availability of numerous privileges and services; as it includes:

  • Cornish with the length of 14 km on the Mediterranean Sea, all of which has been executed
  • a plenty of palm trees, green trees, and landscape, all of which afford comfort and quietness 
  • Residential towers with the view of the Mediterranean Sea, with a strong infrastructure, and desalination plants to provide the residents with clean water on the hour
  • 10,000 residential units
  • Hotels, conference room, and cultural center
  • An archaeological site, open museum, international park, and an entertainment area
  • International schools and universities
  • Platforms with the view of the sea, and tourist walkway
  • Numerous towers with commercial and administrative floors, and ground garages beside the residential units
  • Different residential units for prices affordable by all segments of the society
  • Sporting and social clubs, and trade centers
  • Entertainment places like an amusement park, exhibitions, and an opera house
  • In addition to a library with the same size of Alexandria Library, mosques, and churches

Available types of residential units 

New Alamein includes social housing apartments with the size of 87 M2, and 500 privileged housing apartments with a size of 95 M2 for the first stage.

City hotels afford 15,500 hotel luxurious rooms, and a high level of entertainment for the enjoyment of city’s visitors and tourists.

Moreover, the city includes skyscrapers with different residential, commercial, and administrative units.

Project executed in New Alamein

New Urban Communities Authority and Armed Forces Engineering Authority are building the infrastructure, sewage plants, and electricity stations.

Arab Constructors Group is building the coastal road; with a length of 38 km, and a width of 7 lanes, 2 of which are allocated for services.

Ministry of Housing and Armed Forces Engineering Authority is building up social housing units.

Moreover, many other companies are executing various projects inside the city, like Orascom, SIAK, Hassan Allam Holding, and SAMCO.

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