Choose your unit in one of New Capital’s best 3 compounds

This article brings you up some pieces of information about the best three compounds in the New Administrative Capital. You will also be acquainted with units’ privileges, characteristics, and methods of payment.

Residential compounds in the new capital are considered the perfect choice for those who look for comfort, luxury, green areas, and living near important places and away from large cities’ congestion.

Living in such compounds gives you the chance to enjoy entertaining, general, and sporting services. All of them are available in nearby areas, which means that your time and effort are considerably saved. 

Moreover, you have numerous choices for activities and modern services all in one place. 

Reasons why you should live in the New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital compounds provide their residents with numerous and easy choices for having a residential unit surrounded with various services.

In addition to new capital’s location near important cities; as it’s only 60km away from Cairo, and near Badr, New Cairo, Nasr City, and Madinaty

Moreover, it’s near “Suez-Cairo” Road and ” Ain Sokhna- Cairo” Road.

The new capital occupies an area of almost 170,000 feddans; this huge space gives the chance of designing the compounds with modern and multi-service model.

Scenario Compound 

Scenario Compound is considered one of the most beautiful residential areas in the New Administrative Capital; since it has a great space of green areas and waterfronts.

The compound has a waterfront of the green river, and it’s surrounded by green areas that create the feeling of comfort and purity of place when you are inside the compound.

Scenario Compound has been established by Akam company; a joint stock company of four entities. 

Akam company has been keen on selecting a perfect location for Scenario Compound; as it’s located in area R7, which is a vital area located near the presidential palace, British University, and New Capital Airport.

Compound areas and components

Akam company has decided to execute the compound on an area of 39 feddans, in which  7.5 feddans are allocated for residential areas.

For the rest of the compound’s area, it has been distributed among green areas and different services.

The compound includes various residential areas ranged from apartments to duplexes.

It also affords different entertaining and sporting services, among them are: 

  • Swimming pool
  • Cinemas and theatres
  • Sporting club
  • Spa
  • Educational facilities
  • Amusement park
  • Safe playgrounds for kids

Methods of payment

The company affords easy methods for payment; with no down payment required, and installments up to 10 years.

Bosco Compound 

For those who wish to live in a luxurious and modern house, Misr Italia Group for real estate development has fulfilled your dream in Bosco Compound.

The group has carried out previous projects which are considered an evidence on accuracy and perfection of design and execution. An example of these projects is the Italian Neighborhood in 6th of October.

Thus, the group has chosen the location of the compound very carefully to be near the heart of New Administrative Capital. Moreover; 

  • It overlooks Mohammed Bin Zayed southern axis.
  • The compound is near the presidential palace, conference center, and the diplomatic area.
  • Moreover, it overlooks the green river; which adds a splendid waterfront to the compound along with the green areas.

Compound areas and services

The compound is located on an area of 200 feddans, distributed among residential units, green areas, facilities, restaurants, opera, and parks.

The compound includes apartments and separated villas, with a view of landscape, swimming pools, and safe green areas for walking. 

Units and other facilities are provided with security services to enhance the feeling of quietness, comfort, and safety. 

Prices and methods of payment:

Misr Italia Group, project executor, affords payment facilities and various price offers for different areas and types of residential units. Meter price in the compound starts from EGP 13,000.

Apartment prices start from EGP18,000,000 and 6,000,000 for villas. 

The owner offers methods of payment, including: 10% as a down payment, and  5% of the whole amount is paid on 5 months. Installments are available up to 7 years. Units to be delivered within 3 years.

Midtown Sky Compound

It’s one of the New Capital’s most beautiful compounds. The compound has been designed by Better Home Group for real estate; owner of the largest number of projects in the new capital. Midtown Sky is the fourth of the company’s projects in the New Administrative Capital.

The compound has been executed in a perfect location overlooking green areas, artificial water, landscape, and comprehensive entertaining places.

Location of Midtown Compound 

Better Home Group has desired to choose a privileged location for the compound. Thus, it’s located in The Seventh Residential District R7, on the central axis, and directly in front of the Exhibition ground. The compound is also characterized by its quietness because of its low population density.

Midtown Sky Compound is also near the green river, and it’s minutes away from  Al Fattah Al Aleem Mosque, The Cathedral, and Al Massa Hotel. Thus, it’s in the heart of New Capital.

Services and areas:

The Compound’s area is 122 feddans, most of it is assigned for green areas for the sake of providing the residents with a healthy, clean, and comforting environment. It also includes artificial lakes and malls.

Apartments areas start from 140 M2 to 190 M2. For villas, areas start from 200 M2 to 350 M2.

Prices and methods of payment

Apartments meter price starts from EGP 10,500. The price of villas starts at EGP 4,300,000.

The company offers different methods of payment to facilitate the purchasing process, through paying 10% s a down payment with installments up to 7 years, with no interest.

*It’s worth mentioning that prices named above are changeable. We, in Aqarmap, are continually keen on updating prices list of districts, for keeping the client informed with the latest updates in real estate market, in addition to measuring demand indicators though Aqarmap Index.

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