Properties for Sale in Green 3 Compound in Sheikh Zayed

Green 3 Compound in Sheikh Zayed

Green 3 Compound in Sheikh Zayed guarantees a quiet and elegant life for you and your family, as it has large green spaces and stunning landscapes, in addition to residential units designed at the highest levels of sophistication and luxury.

The project is located in a strategic location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, close to all services in the cities of 6th of October and Zayed, and also a few kilometers away from important main roads and vital squares in the area.

Green 3 Compound offers many different residential units, whether apartments, townhouses, or twin houses, with varying sizes and prices to satisfy all customers and the unit is delivered with high-quality finishes.

The compound is built on 13 acres and contains 35 twin houses and 208 housing units at the highest level of creativity.


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Features of Green 3 Compound in Sheikh Zayed


Green 3 Compound has many features that make it the perfect choice for you and your family, the most important of which are:


  • Swimming pools of different sizes and spread across all areas of the compound.
  • Wide green spaces separating the residential units
  • Special lanes for pedestrians in the streets of the compound and lanes dedicated to cycling
  • A variety of different residential units, including apartments, townhouses, and twin houses, with high-quality finishes


Available Services of Green 3 Compound 


The compound offers many distinguished and hotel services to its residents, thus meeting all customers’ needs, whether basic or recreational, and the most important of these services are:


  • Surveillance cameras and electronic gates for the compound
  • Security and guarding at the highest level, and you can request it by requesting the security number, which you will find as soon as possible
  • A sports club that combines many typical playgrounds, such as golf courses, archery, horse riding, football fields, handball and basketball, squash and tennis courts, and many other sports
  • There are many public spaces for all residents of the compound
  • A mosque with a large area
  • Medical clinics and pharmacies operate throughout the day
  • Shopping mall
  • A children’s play area
  • Private garages for cars


Prime Location of Green 3 Compound


  • Green 3 Compound is located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, in a vital area close to all services and entertainment places in Zayed and Sixth of October
  • The compound is next to the Tivoli Dome restaurant complex and a few kilometers from the famous Juhayna Square, Sheikh Zayed Hospital, and Hyper 1
  • The project is also close to the most important international universities such as Nile University, the American University, Misr University, and October 6 University


Areas of Residential Units in Green 3 Compound


The areas of properties offered for sale in Green 3 Compound vary, there are ground apartments with a garden ranging in size from 192 m² to 300 m², while the area of ​​penthouse ranges from 300 to 320 m², as for the space of regular apartments, it ranges from 165 square meters to 310 square meters.

The project offers many different payment systems that suit all customers, so you can pay the price of your unit in cash, or pay a down payment that fits with the capabilities and installments of the rest.


The Real Estate Developer of Green 3 Compound: Mabany Edris Company


Mabany Edris is the owner of Green 3 Compound, and it is a distinguished company in the real estate market that has established pioneering projects in the field of marketing, distinctive and innovative family communities in the most popular neighborhoods in Egypt.

It was established 25 years ago, and thus has a great experience in the field of real estate in Egypt, as it took upon itself the development of the Egyptian infrastructure and the provision of Egyptian cities with European design and planning.

Known for its rich history of success, excellence, and hard work, Mabany Edris has a high level of professional experience and outstanding history.

Previous Works of Mabany Edris Company:


  • Green 2 Compound
  • Green 3 Compound
  • Green 4 Compound
  • Palm Gardens project
  • Mall of Zayed Dome


Advantages and Services of Sheikh Zayed City


  • Sheikh Zayed City is considered one of the most important and prestigious new residential cities that were newly established in the mid-nineties, with the aim of repopulating desert patches with population and commercial projects
  • Its privileged location is near the Al-Ahram Plateau, the 6th of October City, and all the important main roads such as the Ring Road, the Cairo/Alexandria Desert Road, and the 26th of July Corridor
  • The city is located on a vast area of ​​more than 10,000 acres
  • A strong transportation network that helps residents to reach any area inside Cairo
  • Commercial centers such as Americana Plaza Mall, Galleria 40, and Dandy Mall
  • Public parks such as Zed Park and Adrenaline Park
  • Many cafes and restaurants
  • Social clubs such as Al-Ahly Club
  • Hospitals in Sheikh Zayed such as  General Hospital, Rufaida Medical Complex, and Global Care Hospital
  • In Sheikh Zayed there are all kinds of schools with excellent educational levels, ranging between international and private languages, government languages, and experimental languages ​​such as Nile Kangaroo Language School, the British School in Egypt, and Green Heaven Language School
  • The city contains large green areas, which provides a healthy atmosphere
  • The city contains more than 20 neighborhoods, including middle, above-average, and luxury neighborhoods
  • Sheikh Zayed also contains many high-end compounds, including Allegria Compound, Palm Hills Compound, Westown Compound, Casa Sheikh Zayed Compound, and Yasmine Compound


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