Porto Rafti Resort in Ras Sidr

Sunset in Ras Sidr
Sunset in Ras Sidr


Those looking for chalets in tourist resorts prefer to choose villages overlooking the Red Sea in the city of Ras Sidr, especially if they are residents of the Greater Cairo city, given that Ras Sidr is the closest city to the Red Sea to Cairo, and you can choose Porto Rafti Resort which is characterized by tranquility and privacy next to the proximity to the city.

The city of Ras Sidr includes many tourist villages and hotels near the seaside. It is also considered one of the most important cities that attract foreign tourists from all countries of the world, due to its distinctive climate, the sunshine that is popular with tourists and vacationers, and the purity of the water, in addition to the variety of recreational activities that are held in it, such as diving, snorkeling, and safari.


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Details of Porto Rafti Resort in Ras Sidr


The idea behind the resort of Porto Rafti is based on a mixture of Greek architecture and modern architecture styles, and the name of the resort is primarily inspired by the name of a tourist resort located in the east of Attica, Greece, as both are similar in architectural style and the general atmosphere of the resort.


The developer of the project chose the name and style inspired by the Greek resort to provide the resort’s guests with an exceptional experience of recreation and tourism that simulates the Greek experience.


Prime Location of Porto Rafti Resort in Ras Sidr


Porto Rafti Resort is located in Ras Sidr, specifically in the first tourist resorts that those coming from Cairo pass through, making it the closest and easiest to reach.

The location of the resort is far from the Suez Canal, which makes the waters in this area clear, pure, and calm to the highest degree, and the tidal nature of this area makes it suitable for various beach activities.

The resort is close to the most important attractions that visitors to Ras Sidr are keen on seeing, the most important of which are:


Pharaoh’s Bath

They are natural sulfur water springs, numbering 15 springs, that have health benefits in treating many diseases such as rheumatism and rheumatoid.


Serabit El-Khadem Temple

An ancient Egyptian temple distinguished by its establishment in an area where turquoise stone abounds.


More Information about Ras Sidr 


Ras Sidr is one of the most famous cities of the Red Sea, which is characterized by its mild climate, which makes it suitable for visiting as a summer and winter resort, its waters are characterized by purity, transparency, and the ability to enjoy watching its coral reefs.

In the past years, the city of Ras Sidr has witnessed a clear reconstruction process, represented by the establishment of a large number of distinct tourist villages and resorts that attract Egyptian and foreign visitors throughout the months of the year.


The city is famous for a wide variety of activities that can be done within it, including:


  • Visiting baths and therapeutic sulfur eyes.
  • Diving and watching coral reefs and colorful fish.
  • Safari and camping in the desert.


Types of Units in Porto Rafti Tourist Village


Porto Rafti Resort includes a large number of chalets designed to the highest standard, to achieve a high degree of privacy and luxury for its owners, all of them overlooking the sea directly.


Areas and Designs of Units in Porto Rafti Resort


The tourist units at Porto Rafti Resort in Ras Sidr were built in the traditional Greek style, which is characterized by simplicity and sophistication, to provide its residents with a unique tourist experience that mimics the tourist experiences of Greek resorts.

The Porto Rafti Resort was built on a total area of ​​200 acres, and the real estate company responsible for its development was keen to provide a wide variety of spaces and interior designs for the units inside, with spaces starting from 45 square meters as a minimum, and up to a maximum of 250 square meters.


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Installment and Payment Systems for Units in Porto Rafti Resort in Ras Sidr


The developer of the project has provided payment systems that make it easier for those wishing to purchase units in the resort to make a decision. The payment systems are:

For immediate receipt: pay 30% of the unit price as a down payment, and pay the rest of the price in installments over 3 years.

For receipt in the second stage: 10% of the total amount of the unit is paid as a down payment, and the rest is paid in installments for up to 8 years in equal installments.


The Real Estate Developer of Porto Rafti Resort and Its Previous Works


The Global for Resorts Development Company supervised the development of the Porto Rafti Resort project, a company with 23 years of experience in the field of real estate development.

The Egyptian government has also worked to establish several construction projects characterized by the unique Greek character.


Among the most important activities of the Global for Resorts Development Company:


  • Development of about 150 government buildings
  • Establishing up to 100 villas in new cities such as Tenth of Ramadan City, Sadat City, and Madinaty
  • Renovations and renovations to the Central Bank of Egypt building
  • Cooperation with the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces in 80 diverse projects


Available Services of Ras Sidr City


Since the city of Ras Sidr is one of the most important Egyptian tourist cities on the Red Sea coast, it attracts Egyptians and foreigners to spend their holidays there, as it is equipped with a range of services that meet the needs of visitors, the most important of which are:


Health Centers

Ras Sidr city contains many hospitals equipped to receive patients around the clock to provide the necessary medical care for them. These hospitals include:

  • Ras Sidr Central Hospital
  • It is located in the association’s land area next to the power station.
  • Freedom Hospital
  • It is located next to the Martyr Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel in South Sinai.
  • Mabara Ras Sidr Medical Clinics Complex
  • It is located in front of the Islamic complex.


Shopping Centers

The city of Ras Sidr includes commercial markets that provide goods that visitors need. Examples of these markets are:


Commercial Market 

It is a commercial area that the state is working to redevelop in the current period to provide visitors and residents with all their necessary and basic needs in one place.


Commercial Centers and Malls in Each Resort

For services to be at the closest distance from the resort guests, each resort offers shops selling various products that they need.


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