Grand Beach Resort Ras Sidr: Attractive Location 

Grand Resort in Ras Sidr

People usually prefer to spend their holidays in tourist resorts that are characterized by calmness, privacy, and relaxation to avoid the noise and crowdedness of daily life in cities.

Ras Sidr is one of the most important destinations for recreation lovers. The City is characterized by calmness, simplicity, picturesque nature, pure water, and moderate weather during all seasons of the year.

Grand Beach Resort is one of the distinct tourist villages in Ras Sidr. It contains various housing units with various specifications to suit the requirements of those looking for properties for sale or in Ras Sidr.

Details About Grand Beach Resort


Grand Beach Resort is one of the villages that visitors alike due to its privileged location, which makes it one of the closest villages of Ras Sidr to Greater Cairo. It is also close to the most important tourist areas that guests like to visit.

Grand Beach Resort was designed based on modern architectural designs. The largest number of properties mainly overlook the sea, so that all residents can enjoy the sea views.

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Prime Location of Grand Beach Resort in Ras Sidr


Location, ease of accessibility, and proximity to the main roads and axes are the most important factors that distinguish the tourist resorts. So, location is one of the most important advantages of Grand Beach Resort in Sahl Hasheesh, as it is close to the heart of Ras Sidr and an hour and a half away from Cairo.

Grand Beach Village is located at Kilo 45 on Al-Tour Road, 165 kilometers away from the Cairo governorate, specifically after the Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel.

An Overview About Ras Sidr


Ras Sidr is an Egyptian tourist city that is located on the Gulf of Suez on the shore of the Red Sea. It is the first city on the way to South Sinai for travelers coming from Cairo.

Ras Sidr includes many distinctive tourist attractions, which tourists come to visit because of their great fame. The most prominent of these landmarks are as follows:

Pharaoh’s Bath (Hammam Pharaon)

It is an area containing 15 medicinal sulfur springs with a temperature of 75 °C. The bath is useful in treating some skin and bone diseases.

Serabit el-Khadim Temple

It is a Pharaonic temple founded by King Senusret I, who belongs to the Thirteenth Dynasty. The temple contains distinctive inscriptions on its walls that make it a distinctive tourist attraction.

Wadi Gharandal

It is an oasis characterized by the manifestations of natural life, as it contains a group of distinctive wild animals and birds. It is one of the most beautiful areas of South Sinai.

Abu Merer Well

It is a freshwater well surrounded by some palm trees. It is a natural protected area.

Types of Units in Grand Beach Resort


Developers of the projects of the tourist resorts usually aim at providing a clear diversity in the types of units they establish, to satisfy the desire of the largest possible number of customers.

Grand Beach Resort includes more than one type of unit, which are as follows:

  • Chalets
  • Twin House.
  • Stand-alone villas

Details About Areas and Designs at Grand Beach Resort


Grand Beach Resort is designed according to modern architectural methods. Besides, the developer of the project stipulated that the largest percentage of the area should be allocated to non-construction purposes. So, only 20% of the total area of ​​the project is allocated to building residential and hotel units. The rest of the area amounting to 80% is allocated to large green spaces and open areas for visitors to practice various activities.

The resort includes a great variety in areas of units, which are as follows:

  • Chalets: with areas ranging from 70, 85, 105 to 120 square meters
  • Villas: with an area of ​​220 square meters


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Available Services of Grand Beach Resort


The Grand Resort includes the most important basic and entertainment services, including:

  • Swimming pools throughout the Resort, with varying sizes, depths, and specifications to suit kids and elders. Also, there are indoor swimming pools for women.
  • Aqua Park with modern and safe games.
  • A restaurant area with many restaurants and cafes that offer food and drinks throughout the day to visitors.
  • A shopping mall with all needs of clothes, devices, shoes, and other necessities.
  • A hypermarket with all products.
  • Kids areas
  • Open playgrounds with various sports, such as tennis, football, and basketball.
  • A dedicated area for walking, jogging, and cycling.
  • A health club with a gym, a special section for personal care, spa, and jacuzzi, in addition to a team of specialized persons to provide service to visitors.
  • A mosque.
  • Many garages for the cars of guests.

Installment and Payment Methods at Grand Beach Resort


Convenient payment systems are indeed one of the most important reasons that increase customers’ interest in buying real estate units in Grand Beach Resort.

The developer of Grand Beach Resort, Realty for Real Estate Development Company, offers convenient payment systems. The customer can pay only 15% of the total unit price, and the rest of the amount is paid in installments over 7 years, provided that customers receive their units with a super lux finishing system.

The Best Tourist Villages in Ras Sidr


Ras Sidr consists of a group of villages and tourist resorts. All of which are similar in providing calmness and recreation for visitors. The most famous of these villages are as follows:

Moses Coast Village

It is one of the best villages in Ras Sidr. It is located in the Oyun Musa (Moses Springs) area, directly overlooking the Red Sea. It takes about 90 minutes to reach the Village from Cairo. The Village includes integrated facilities and various services, such as malls, hotels, and social clubs.

Remas Village Golf Park

It is one of the closest villages of Ras Sidr to Cairo. It is located 80 minutes away from Cairo and is characterized by an aqua park on an area of ​​2,000 square meters.

La Playa Ras Sidr Village

It is located at Kilo 95 of the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel. It includes units of various areas with good installment systems.

Yasmina Beach Village

Yasmina Beach Village is located at Kilo 81 on Al-Tur Tunnel Road. It includes a water games area and waterfalls.

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