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If you are thinking of owning a property or a residential unit for investment or living in a good residential project in Sheikh Zayed, there will be no better than the El Karma 2 compound project, which is implemented by Badr El-Din Real Estate Investment Company, with the advantages of its good location in the heart of Zayed City, and is characterized by unique architectural designs, Green spaces are used to enjoy privacy, charming views, and fresh air.


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Details of Karma 2 Project in Sheikh Zayed City


The Karma Compound 2 project is one of the real estate projects of Badr El-Din Group for Real Estate Investment, which occupies an area of ​​approximately 16 acres, with integrated facilities and services, and all amenities and ensuring calm and security.


Location of Al Karma 2 Compound 


Al Karma 2 is located in the fifth district of Sheikh Zayed City, and the compound prioritizes green spaces and not buildings, which provides the residents with privacy besides a healthy atmosphere. From the north, the compound overlooks Sheikh Zayed Central Park, while from the south overlooks Al-Hurriya Street, opposite the properties of the neighborhood the first.


Al Karma 2 is one of the residential compounds in Sheikh Zayed and is close to the most important landmarks of the city, starting with Hyper One Shopping Center or Nile University, as well as Mall of Arabia and Arkan Mall.


It is a few minutes away from the main roads, whether Dahshur Link Road or the 26th of July Corridor, which is the main road that delivers to downtown Cairo and Giza districts.


Information About Sheikh Zayed City


Al Karma 2 Compound is located in Sheikh Zayed City, one of the first new cities, whose establishment was issued in 1995, on an area of ​​10,386 acres on a high hill, and a new decree was issued to extend it in 2017, making its total area 21,306 acres, and the city belongs to the New Urban Communities Authority It includes 20 residential neighborhoods distributed over four neighborhoods.


The city of Sheikh Zayed is surrounded from the east and north by the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, from the west it overlooks the Dahshur link road, and from the south by the 26th of July Corridor, which makes it at the heart of many important main roads in case of traveling or moving to the 6th of October City, or the neighborhoods of downtown Cairo and Giza, which are considered to be 38 kilometers from the center of the capital, and only about 20 minutes are separated from Lebanon Square, Mohandessin, and the Ring Road.


Available Services in Sheikh Zayed City


Sheikh Zayed City includes many commercial centers and service facilities, as well as recreational places that make it a distinguished place to live. 


It also includes strong educational institutions such as Nile University, Cairo University Branch, British International School, and New Vision International Schools. 


It also has Zayed Specialized Hospital, Zayed General Hospital, and Hospital Global Care, Baheya Hospital, and 500-500 hospitals are still under construction.


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The Real Estate Developer of Al Karma 2 Complex Project


Badr El-Din Group for Real Estate Investment is working on the implementation of the Karma 2 compound project, and it was able to present through it and through its other architectural projects a good image of the real estate development that is keen to provide customers with luxurious housing and a high-quality level of service that takes into account the follow-up of every development.


The company has more than 30 years of experience in which it relies on the best local and international competencies and expertise. Over the years, it has implemented giant projects, including Al Karma 1, 2, 3, and 4 compounds, Al Karma Residence Compound, and Arkan Mall in Sheikh Zayed Mall, and it also intends to launch a compound project, “Kayan” in Sheikh Zayed, whose investment volume is expected to reach 3 billion pounds, and the pillars of Palm, which was the result of cooperation with Palm Hills Real Estate Development.


Badr El-Din Real Estate Investment Group includes another group of companies operating under its banner, including Al Badr Real Estate Investment Company, which implemented distinctive housing in the old national housing project, as well as Arkan Mall and its expansions, as well as Badr El-Din Company, which projects Karma compounds, and there is Al Karma Resorts Company, Safir Project Management Company.


Features of Al Karma 2 Complex in Sheikh Zayed


Al Karma 2 Compound provides its residents with the most important facilities, and gives them luxury, and is the most important feature of the compound and its services:


  • Proximity to the main roads, whether from the 26th of July Corridor and the direction of the entrance to Sheikh Zayed City, or the Dahshur link road, which is an important road that connects to most other travel destinations
  • Most of the compound’s space is green areas, and the building space inside does not exceed 45%, which means clean and fresh air and privacy due to the spacing of the houses
  • Close to Hyper One Shopping Center, as well as Arkan Plaza Mall, American Plaza, and Mall of Arabia, only minutes away from them
  • Safe and comfortable spaces for children and their play
  • Dedicated places for walking and cycling, and places for parking cars
  • The compound is close to Cairo University, Sheikh Zayed Branch, Nile University, and major hospitals such as Zayed Specialized Hospital
  • The compound is close to Sheikh Zayed Park, which is one of the public spaces designated for the residents of Sheikh Zayed City
  • The compound has all the main utilities of electricity, internet, gas, and water services as well
  • A health club and a gymnasium within the compound, with spaces for football and swimming pools
  • Privacy and the presence of guard and security 24 hours a day, which ensures that a compound is a place of reassurance and a sense of safety


Types of Residential Units in Al Karma 2 Compound


In the compound, a variety of residential units are available, as it combines standalone villas in Sheikh Zayed and twin houses, and each housing unit has the specifications that make it suitable, according to the material capabilities and required needs.


Areas and Designs of units in the Al Karma 2 Project


The designs of most of the residential units come in the French style, which means that they are characterized by a combination of tradition and modernity as well.


The areas of units vary between 315 square meters and up to 650 square meters, and the twin houses consist of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 kitchens. The villas in Al Karma 2 compound in Sheikh Zayed are larger and can accommodate up to 4 or 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 2 kitchens.

As for the prices of residential units in Sheikh Zayed in El Karma 2 Compound, they start from EGP 3,000,000 and may reach EGP 12,000,000, according to the choice of whether a twin house or a standalone villa and the view of the residential unit can be a significant factor in defying its price.


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