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FrontGate building project in the new capital is an administrative and commercial building located on the MU axis. It is next to the new Olympic city between R2 and R3. It is built on an area of 4,000 meters equivalent to an entire feddan, consisting of (full basement – fully finished – 7 air-conditioned floors – Core & shell commercial finishing).

The units of the building come with different areas, starting from 45 square meters to 145 square meters, to meet all needs and tastes.

The project location

The MU axis lies next to the new Olympic City between R2 and r3 in the New Administrative Capital.

The Developer of the project

FrontGate Compound was developed by Capital Construction Development and is one of the Egyptian real estate companies that have become famous due to its attractive and unique projects.

Features of FrontGate Building

FrontGate is a full-service administrative and commercial building. The design of the building has attractive, dust-proof, soundproof, and sun-proof glass facades.

Services of the Front Gate project

-Administrative and commercial units

-Fully-finished units

-Security system


-Fire system

-Hotel entrance

-Meeting rooms

About the New Capital 

The New Capital is a mega project in east Cairo. The Egyptian Minister of Housing, “Mostafa Madbouly” announced about the New Capital on March 13, 2015, during the conference on supporting and developing the Egyptian economy.

According to the plans, the city will become the new administrative and economic capital of Egypt, and it will be a smart city that uses all modern technology.  The city extends over an area of 490 square kilometers, the first phase of construction occupies an area of 168 square kilometers, and construction will take at least 5 years.

The main reason behind the construction of the new capital is due to the attempt to ease crowds from Cairo, which is one of the most populous cities in the world, and is still growing very quickly. Experts expect that Cairo’s population will jump from 18 million to 40 million by 2050. The new capital will boost the country’s economic potential by creating new spaces for work, and housing.

Prices within the building

The price per square meter in commercial units starts at approximately EGP 35,000. While the price per square meter in administrative units starts from approximately EGP 30,000.

Commercial unit prices

  • EGP 2,475,000 is the price of a 45-meter shop.
  •  As for 50 meter shop, the price equals to EGP 3,750,000.
  • A 65 meter commercial store comes at a price of EGP 2,275,000.
  • The price of a 70-meter shop is EGP 2450,000.
  • An 80 meter shop is offered at EGP 3,600,000.
  • Moreover, the price of an 81 meter shop is EGP 2835,000.
  • The price of an 85 meter shop is EGP 3,825,000.
  • As per 145- meter commercial shop, it comes with the price of EGP 6,525,000.

Administrative unit prices

  • The price of an administrative office of 65 meters is EGP 2,275,000.
  • A 70- meter administrative office comes with the price of EGP 2,100,000.
  • As per an 80 meter administrative office, its price equals EGP 2,400,000.
  • Administrative office of 141 meters is for sale at EGP 5,217,000.

Payment facilities

Administrative units

The company offers different payment facilities, including:

  • Without  paying any down payments with 4-year installments.
  • 5% as a down payment, with 5 year installments.
  • 10% as a down payment, with 6 year installments.

Commercial units

The payment facilities include a 10% down payment, with 5 year installments, or, a 15% down payment, with 6 year installments.

*Prices listed are for Q1 2019.

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