Hadayek El Mohandeseen Compound in Sheikh Zayed City

Hadayek El-Mohandeseen Compound


Hadayek El Mohandeseen Compound, located in the Fourth District of Sheikh Zayed City, is one of the most popular areas for many citizens looking for luxury, privacy, and security, as it is the preferred living and investment interface for many individuals who wish to relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of Greater Cairo.


Those in charge of Hadayek El Mohandessin Compound aim to provide a sophisticated compound equipped with the best services, facilities, and modern technology that are consistent with the best international standards, in addition to providing an integrated, healthy lifestyle of high quality and luxury housing suitable for the middle and upper classes.


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Strategic Location of Hadayek El Mohandeseen Compound in Sheikh Zayed


Hadayek Al Mohandeseen is strategically located in the fourth district in the center of Sheikh Zayed City, about 3 kilometers from Mall of Arabia, 4.3 kilometers from the Opera House in London, 10 kilometers from Dream Park, and 4.3 kilometers from Misr University for Science and technology.


The compound is also distinguished by its proximity to the main axes and roads, such as the main Mostakbal Street leading to the 26th of July Corridor, which connects all areas in Egypt, and Al-Safa Street leading to Dahshur Link Road. 


This makes it easier for the residents of this magical spot to access other residential properties in Sheikh Zayed City and the vital areas of Greater Cairo. As a result of this special location, the demand for residential units in Hadayek Al Mohandeseen Compound in Sheikh Zayed has increased significantly.


Information on Sheikh Zayed City


Sheikh Zayed City was only established 26 years ago, but during that period it succeeded in leaving an imprint and impact on many clients, whether they were families or companies.


Sheikh Zayed City is characterized by calm, sophistication, privacy, and security, and it has many services and advantages that made it the focus of attention of the middle and upper-middle and, upper classes.


Sheikh Zayed is an environment-friendly city that is free from pollutants and the proportion of housing in it is relatively average in line with the services available in the place, in addition to the vast green spaces that cover 30% of the total area of ​​Sheikh Zayed City.


Various Types of Units in the Hadayek Al Mohandeseen in Sheikh Zayed City


The areas of the residential units in Hadayek Al Mohandeseen Compound start from 80 square meters up to 280 square meters to cater to different needs.


Hadayek El Mohandessin is witnessing an increasing demand for full-service housing that is equipped with the best amenities and complete luxury, including security, guarding, central air conditioning, balconies, parking lots, dressing rooms, animal breeding areas, vast green spaces, and landscapes.


The residential units in Hadayek Al Mohandeseen Compound vary to include: villas, twin houses, townhouses, and duplexes, in addition to apartments that receive great attention from the medium or large families, or corporate owners, and apartments with small areas called “studio” are witnessing an increasing demand. 


Designs of Hadayek Al Mohandeseen Complex 


The facades and designs of Hadayek Al Mohandeseen Compound in Sheikh Zayed are unique in sophistication and distinction that are consistent with the best international standards. 


This helps in satisfying all tastes and needs, along with the finest types of furniture and furnishings, in addition to distinctive interior designs and luxurious finishes.


Perhaps the most important feature of the Hadayek El Mohandessin Compound is the vast spaces that separate the residential buildings in Sheikh Zayed; Which contributes to making the length better, attractive, and charming, and achieves comfort and privacy.


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Average Prices of Residential Units in Hadayek Al Mohandeseen Project


The average price of residential units in Sheikh Zayed City in Hadayek Al Mohandeseen Compound is EGP 1,500,000.


The prices in Hadayek Al Mohandeseen Compound vary according to many criteria such as the geographical location, the spaces, and the customers’ preferences differ from one person to another. 


Facilitated Payment Systems for Units in Hadayek El Mohandeseen Compound


The organizers of the compound offer customers various payment systems with the possibility of installments over several years; To suit all needs, whether the middle classes, above middle or upper classes.


Advantages of Living in Hadayek Al Mohandeseen Compound in Sheikh Zayed City


Hadayek El Mohandeseen Compound is unique in the fourth district real estate in Sheikh Zayed


A range of services and features, which qualify it to be the first choice for those wishing to have comfortable housing, far from noise and disturbance, and we monitor for you in the following lines, the most important of these services and features:


  • The compound has a “Saudi” supermarket, one of the largest commercial chains in Cairo, which contains many goods and merchandise
  • Hadayek El Mohandessin Compound is located near the tourist market, the center for technological innovation, and entrepreneurship
  • The residents of the compound can play sports and individual games in the playgrounds of Sheikh Zayed Club
  • Hadayek El Mohandeseen Compound is adjacent to the famous American School, which has an outstanding educational level; To help you raise the level of culture and knowledge of your children
  • The compound provides everything that customers need in terms of educational, medical, entertainment, or commercial services in Sheikh Zayed City, as it is located just minutes away from Zayed Specialized Hospital and Global Care Hospital, as well as near a famous medical center in Sheikh Zayed City known as Oasis Clinics
  • Hadayek Al Mohandeseen Compound, the famous Sahaba Mosque, Al-Taqwa Mosque, Al-Huda Mosque, and Al-Noor Mosque are only a few minutes away, in addition to the fact that it is also located near the Plaza Mall and Arkan Mall

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