Is living in The MarQ a great chance?

This article will answer this question and list compound features and advantages

About The MarQ Developer

The Address Company for real state development is owner of The MarQ compound, it is owned by a group of ambitious businessmen. The company has implemented several distinctive projects, the most important of which is Mountain View Project – New Cairo.

About The MarQ compound

Compound the MarQ in New Cairo is one of the most distinctive residential communities in New Cairo. The company executing the compound was keen to provide designs inspired by the American character that provides comfort to its residents, as well as its unique location in the Fifth settlement in New Cairo.

Location of compound The MarQ 

The Address Company was keen to choose unique location for The MarQ Compound to satisfy the high-end tastes of its customers. It’s located in the heart of the Golden Square, near the American University of Cairo in Fifth settlement, Fifth Square compound, in front of Dora compound, near the 90 Street, the most famous and lively streets of the fifth settlement. It is also near Point 90 Mall at north 90 Street, as well as Mountain I City Tagamoa behind the New Cairo Club. There are several mega projects near the compound such as Sodic, Mivida and Palm Hills.

The compound is only a few minutes away from the ring road, and many important axises that connect it to many areas within few minutes, making it a suitable choice for families seeking to guarantee a promising future for their children.

The location of the MarQ Compound in Fifth settlement is 230 meters above sea level, which makes it a major destination for those seeking a healthy atmosphere and fresh air away from the crowd of the capital, in addition to the availability of all services that provide luxury and safety for the residents of the compound.

The MarQ Compound features and services

The MarQ compound New Cairo project was built on an area of 26 acres. It is a suitable space for a unique project. The company took into account the existence of large green spaces between each unit, which allowed the maximum privacy. Thus, the company implementing the project has developed a nucleus of the finest and most luxurious services to the residents of the compound.

A high-end sports area with several playgrounds, gyms, swimming pools and tennis courts has been provided, as well as a range of leisure activities for adults and children such as: a cinema showroom, a games area and yoga court. The compound has a sports walkway that allows walking or running among a range of gardens and flowers that provide psychological comfort and a great impact for a better life.

The design of the compound includes a large number of parks to provide fresh air for the entire residents; as the water park, butterfly garden, moon garden and a relaxation garden were created. A 2-acre commercial area that includes the largest shops, restaurants and coffee shop was provided. The compound also enjoys an intensive security presence on both the exit and entry gates, with surveillance systems and high-resolution cameras, ensuring the highest degree of safety for all residents and their belongings within the compound.

Available units and areas in the MarQ Compound

The project is located over 26 acres which makes it easy to manage and design medium space at the highest level. The MarQ Executing Company offers various units to suit everyone. The spaces are divided between Townhouses, Twin House, Villas and stand alone.

Units in townhouses start from 180 m2 to 220 m2. There are small units of 180 m2, medium units of 200 m2, large units of 220 m2, and garden area between 40 m2 and 70 m2.

While villas, Twin house area is 245 m2 per unit and its garden area is 150 m2.

The stand alone villa area is 550 m2 with a 440 m 2 land plot. They are fully finished at the highest level of luxury. The stand alone villas have the advantage that all rooms in the villa are prime.

Payment Methods

The Address Company offers competitive prices for The MarQ New Cairo, one of the best prices, compared to the unique features and services of this compound, which is designed to be the most suitable place for high-end families. It combines fine designs, unique location major and entertainment services.

Prices* for residential units at The MarQ New Cairo start from EGP 4,800.000 for an area of 180 m2.

The prices of fully finished twin houses start at EGP 8,500.000 for an area of 245 m2.

As for the prices of fully finished stand alone villas, it starts from EGP 13,200.000 and this price is for an area of 515 m2.

The Address company offers easy payment methods to its customers. You can buy your dream unit at The MarQ New Cairo via paying 10% down payment of the unit price and paying the remaining in installments over 7 years.

*Please note that the prices listed are subject to change and we are constantly updating the price list of neighborhoods so that the consumer is aware of changes in the real estate Market, as well as we measure demand indicators through the Aqarmap index.

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